What will happen to web site design in 2020?

What will happen to web site design in 2020?

As we are nearing the end of the year, many people from web designers to people wanting websites are asking the question, what will happen to web site design in 2020? In this article, we will dissect every piece of information we can gather and give you the best possible answer when it comes to this question. There might be a lot of changes, but the main basis of web site design will, for the most part, stay exactly the same.

What will not change?

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As we mentioned previously the basis of web site design won’t change. Web designers will still have to code web site designs to then provide you with the website you want. As coding has never really change that much since the start of this decade at least. If we go back to the late 90’s and early noughties then we can see table coded websites that are an absolute mess. Of course, that had to change but with the turn of the new decade we cannot see much in the way of how we code websites at all.

Although designs are always tailored to the clients wants and specifications, how we design and plan this will never change. Putting pen to paper and drawing out a detail plan of how the website looks as a draft will always be the way forward. As you don’t want to do something half way then realise it won’t work. That is why the best way to figure out how to build is by planning on paper first. Perhaps even your client has potentially drawn a diagram of how they would like the website to look like. If that is the case, then that can be both very helpful or a bit of a hindrance. Depending on how you look at it.

What about things that will change?

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There are many new and even some old aspects that will be taking a huge form in 2020 and the coming decade. So, here is a list of some of them to digest for yourself.

Voice Search: Although this cam out a few years ago, a lot of new websites are going to be using voice search as it is a good thing to use in case there are potential visitors who have bad eye sight. Google is also highly approving of it as websites that have the ability of voice search or a voice reading out an article are known to be ranked higher in Google. It is also another way of communication towards potential clients.

Look at the voices of Siri and Alexa. They garnered worldwide renown within days of release and now millions of people across the planet. Websites with the ability of voice search are going to sky rocket across the globe within just a few years and we all know it.

Dark Mode: Companies like YouTube have already implemented this and it is extremely popular with millions of people using this option instead of the default white. In the way of websites, they not only look modern but they are easier on the eyes, especially if you are like us web designers and bloggers that get a lot of screen time every day.

Some of the most professional company websites seem to have a darker look like Wagamama for example. Although, this can usually just be attributed to the design of the website in general, having a dark mode is increasingly popular and a feature like this has the potential to attract customers that want something similar.

Data Collection: The way data is collected from visitors to a web site design is more than likely going to change or become enhanced. At the moment, many websites install cookies which can track where users go on their website. Even when they go to other websites and what they are interested in. A lot of new websites are going to be based around user behaviour and interface. Therefore, we can see a brighter future in the way that companies collect information on potential customers and perhaps even convert them into clients.

The collection of data will become more important than ever in 2020 as you will begin to see a lot more websites using data collection services in 2020.

User Focus: The most important person on any website has to be the users. Therefore, we can expect that many websites will become heavily user friendly in 2020 with it being a trend that will blast its way to the top.

The best way to focus on the user is to try and look at the website from their perspective. To do this you need to analyse a website and try to go to every page, if you find missing or dead pages then you are going to have a problem.

Why choose The Web Designer Group for your web site design in 2020?

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There are a lot of potential changes happening in 2020 and The Web Designer Group is prepared for all of them. Therefore, why would you choose a company which isn’t up to date in the latest marketing and web site design techniques? You wouldn’t, is the answer. Now that has been answered for you let us talk about the benefits of coming on board with The Web Designer Group.

We have a number of incredible addons that we will list here which you can use to enhance your website. These include the following below:

  • Premium logo design
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As you can tell, there is quite a lot The Web Designer Group offers in the way of enhancing your incredible web site design in 2020.

If you wish to get in touch with us then simply fill out one of the contact forms on our website or you can give us a call on 0800 905 5999.