Why Our SEO Tactics are Proven for Success?

Why Our SEO Tactics are Proven for Success?

Are you still asking yourself if you need SEO?

The answer is YES!

No matter what industry your business belongs to, or when you started your company, or how you conduct most of your business activities, you definitely need online marketing, or more specifically – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Here at The Web Designer Group we offer a number of services and add-ons for our customers. In this article, we will concentrate on our 5-star rated SEO services, what we do for our clients and why these methods are tried, tested and proven for success.

Although there is not just a few, or even a few hundred but even more factors associated with SEO, to make your website come out on top. We will endeavour to share as much as we can in regards to our SEO process.

We have many successful websites that are our success stories using our SEO process, one of these is 3 Blinds Nice. A company that we have been working with for over 4 years and have had amazing results.

We don’t just measure success by where the company stands now but on various factors such as how much the client is able to invest, at what point of time they expect to see results, the value of a task over the course of a time, the difference between instant results & long term results, etc.

So, what goes into a successful SEO campaign with The Web Designer Group?

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Advanced Software Tools Using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

One of the biggest distinctions from just any other SEO agency with us is our dedication, investment and concentration in the future of SEO. We have known for many years that Google uses artificial intelligence to determine who should be ranked.

Rather than a person or a department, Google is a supercomputer which determines who is worthy of the 1st page based on its algorithm. Well, the problem is SEO agencies are not following Google!

For example, the way we write content and articles for our clients is unlike any other company in the United Kingdom. What we mean by this is that we use AI software tools which is able to tell us what are the most searched for topics used around the internet to make our writing more Google friendly.

Don’t forget that Google is an algorithm that loves in-depth content which describes and explains everything in detail. Therefore, we always write for peoples’ interests and make sure that we explain our point in the simplest way for our customers and potential customers benefit.

Not only that but the way that this tool effectively works is in the way that it is able to take a look at the top articles within a niche and produce various questions that are related and highly asked on search engines.

Having invested in this tool is a massive financial commitment, but it is also incredibly beneficial to our company. Our clients reap the benefits of this incredible piece of software and we continue to get evidence of its effectiveness.

Enterprise Level SEO

The level of SEO provided by The Web Designer Group is incredible! We offer all our clients enterprise level services, this includes our SEO.

What this means is that our SEO is bold and works in a complex way that will always succeed. This is achieved using a team of truly incredible SEO specialists. The experts at work here are not trained expert salespersons who charm you to make sale.

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These are individuals that can provide you with informative explanations on the basic fundamentals of SEO and beyond like google updates and search engine algorithm changes. They will share exactly what the process provides and how to best use your budget over the course of time for your business to see growth.

As a result, you not only see how much your set goal will cost, but also, how far it will take you and how to best implement your SEO budget and audience. Get answers to all the ifs and buts that popup in your mind from this topic with consultants who are not trained to make a sale, but to make a website rank effectively with user-generated content!

Routine Reporting

The importance of reporting is extremely underrated. Most companies simply show you something like the month and the corresponding monthly charge. But TWDG does much more than that.

You will get a complete report of all activities planned for your SEO campaign with pagespeed insights, all tasks completed and the corresponding plan of action along with a breakdown of the costs associated with them. This not only shows you how your hard-earned money is spent, but also gives you an idea of the areas which will most benefit from more investment. We will inform you on the more intrinsic stuff like domain authority and organic search traffic.

A well-done SEO report for your business website is a quite important piece of analysis which is something that is worth a substantial amount in monetary value. But, this is something which is done as standard for all TWDG clients. As you can see the higher rankings that you are going to achieve with us here at The Web Designer Group.

When you look at your monthly report, you will be able to determine whether or not you should invest more in particular task, how much your return on investment is compared to your last month’s standing and how far your website is from achieving the next milestone. You also get to see how some of your competition is doing.

SEO Marketing Strategies & the Use of Analytics

SEO is not limited to a particular task or a series of activities you simply do. Rather there are specific internet marketing strategies and appropriate activities which need to be recognised for their potential success. Other things can be much more effective for your business website such as paid advertising in the form of PPC or pay per click campaigns. When the search engine crawlers crawl the web you can be sure that you will be achieving higher rankings with our expert analysis of SEO.

Depending on the specific needs of your business and how soon you want to achieve a certain milestone, the appropriate strategy can be devised either through unique content or more online marketing.

The fundamental difference of SEO from ads is the fact that one is paid and the other is unpaid. The priority ranking in search results for the two types vary a great deal. Especially if it is long-form content related with phrases and meta descriptions being filled at an expert rate.

A successful SEO campaign depends on building high quality web pages that not only engage and persuade its visitors, but also, setting up analytics to accurately enable you to measure results. The correct use of analytical tools ensure that you are pursuing the improvement of a website’s conversion rate because first you have to attract users to your website then convert them into sales.

In recent years, the importance of the mobile market has absolutely exploded and is a major measure of a website’s SEO standing.


Final Thoughts

You may wonder whether or not SEO may generate an adequate return for your investment or attract more customers.

However, there are a lot of factors involved – search engines are not paid for their results, their algorithms change frequently, and there are no guaranteed results. If any SEO or web design agency guarantees a SEO result for a certain page (most likely Page 1) – just stay away!

But without the guarantee or any certainty of the return for a business investing in SEO, it is hard to judge. So, do not risk by going with a cheap agency, rather go for a reliable & reputable company (like us!).

But coming back to what we asked in the beginning of the article…

Do you need it? Yes, you do!

Is it worth the investment? Of course, it is!

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Google makes over 500 search engine algorithms changes any given week and you need a reliable SEO agency to be on top of it all for your business website. Of course, you want your search engine ranking to be the best that it can be.

Ultimately, Google is making websites more appealing for consumers. The Web Designer Group will make your website more Google friendly which will consequently make your website more appealing to your potential customers.

SEO? Yes, please!

Let us know your thoughts, comments and address any questions you may have about SEO and if we don’t reply to your comment, then we will write a text blog covering your SEO concerns.

Keep calm and stay on Page 1!