What You Should Know About Intrinsic Web Design

What You Should Know About Intrinsic Web Design

Almost every industry in the world has a special set of terms that it uses to communicate, and the web design community is no different. No matter how confusing and seemingly superfluous this jargon may be to the untrained ear, it’s an important aspect of communication between the professionals within the industry and enables them to turn their discoveries and innovations into usable concepts.

One such concept is that of intrinsic web design which was created by Jen Simmons. We’ll be taking an in-depth look at what this concept refers to and what role it plays in the web design industry today.

What Exactly is Intrinsic Web Design?

Initially, web developers built websites and other aspects of the web using front-end JavaScript code. However, it has always been known that these are merely hacks and that a more organised layout to build the web would have to be developed. Enter; CSS Grid and Flexbox.

CSS, as it is, provides a much simpler and easier layout that developers can use to design and build websites that are exactly the way they want them to be. Thanks to this updated system, there’s no longer any need for hacks or makeshift methods in order to build stuff and this is basically the essence of what Intrinsic Web Design is all about.

So, when you call on the best web design services UK, you’ll do so knowing that they have fewer limitations to deal with when it comes to flexing their CSS abilities. This enables them to do so much more with web design that may not have been possible or available to them before.

Whose Idea Was It Anyway?

The person who came up with theidea is Jen Simmons, a former CERN, Google, W3C and Drupal employee who is currently employed at Mozilla as a Designer Advocate. She’s also famous for her podcast called The Web Ahead, which deals with topics that are related to the internet and cutting-edge developments that are coming up in the future.

You can also find Simmons on the Layout Land channel on YouTube, where she regularly talks about CSS Grid, Flexbox and other fundamentals of Intrinsic Web Design. It’s also a great place to start for anyone who wants to learn more about the possibilities offered by this and other technologies, as well as how to apply them in bespoke web design.

Entering a New Era

Agencies that offer best web design services UK have already started latching onto these new concepts, with a view to relate their experience with the currently available layout methods with capabilities offered by CSS Grid and Flexbox. This will most likely result in an explosion of more refined layouts on the web, which means things are going to get even more interesting with Web 2.0.

Intrinsic web design is an important concept, especially for non-coders who consider themselves to offer the best web design services UK, because it’s literally broadening the horizon in terms of the capabilities that are now available to web designers.