Why SEO and SEM Teams Should Work Together

Why SEO and SEM Teams Should Work Together

Aside from hiring the best web design estate agent to work on your website, you must also have an SEO team and SEM team. SEO refers to Search Engine Optimisation while SEM refers to Search Engine Marketing. The SEM team is the team responsible for paying for traffic. Both the SEO and SEM teams should actually work together and share their keyword lists in order to help the website succeed. Cooperation like this one is not usually the norm but an exception.

Here are three good reasons why SEO and SEM teams must work together:

  1. Keyword Expansion through SEO

Most of the SEO work would result in traffic that comes from long tail searches. Thus, a well-optimised site could bring in lots of traffic for a huge number of phrases. These long tail keywords are a great source of ideas for PPC campaigns. This can be especially effective if a website is ranking organically well in Google, but not in another search engine. Once this situation occurs, this list of keywords from Google can be used for the PPC campaign of another search engine.

  1. Long-Term Savings from SEO

It’s necessary for every PPC campaign to include high traffic keywords that will cost a lot for every click or those high conversion terms that don’t quite provide the return that’s necessary to justify the cost. With these words, Search Engine Optimisation can be the solution to huge savings. For instance, instead of spending $10,000 for two months for high-cost terms, it may be best to turn off the campaign and use the $10,000 for optimisation efforts that could organically attract the same amount of traffic.

And although deactivating the campaign for two months could result in a loss of revenue, the web design estate agent believes that this will only be for short-term but the overall success of the optimisation efforts could last for many months, and even years, of organic traffic.

  1. A Decrease in Cost per Click

Google has changed its AdSense program a bit recently. These changes include adding a quality score used to determine the overall cost of an ad. This quality score could also mean that two similar ads will end up with different costs depending on the overall quality of the destination page. Search Engine Optimisation usually influences most of these factors. As a matter of fact, improving the overall quality of a web page as perceived by search engines is what the Search Engine Optimisation should be all about. Thus, if you’re using SEO to increase the overall quality of your site, you could end up decreasing the cost for every click of your ads.

As you see, there are many good reasons why SEO and SEM teams should work together. Aside from helping your website succeed, it can also help you save money. But aside from these two teams, you must also think about your web design team. When it comes to this, you can put your trust in the best web design estate agent.

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