Why having a website is so important for small businesses?

Why having a website is so important for small businesses?

Everything, nowadays, is turning digital – especially small businesses.  The general mentality of people is not walking to stores and searching & buying stuff, but first surfing online for stores or businesses selling the stuff they need on the internet. The reasoning behind this is because it’s easier to get everything delivered to your door rather than going browsing stores for several hours.

It would turn out to be a sad story if you supply the products, they need but your customers were unable to find them on the internet, wouldn’t it? What do you and your business lose?

Yes, correct. Your business lost potential customers.

Your business is currently relying on marketing sources such as when someone tells someone about your business or traditional physical advertising such as putting hoardings at various places as well as flyers and general door to door post.

While these methods are guaranteed viable for your business, they are surely not enough in this digital age. By still clinging into these conventional methods, you’re only increasing your list of lost potential customers. This shows lack of your interest in expanding your business, and with the coming times, it’s only going to gradually cease as your market is taken over by the internet market.

So it’s essential to create a website for small businesses to sell our products and provide something valuable to their customers.

Here are the following reasons why small businesses must have a website:


In the UK, nearly 88.5% of people are internet users and 49% of these users use mobile instead of desktop. In times like these where internet searches resemble phone book searches, it becomes even more essential for small businesses to show up on search results ending with near me or even localised searches such as web design Manchester.

For example: Find cosmetics stores “near me”. Here is where your small business store which has a website will show up, along with a number of big stores. The catch here is, when people search for products, they love websites of minimalistic and simple design. They want to click on the product and that directs them to either your store or your page from where they can purchase the product. This will increase your potential customers.

Another example: Find best web design in Manchester. Here is your localised search which expands within the region that you wish to come up for in google. This is a great way to get lots of customers within cities as sometimes “near me” can only give you a few miles in radius to your location.

Customers not only visit your website for buying products, sometimes their main aim is to gather information about all the new products that have arrived or are going to arrive on the market, as per their convenience. If your website provides this information, then this will boost customers (and potential customers). The information or support is always going to be freely available to the users, which attracts their attention.


The customers need to know and be assured that your business is legitimate and you are not messing around and running them for their money. It is also ultimately helpful if the valuable products you’re delivering to your potential customers have legitimate customer reviews on it as well as a description about them. It impresses buyers that are searching for their desired product and the reviews play a strong role in influencing their decisions.


Now that the sites such as WordPress, and more which allow businesses to create running websites in a matter of minutes, it’s all the easier and hence important for the businesses to set up their websites and start rolling out their products. The sites do not ask for any coding knowledge for creating websites, and no other prerequisite preparations are required. They create a default website for you and provide you with an array of editing equipment for you to customise it as per your will. And to learn about customisation, you have video tutorials on YouTube for free.

Businesses can make use of various web design companies(UK) such as Lounge Lizard, ELEKS, INGIC etc. which provide businesses with brand development, strategies, consultancy services, custom development, mobile app development etc.

While there are many ways of designing websites, small businesses need to adopt website designs such as a bespoke website design so that it’s more user-friendly and easier to access and transact. Bespoke web design is also more professional if done correctly and can be easier to navigate than huge online superstores like Amazon.


Now that websites for small businesses have been established and are up and running, the next important step is its regular updates. Showcasing products at the touch of a hand and regularly updating the stock left will keep the customers notified how many items are left in stock and be aware when the new stock arrives so that they do not miss out on their desired products. It is also important that you inform users about your products and what they can be used for.

Studies have found that users take roughly 3 seconds to view a specific item on a website. That much of time is enough to form an opinion on the way your products are showcased on your website. To a certain point, it also determines whether your product will sell or not. And which business doesn’t want their stock cleared?

The more convincing your website is, the harder it will be for customers to look elsewhere. To keep them gripped on to your website, add PDFs and videos on how the products are going to shine in the homes.

To grow even more popular, use social media handles, and link them to your website, social media sites like Instagram and Facebook are great for showcasing. This way the customer will know where to find you when drooling around social media. This will increase your reach and will bring exposure to a larger audience. Who knows, a potential customer may buy your products when they find it attractive, and even if they don’t need it necessarily now, they just might need it in future.


Your website will be available to customers as and when they need it. The products can be purchased even after midnight and while most physical stores will lose at this point, your business will be blooming overnight. This also means that international clients can also order from your website when they are awake and you are asleep!

The other ways it is better is that small businesses don’t have to worry about paying employees working overtime, their website’s going to handle your midnight customers and this will be guaranteed to increase your sales.

You can also collect customer information and knowledge about their preferences. The AI behind your website will carry out this task so that the user experience enhances visit by visit.

This provides easy redirection to the user’s favourite products and quicker and smoother navigation, increasing the ease of finding products based on relevance, for example, collecting email addresses, for sending emails of new product launches in the website, or stock renewal of the wish list products of a specified user. This is also a great way to find what stock your customers are more approving of and create/order more of this kind of product.

Through collected information, we can create leads to a newer section of potential customers, given the fact that it’s much easier for the users to type in their emails in a small box within your website design than write it in a piece of paper and give it to you, as in old-fashioned storefronts.

  1. BRAND

Building a website needs to become the very first process into turning your small business into a fully-flourishing brand that will achieve great success on the internet.

A website acts as a foundation for your marketing strategy and a reference point for your business, where you’re providing information about your business—what you do, how you do it, and products and services that your business provides. The reviews, the more they are, the more audience they attract, and even journalists and bloggers link to your website, provide their reviews, positive criticism and at times ways to cope with the shortcomings that are present in your website so that you do not leave any stone unturned in creating the best website for your potential customers.

What this does is increase popularity among your customers and, gradually, results in more traffic which means more potential customers for you. This is the time where you will know your business is slowly and steadily turning into a brand.

Besides these reasons, there are various web design services (UK) such as technical disciplines, software tools, and marketing services to turn your website into a masterpiece. Your website will also climb the Google ranks via the SEO process, which means your business website will enjoy more visibility with the use of SEO tactics.

So now that you know many reasons as to why it is necessary for small businesses to create a website, if you haven’t yet, then don’t wait for a second and have one website up and running of your own. Visit our bespoke web design page and learn more on how to get yourself an affordable and professional website that is tailored exactly to your specifications and the design you want.

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