Why Your Website’s URL Structure is Important

Why Your Website’s URL Structure is Important

While the overall aesthetics might be important, there are several other important elements to consider when it comes to your website. One of them is your website’s URL structure. In fact, when you check out the different web page design packages, you’ll find that some web designers would give utmost importance to the URL structure.

Remember that the URL structure can greatly affect how well your website performs in the search engine ranking:

Better Organisation Means Easier Crawling

Having a logical structure is important if you want the crawlers to be able to explore your website and map it out easily. If you’re going to sketch out how your pages are connected to your home page, you’ll ideally end up with a structure that’s similar to a pyramid, along with an increasing number of web pages as you go down further.

In most cases, the next level below the home page is visually represented at the navigation menu. It’s important that the URL structure is logical and easily matches with the menu item without providing too much information about the site. In fact, one should easily guess the URL of a page by simply looking at the navigation menu.

Logical Mapping Leads to Themed Content

By having a logical and clear navigational structure, you’ll be able to make your site easily accessible for users to explore. However, the organisation of the website’s directories will also allow the search engine spiders to be able to easily crawl through your website. Everything can be easily contained within the categories and inside these categories are content and pages that are similar and organised around a similar theme.

The themed approach is common in some web page design packages. It helps to convince search engines that your website’s content and categories are highly relevant for the keyword groups that you’re trying to target.

Avoid Hiding the Lower Pages of Your Site

It’s definitely a bad practice to start including buried treasures below your pyramid. Some retailers, including those with a large portfolio of products, are often faced with the challenge of requiring several levels of categories. If you’re lucky enough to not have to face this problem, then you should make every effort to minimise the number of directories you include in your website.

You should be able to easily keep track of this by checking your URL structure. Every time there’s a forward slash right after the main domain, this will denote a new directory, which also means adding an additional layer. It’s not really good to have many of these. Experts believe that a maximum of 5 layers should be enough.

So before you start shopping for web page design packages, you must take into consideration your website’s URL structures. Follow the steps above and you’ll not only resolve your issues with Search Engine Optimisation, but you will also be on the right track to improving the overall performance of your website.