What makes The Web Designer Group the best web designers in uk?

What makes The Web Designer Group the best web designers in uk?

One of the most honest questions that we have been asked here at The Web Designer Group is “What makes The Web Designer Group the best web designers in uk?” Obviously, there isn’t a short answer to this and we decided that it deserved its very own article. So, without further ado. Here is our very own article on why our web designers in uk are some of the best in their profession here at The Web Designer Group.

Our web designers in uk grasp the purpose of a website

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When a new project is given to our web designers, they will figure out almost immediately the purpose that this new project is for. Whether this be a fully-fledged e-commerce design which is for selling products or even a brochure web design which is for events and showcasing a venue. Our web designers in uk know exactly what to do when it comes to the website that you are looking for. They can even guide you with correct colouring that will attract the kind of visitors that you are looking for, because, let’s face it, you don’t want to attract body builders to your website when you are a flower shop.

Even with the purpose defined, there is zero point in leaving a website to fester. You need to have what is known as an “after care” plan like search engine optimisation or perhaps even investing into some paid ads. It is up to you how you wish to do this, however if you would like some advice then you can always call us up here at The Web Designer Group by calling on 0800 905 5999 or 0333 305 2155.

Our web designers in uk build website navigation with ease

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One of the main principles when building a website is to figure out how the websites navigation must be in simple terms. You don’t want links all over the place, you want a simple way to easily navigate through a website and that is something that our web designers can create for you. Simplicity is key, as you must remember that the average person isn’t exactly the brightest individual, therefore, keeping it simple and easy for one person to get to the next place is extremely important.

Please bear in mind that navigation is one of the many key elements to retaining visitors to your website, if they find it to bothersome to do, they will simply leave and never come back. That is something you can guarantee with the average person. Remember, when it comes to navigation, consistency is key.

Simplicity of a website is key for all web designers

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As we mentioned previously, simplicity is key. Especially when you are considering user experience. However, one of the things that has to be mentioned are the three ways you can capture a visitor to your website and entice them to read on or purchase your products/services.

Font: A font is actually important in a way that it catches the eye of the reader. For example, if your font size is too big some readers will leave your website, if it has a near unreadable font then you can expect readers to leave the website and find alternative information or services.

You’re going to want to have a font size and font like Tahoma or Ariel, which is at 11 to 13 in size. These are usually the best ways to get information across and ear easy to read, you don’t want some unreadable font with incredibly small or large font size as it will be unreadable and in all honesty anyone with common sense would be able to figure this out.

Images: If you have your own blog page, gallery page or even a stylish homepage then using images to breakup your text is a great idea. At the end of the day, you don’t want a wall of text like a biblical story. That would just bore the person who is reading to tears unless they are really interested in that subject.

Whilst the word “images” might be conceived as simple, you will be amazed to find out that this includes videos, photography, illustration and all types of graphic design. As you might imagine image content is extremely useful, especially when it comes to infographics which prove the points you are making with nice graphs and facts. In fact, a lot of the information that we see through websites is usually through visual forms like images. Therefore, increasing their importance within any sort of content piece.

Colour: Of course, colouring is important as it is a certain mix of colour which creates one’s brand. Colouring can also be used for many other different reasons, to evoke emotional responses to content, communicate messages through colour etc. It is important that when you choose the colour of your website that you limit yourself to four to five different colours, any more and it will look more like a rainbow than a website.

As we have already mentioned all of the benefits of using colour in previous paragraphs, we will skip adding another to the end of this segment, instead, we shall focus on what makes The Web Designer Group the best web designers in uk.

Why you should hire the best web designers in uk at The Web Designer Group

If you haven’t considered giving The Web Designer Group a call and talking to one of their helpful team then you definitely should. As they are an extremely knowledgeable bunch that will provide you with a website that you will truly appreciate. Take a look at their portfolio of websites that they have created as we are sure you will find something you like as they have fifty plus websites. Even if there isn’t anything you like, The Web Designer Group provide bespoke web design. Which means that their web designers uk can create you a website out of your ideas within a matter of weeks.