Why Your Web Site Design Needs SEO

Why Your Web Site Design Needs SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of getting your website to appear higher in Google searches for the terms your potential customers are searching. These terms are known as ‘keywords’ and you can optimise your website for them by implementing the keywords into your page’s content.

That’s because these are the search terms people are using to find web site design companies in the UK and we want to appear as high as possible in searches. These keywords should also be implemented in the meta titles and meta descriptions of your web page design, which is basically the title and description of that page specifically designed to be read by Google.

When you sign up with a professional SEO company there is a lot more work that needs doing, but this gives you an idea of the initial work undertaken by them.

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SEO is made up of several factors, which we will go through below. In simple terms, SEO (or Search Engine Optimisation) is made up of 2 major factors, On-Site SEO & Off-Site SEO which we will explain in detail.

Keywords, meta titles, meta descriptions and other related optimisation tactics are what is known as on-site SEO. Basically, anything that happens on your website is on-site SEO and as you can imagine, a lot of activities take place on your website to make it worthy of customer attention & Google’s attention.

Off-site SEO as you may have guessed is all the things that happen outside the bounds of your own website. One important segment of it would be backlinks.

If a website outside of your own links to one of your pages, be it your home page, your services page or a blog post, your website receives an authority boost from Google. The more links you have from external sites, the higher this authority (known in the SEO industry as Domain Authority) will be for your site.

Additionally, the higher the DA of the site linking to you the bigger the DA boost will be for your own web page design. These SEO ranking factors are not extensive as there are over 200 known ranking factors that effect the position you appear in Google searches.

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The success for any modern-day website is traffic – the visitors! You can have the best-looking Website in the world, but if it doesn’t get any traffic then it is pointless… it doesn’t bring you any business.

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All About On-Site SEO For Ranking Your Website

This is basically everything that’s on your Website! The best way to explain what this means is through what is known as the content on your website. Content can be split into three main parts when it comes to SEO.


Written content is unsurprisingly all of the writing that you have on your website. Depending what sort of website, you have whether it is e-commerce or brochure design you are expected to have a lot of writing on it. This is because there isn’t an easier way of explaining what you do as a business than with writing it down in a clear and precise manner.

Not only that but SEO related it is a great way to rank a website as Google loves fresh writing. Think about Wikipedia for example, that website is full of hundreds of thousands of pages and is always within the top four searches of just about anything you search for in Google. Therefore, if your website has a lot of writing that describes and explains what you do as a service or provide as a product then you can expect to climb the rankings as soon as possible.


Videos are some of the newest and best ways to create content. Now you don’t have to spend hours writing huge articles when you can provide a video. Google has even suggested that it loves videos so much that a website with a video within it will be ranked higher. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should stop writing anyway because the common saying with SEO gurus is that “content is king” but we say that “combination is king” which is agreeable to the others but we combine as many alleyways of content as possible.

One thing you need to be aware of when it comes to videos though is that, hosting your own videos on your website can take up a lot of storage space and depending on who you are hosting your website with can be quite costly. Therefore, it is usually wise to upload your videos to your website.


Images are one of the best ways to break up blocks of writing. Therefore, they go hand in hand with each other. Most people don’t want to read blocks and blocks of writing when they could have a rather nice picture like an info-graphic to explain a process to them.

To give an example as a business, why not design yourself an info-graphic about how your process for your service or product works. This could be anything from the way you pay and then receive the product or service, to how your product is manufactured or service performed.

All About Off-Site SEO For Ranking Your Website

This is everything on the internet which points to your Website! The best way to explain this would be through the links that you receive from outside of your website. These can be split up into three different types of links.


You can get these types of links from social websites like twitter, Facebook etc. Because thousands even millions of people react with these sites every day you can image that a link from them would definitely handy. Not only that but having your own website advertised around these social media websites is really handy for attracting visitors to your website, then turning them into conversions.


These are the types of websites where you can find lots of different companies grouped together that provide the same or very similar services. The best example for this kind of website would be Yell. You could spend hours on a website like this scrolling through the many different types of services available and finding the right website. Therefore, you can see its down side, however, due to a directory like Yell being so popular it is important that you list your services on there.


Throughout the internet you will come across loads of websites that have blogs on them. Some websites write thousands of words on a page about a certain topic and then other individuals talk to them abut putting a link to their website as it is related to that article. This can be a very good way of getting yourself known out their on the web and attracting potential custom through these well known websites.

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SEO Frequently Asked Questions

[rt_accordion_style accordion_style=”four”][rt_accordion_style_item accordion_item_title=”What Does SEO Stand For?”]SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is a technique for getting visitors from the search results on search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing by obtaining top positions in the search results page. Visitors to your website via search results on search engines are known as  “organic”, “free” or “natural” traffic, as opposed to paid traffic from adverts such as PPC (Pay Per Click), like Google Ads.[/rt_accordion_style_item][rt_accordion_style_item accordion_item_title=”Which is better, SEO or PPC?”]When comparing Search Engine Optimisation or Pay Per Click, which is better genuinely depends upon your current situation, objectives and the sector of the industry you are in. Paid Ads (PPC) provide instant traffic as you appear at the top of the page as soon as your Ad is live, over the organic listings influenced by Search Engine Optimisation. However, it is quite expensive considering competition in various sectors per click.

SEO benefits you with organic web traffic and is cost-free on click by click basis. Search Engine Optimisation, however, is a long-term game plan because it takes time for rankings to climb. SEO & PPC complement each other and work best together, so if your budget allows it – do both![/rt_accordion_style_item][rt_accordion_style_item accordion_item_title=”Where do I start my SEO strategy?”]Whether you are launching a brand-new website or aiming to improve an existing website, the first step is to identify your target keywords (search terms). These are the terms that people search for on Google. As it is the “Google It Generation”, everyone looks to Google to find a business near them, business hours, phone numbers, address, etc.

So, it is essential that you know what your target customers are looking for (what they are searching for in Google) and prepare your strategy based upon those search terms or keywords. This will make sure that your business is listed as one of the results and the higher up you are on the list, the more likely that your target customers find you.

The next thing you should do is ensure that your website has high-quality content. Once your customers find you, they will visit your website & on Social Media. So, it’s beneficial to invest in a good looking website design with images, videos & infographics. The better and more in-depth your content is, the more helpful it is to your visitors. As a result, they are more likely to be shared and therefore, ranked higher by Google.[/rt_accordion_style_item][rt_accordion_style_item accordion_item_title=”SEO is quite simple, why use an expert service?”]It is quite simple to get started with SEO for your business. Simply, make a list of the main relevant topics about your business by thinking about the type of search phrases people would type into Google. Search phrases looking for the type of services or products that your business provides. Then, write down the topics you want to rank for in terms of generic groups.

But it all gets more complicated here!

SEO experts use cutting edge tools made by the latest technologies and implement tried & tested techniques to ensure that your digital marketing strategy is a success. While you may not afford to experiment with your business, expert SEO service providers have years of experience in dealing with both small & large businesses.[/rt_accordion_style_item][rt_accordion_style_item accordion_item_title=”Which SEO techniques are popular?”]It is misleading to say particular techniques are popular for someone to implement those techniques for their business. This is because each business is different with its own target customers, goals & objectives. For a successful SEO campaign, it must take into consideration the unique factors surrounding your business.

This is why it is best to trust SEO experts in formulating strategies for businesses implementing techniques which have the most potential for attracting customers. The most successful SEO campaigns are those with a balanced approach of digital marketing. Speak with an SEO expert to know how SEO can help grow your business or go for a free SEO analysis now.[/rt_accordion_style_item][/rt_accordion_style]

Why Is Search Engine
Optimisation SO Important
For Your Business Website?

If there is one thing that you will take away from this blog, it is that you are now fully aware of:

How SEO Helps Your Business To Grow

We covered Search Engine Optimisation as the complete online content process which is essential to the success of any website today. The ultimate target of any business website is to appear higher in Google searches so that the people who are searching for it can find the relevant business website. These ‘keywords’ and the ‘backlinks’, we have covered the basics of on-site and off-site SEO.

But if you still have any questions, comments, or confusion, let us know in the comments and we will get back to you.

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