Why is web site design so important in the UK?

Why is web site design so important in the UK?

Web site design is extremely important for everywhere really but why is it so essential for the UK? It’s simple really. Without good web site design UK, you can expect not to attract many potential customers towards your website as Google hates the aspect of a poorly designed website. You can expect that without a good web site design that even certain directories like yell.com won’t even bother to add you to their website as a bad website design is bad for everyone in most cases. So, lets go into the chunkier aspect of this article and learn more about why website design UK should be more prevalent in today’s online world.

What is a website without good design?

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At the end of the day if you’re floating about on the World Wide Web with a bog-standard website then you’re more than likely missing out on all of the great opportunities that web site design UK can offer you. For example, with a brand-new website created professionally by The Web Designer Group (which is the best web design company out there) you can rest assured that it will look slick and work in all the areas that you’re wanting it to work in. Not only are our website absolutely spectacular but they are tailored to your specifics so if you’re looking for the best web site design UK then you’re for sure going to want to visit The Web Designer Group and talk to one of the extremely helpful and professional team.

What should you look out for on your website?

You should always make sure that your web site is mobile responsive. What I mean by this is that people on their mobile can access your website. If you don’t have this then get your money back as soon as you can because in 2019 this should be the normal procedure when it comes to web site design UK. Not only that but over 70% of people use mobile to search for websites in comparison to desktop in 2019. Imagine how much potential business you’re missing out on? You can find a number of tools to check if your website is mobile responsive but our favourite is googles personal tool for sure.

One of my next points to look out for in your web site design in the UK that ties into my aforementioned point about mobile is that your website is also tailored towards other technology. What I mean by this is tablets, laptops and generally other types of technology with smaller screens that will work for a responsive website. You’re going to want a website which is designed for advanced usability and functionality in many of the modern-day aspects of responsive technology.

Our third point is not over complicate your design to the point where it becomes extremely confusing to your potential customers. You’re going to want relevant calls to action throughout your website and content, this then makes it easier for your potential customers to understand and in that case gives you more sales or traffic coming toward your store from your unique website.

The final point I wish to make is that you should have visual elements throughout your website which focus the user’s attention. I like to call them CTA or Call to Action. Something like “Buy Now” always makes the customer enticed to buy after they have seen the product and is a powerful way of getting a customer to look and then pay.

Always have that vital information about yourself and/or company

What we mean by this is have the below information displayed on your website as it might not be as relevant for web site design UK but it is extremely important for your business.

  • Copyright policy
  • Contact information like emails, numbers and social media
  • Client and/or customer reviews if you have any
  • Relevant pictures of your products or work you have completed

There are other things you might wish to consider putting throughout your website but that is entirely after you.

Appeal to your target audience

You don’t want images of joinery plastered all over your website when you’re selling flowers. Make sure you know who you’re targeting, it’s all good selling flowers but when your target audience seems to be more tailored working-class joiners you might need to re-think your design. It’s extremely important that you make sure you know who you’re selling to because if you don’t your entire business plan could flop and the money that you spend on a great website could be wasted.

Why content is important for your web site design

A great web site design UK is always something you’re going to want but without great content to compliment your design then you’re sorted of missing the point of a website. Make sure your homepage has at least 1000 words of content which is relatable to your website and company as well as it being written and not copied. Copied content is an absolute no from Google so keep this in mind if you’re up to something naughty as you might not like the result. In the UK you will find a lot of websites that write just 500-word articles that might be relevant but if everyone else is doing it…do you really think that doing what everyone else is doing is going to put you on the spotlight?

Make your brand the most noticeable part of your website

You’re going to want your brand to be easily recognised across the entirety of your website. Think about some of the most successful companies around the globe. What do they have? A brand so recognisable that you can remember it from memory. You’re going to want this type of audacious and aggressive marketing all across your website to the point where people will either love it or hate it. At the end of the day quality Website design UK is something that needs a plethora of brand recognition when it comes to your own business website. Get one created today at The Web Designer Group a web design company you can count on and take a look at our portfolio on what we have achieved for our extremely elated clientele. We are a design agency that you can count on to make a professionally designed website that works.