Why AI Powered Content is Becoming More Popular

Why AI Powered Content is Becoming More Popular

What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence… who would have thought that we’d be using this level of advanced technology by 2018?

Well, AI is now a fundamental aspect of all the technology that you see being released by the world’s tech giants and is fast becoming essential to business website design.

AI behind today’s smart homes, the Internet of Things (IoT), smart speakers and self-driving cars. It also plays a pivotal role in powering the internet as we know it so that we can access it through our smartphones, tablets and PCs. Think Siri, Alexa and most recently, Microsoft’s Cortana.

Even Facebook and YouTube use AI to ensure accuracy when targeting ads and to understand user behaviour.

Here are just a few reasons why AI content is important:

AI is worth your time and investment business website designs and engaging content development.

  1. Both Apple iPhone X and iPhone 8s come with an A11 bionic chip that’s equipped with “machine learning frameworks”. That is a fancy way of saying that the devices will be able to operate apps backed by AI.
  2. The world’s largest tech companies are currently using AI technology to establish their position as market leaders, as evidenced by Apple’s constant improvements to Siri. Now, this virtual assistant even has the ability to understand the user’s context, their interests and the way in which they interact with their devices.
  3. If you take a closer look at Google’s latest offerings, you’ll find that they suggest a lot of AI capabilities. For example, users are now able to incorporate animations and even filters to images via Google Photos. On the other hand, you have Gmail which now comes with the ability to intuit your email responses and suggests them to you according to the context.
  4. Ever wondered how YouTube knows which videos to suggest you? It’s all thanks to Google Brain, the AI technology behind research and development at Google.
  5. Facebook had a bit of a head start when it comes to using AI technology. As evidenced by their introduction of the Photo Tag Suggest feature back in 2009, users allowed to tag people in their uploaded photos using facial recognition technology. However, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has some great plans in the pipeline that involve enhancing human hearing and sight through AI within the app.

Facebook has already started incorporating AI into its Messenger app, which is now able to handle customer service queries as well as the app’s translation services. As a result of switching to AI technology, Facebook is now able to handle up to 4.5 billion customer requests each day, which is a lot more than what the app was capable of when customer requests were still handled by human employees.

Moreover, Facebook also uses AI for ad targeting purposes so it’s able to help companies target the right audience within the app, which makes it very lucrative for business website design. Needless to say, this has significantly contributed to Facebook’s bottom line because now they don’t have to hire staff to handle all these responsibilities.

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