What to Keep in Mind When Creating Design-Friendly Content

What to Keep in Mind When Creating Design-Friendly Content

A good web site designer UK is someone who’s well capable of creating a responsive website. Responsive web design simply means that your website is able to reconfigure itself automatically in order to go with the type of device that your visitors are using. Thus, it enhances your visitors’ browsing experience allowing them to easily find or do what they want on your website regardless of the device they are using.

So how do you come up with a responsive design-friendly content?

Here are the five critical elements to consider:


  1. Think of Your Smartphone Users


In order to come up with a compelling and highly responsive website, you should focus first on your smartphone users. Design your website in such a way that it can be viewed in the small touch screens and then slowly scale up from there. This helps to ensure that your website will be able to satisfy your web users when they use their smartphone to access your website.


  1. Consider the Supporting Actions


Ask yourself the kind of information your visitors want to find and what they hope to do on your website. Do they want to see the best products and services that you offer? If so, then include a product search box in your website. Do you want them to be able to find the location of your store? Then show your address on your website along with directions on how they can get there. If you want your customers to be able to call you directly, then a web site designer UK will design your website in such a way that your customers can simply click on a phone icon and your number will immediately dial on their phone.


You can also include attractive photos and colours on the smallest version of your website design. For as long as these graphics load quickly and appear visible in a small screen, then feel free to add them. Just don’t include those graphics and animations that can interfere with your web user’s browsing experience.


  1. Scale Up to Tablets


After you have created an attractive and highly efficient website that meets the needs of mobile phone users, you should start by deciding which content you need to add to accommodate tablet users. You probably don’t need to change your layout and content that much to make your website compatible for iPad Mini users. However, for larger tablets, you may need to use bigger images or add more content to the homepage.


You can perhaps include an announcement of upcoming sales and other special events or maybe collate your customer’s testimonials and feedback and add it on your homepage. Feel free to add videos as well. Just make sure that it makes use of HTML5 since the Adobe Flash video is not compatible with some mobile operating systems. If you need help making your website highly responsive for smartphone and tablet users, a web site designer UK will be able to help you.