What your web site design agency should consider doing for you!

What your web site design agency should consider doing for you!

Many people ask questions like what is included in a website? Or what do web designers do for me besides design me a website? Well, we are going to inform you on what your web site design agency should consider doing for you, in this very article. So, clear your mind on everything you may think about what you should get with your web site design and read what we have to say as web designers!

Fully Functioning CRM

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We think that most people who have a web site design have to have their very own CMS. It is both important for a client and web developer that the client receives a CMS with their own administrator rights.

The reason behind why it would benefit a developer is that they wouldn’t have to log into the back end of the website to do menial changes every day, the client would have the ability to do this. Furthermore, if it is an easy CMS to learn like WordPress you won’t have as many changes to work on as WordPress is quite straightforward.

Obviously, the reason behind a client having one is so that they can update their own website whenever they wish. From updates about their business to products they might wish to include on their website, the list is generally endless.

A website brief!

One of the best things a web site design agency can do is send you over a website brief which is fully detailed with questions all about your new website. From everything to what branding you would like your website to look like to any websites you like the look of, a website brief should go through every technical and standard question the web site design agency can thing about in all honesty.

Emails setting up

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One of the many benefits you receive when coming on board with us at The Web Designer Group is that we can setup emails for you. At the end of the day, every business should have business emails pointing towards their domain and website. That is why we give you the option for us to setup at least three and a maximum of five, you can have more but this will come at an additional charge depending on how many emails you require.

A dedicated support line

Although this is for the web site design agency it is something that has an effect to all clients and websites. The trust between a web site design agency and their clients is always enhanced when you have a support number that clients can ring at any time. Because, they are more likely to trust a web design agency that can solve their problems and also do a lot more business with the web design agency in question.

The opportunity for a client to get their logo created

When formulating the idea for a new web site design, many customers never think about their logo and even if they do, usually a web site design agency has the ability to create one for you. Of course, having an idea of what the branding the logo has, colour coordination and any symbols or patterns you can think of will be of great help to the logo designer employed at the web site design agency.

Sometimes it is also a good idea if the client creates a brief of their logo beforehand to show the logo designer what they really want It to look like. This could include any shapes, colour coordination and anything else you can think of.

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A future proof website!

You might have never come across the term future proof but that doesn’t matter as we will let you know what it means for us. The Web Designer Group creates websites that work on every device they can from Tablets, Desktops, Laptops, IOS phones and Androids. Updating a website is also a priority as your plugins will constantly need updating. But effectively building websites on premium themes that are highly rated and have enough support on them in general is a great way to make sure that the website is always future proof.

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