What to look for in a web designer

What to look for in a web designer

Here at The Web Designer Group, we get asked a lot of questions about finding the perfect web designer for your website so we thought it was about time we put together a little FAQ on ‘what to look for in a web designer’.

Should my web designers have experience in my industry?

Well, that’s always useful, but it’s much more important that they have experience in their industry – the art and science of building effective websites. While knowing the ins and outs of your sector might make working together a little quicker, knowing the ins and outs of their own industry ensures that they really understand what your organisation needs from a cost-effective and powerful website.

Do I need to look at my web designer’s portfolio?

Absolutely. A portfolio gives you an insight into the kind of work your web designer produces and is evidence of their track record. If your business is important to you (and whose business isn’t?) you’ll want to see that your chosen web designer has the right range of skills and is able to work with clients well. Some web designers specialise in particular industries or ‘builds’ such as e-commerce or informational sites, while others are experts at blog creation or fashion sites. Browsing a designer’s portfolio also allows you to ask questions about why they laid out a site in a particular fashion or what a client wanted to achieve with a particular look or style. When talking to web designers, examining a portfolio helps you get to know them, and their work, really quickly.

What services should my web designers provide?

Excellent question! The answer is, the services you need. It’s easy to think that you just need a website designed, without exploring the other services you might need such as content creation, SEO work and social media marketing. Many designers offer some or all of these services to support their clients – even up to and including hosting and cybersecurity – and spending a little time talking to your chosen web designers about the services you require can save you time and money in the long run.

How important is the contract between me and my web designers?

It’s vital. A careful read-through of the contract between you and your web designers is going to help you understand:

  • what they are going to deliver
  • when they are going to deliver it
  • contingency arrangements in case of unforeseen circumstances
  • payment terms

Your contract is evidence of the relationship between you and your web designers and a good designer will have a contract that shows they recognise how important it is to cover all the contingencies in your working relationship.

Should I go with the cheapest web designers?

Well, that’s impossible for us to say. Sometimes the right designer is also the cheapest, sometimes not. Pricing can vary widely, depending on many factors including services offered and location. Establishing your budget before you start the hunt for the perfect web designers will allow you to be realistic about what you an afford but open-minded about what you might need to spend to get the right website for you.