Why uk web design is the fastest growing industry in the uk

Why uk web design is the fastest growing industry in the uk

You might be wondering from the title, is that true? Well, here at The Web Designer Group we will answer the question as to “why uk web design is the fastest growing industry in the uk” and why exactly we think so. We think that you might be shocked with the results we have to provide for you as there is quite some interesting facts floating around about the uk web design industry that we think you will find extremely interesting.

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The government is on our side with this particular article!

It is true that the government have been giving a lot of figures over the past few years to show that the design sector is the largest in Europe. This of course, means a lot more than just our web design, in fact it covers just about anything that the Department for Culture, Media and Sport can get their hands on. However, you can agree with us that the uk web design industry is a part of this. Therefore, it is growing exponentially and we can all agree that it is only going to get better for web designers all over the United Kingdom.

If you don’t believe us then look at the facts. Jobs in product, graphic and fashion design increased by a huge figure of 17.7% over the last few years. Imagine that, we provide graphic and product design to all of our clientele that want it. That means that the uk web design industry is constantly evolving which proves our theory above. With over 177,000 jobs being created in this industry within the year and having the largest increase on Gross Value Added up by 23.8% which increased from £2.5 billion to £3 billion.

What does this mean for uk web design?

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To be blunt, it means that the United Kingdom has the second biggest design sector in the world and the biggest design industry in Europe.

Of course, not all of this can be attributed to our incredible uk web design industry itself. However, when it comes to what uk web designers provide to their clientele you can be sure that there is plenty to choose from.

What this means for uk web design is that we will be constantly expanding as more and more services come about through the brilliance of web designers in uk. In fact, here are a few of the incredible services that The Web Designer Group provide below.

Premium Logo Design: We understand that having a logo for your business is something that you will require as a business, therefore, we have decided to make it easy for you by giving you all you need in one place. Which is us! Get your brand-new logo with us here at The Web Designer Group.

Content Writing: If you are a super busy business, we understand that you won’t have time for writing stuff for your website. So, why not leave it to us here at The Web Designer Group? We can get one of our professional copywriters to write exactly what you want.

Photo Pack: We can understand that some companies might not want to take lots of pictures straight away of their company. That is why we will use our adobe stock license to find relevant pictures for your company and place them on your website to make it look as incredible as you wish.

Social media: We have quite the well-known ability with social media that is why we have the ability to set it up for you and also brand it to your business. We an also manage your social media accounts as well no matter how many of them there are.

Directory Listings: We have access to some of the most incredible directories on the internet and we will put you on them for a small fee of course. These are directories that are relative towards your website so you won’t have to worry about being spammed.

Yell Listing: Taking about directories, why not get yourself on the world’s largest directory. Yell. We can get you on the worlds biggest directory which then increases your chances of being seen on the web with your website.

Online Payment Facility: If you are wanting to spruce up your website and take online payments through your website then the best way is through an online payment facility. This can be done by our team within a few days and then you will be able to take money through your website.

Custom Contact Form: We can build our clients a custom contact form with as much information within it that they need. We understand that the standard form isn’t probably going to have all the information that you want, that is why we will build you a custom one.

Website Spam Filtering: We understand that sometimes website can be unnecessarily spammed and need protection. That is why The Web Designer Group can protect your uk web design with spam filtering technology.

Newsletter integration – We can understand that some uk web designs need to have a little more than just the standard blog. If your business is tailored around news then you are going to want to have this kind of integration on your websites for sure.

Booking System – We understand that some individuals require a bookings system for their business, like restaurants and delivery services. This can come quite handy for these types of businesses and look absolutely perfect on a website.

Website translation: Having a global company is a big responsibility or even trading outside of the United Kingdom itself. That’s is why, here at The Web Designer Group, we offer our clients a website translation package.

Promotional key rings: If you are a handy man or your business requires you to be constantly on the move then having personally designed promotional key rings for your business could be useful. We know it isn’t really to do with uk web design but we feel it is important to seek as many avenues as possible for businesses.

Professional business cards: Another great way to advertise yourself is on the move is through business cards. Everyone used to have them back in the day, now they seem like a myth. However, The Web Designer Group is bringing them back!

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What does The Web Designer Group have to do with uk web design?

Well, just about everything you can think of for a start! We build some of the most incredible uk web designs that you will ever come across. We have a portfolio of nearly 100 designed websites that is all done in house. With full customer reporting that you can see how much your website is progressing over the next few days!

You would be mad not to choose use to provide you with the best uk web design that you will ever have! If you are looking to get in touch with us here at The Web Designer Group, all you need to do is fill out one of the many forms on our website or you can call us up on 0800 905 599/0333 305 2155. It is just that simple to get your one of a kind uk web design started!