Why SEO is So Important for E-Commerce Marketing

Why SEO is So Important for E-Commerce Marketing

39% of all website traffic is said to come from search. 35% of this is from organic search, while 4% is paid searches. This means that almost 80% of search engine users are ignoring advertisements and would instead click only on organic results. Thus, even the top website design company would agree that natural search is the best doorway to your website. And with the prevalence of search being the primary traffic generator, it’s important that you put more effort into search engine optimisation or SEO.

SEO and User Experience

Even user experience is now closely intertwined with search. The most successful SEO strategy relies mainly on optimal architecture and taxonomy to make sure that the pages have the content themes that they need in order to rank.

User experience will also need SEO. Searches provide an indicator of specific desires that the searchers have – the kind of products they are interested in buying and what information they need. The information is being harvested from analytics tools and keyword research. These tools guide the formation of taxonomy and the page naming conventions, which lessens the amount of time-consuming and often expensive testing.

Multiple Teams

Today’s websites have a good amount of interactive elements and content, thanks to the multiple teams working with a top website design company. Your company’s IT team will perform regular updates on your website while your marketing team is responsible for the editorial elements and campaigns. Furthermore, your content team will also be in charge of posting new blogs and articles on your site.

On the other hand, your SEO team will have to interact with all of these teams, from the IT team, marketing team to the content team. They need to make sure that the organic search considerations have been integrated right from the start. This can help increase the likelihood of positive search performance and lessen the reaction time if performance is far from being positive. But SEO is not the only thing to consider. You must also consider other channels and disciplines and ensure that they work together, along with your SEO strategies.

The Biggest Channel

An ideal SEO strategy could also mean working with numerous product attributes in an e-commerce site in order to organise those products by the trend. The ripple effect of SEO is so enormous that it impacts user experience, IT, design, operations, copy writing, merchandising, and more!

The bottom line is that natural search could be your website’s biggest marketing channel. It’s highly volatile except if you manage it carefully, perhaps with the help of a top website design company. With the changing algorithms, unpredictable search trends, not to mention your own website itself, make search engine optimisation very complex. The key is to give your website the resources that it needs in order to grow and stay healthy. If you do, then it will pay you back.

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