What makes our London web design the best in the industry?

What makes our London web design the best in the industry?

One question that we are always asked here at The Web Designer Group is what makes our London web design the best in the industry? Although this might be considered a matter of opinion from our existing clients in London that love our web design in London. There is actually quite a lot that goes into creating your very own exciting London web design. So, why not sit back, relax and prepare to read what makes our London web design the best in the industry article!

Web design London you cannot beat!

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There are a lot of elements when it comes to London web design that we will go through piece by piece as we believe that having a basic knowledge of how we get to the building stage of the website is the most important part.

Initial Stage – Once a client comes on board with us, we send them out two briefs. Our logo brief and our web design London brief.

Logo Brief: The logo brief that we have made goes into a lot of detail around your logo. It incorporates questions such as colour branding, tagline, wording, any specific dimensions, specific, drawings. As you can tell it is quite comprehensive and the best part is, if you don’t want a logo you can just opt out of it at the bottom.

We try and make things very simple here at The Web Designer Group, but of course when it comes to a brief about your website. We want every piece of information that we can gather.

Website Brief: The website brief we provide is probably one of the most extensive briefs that you will ever come across. It goes through a lot of detail from domain information, about the business in general, images, testimonials, information for a contact form, if you would be selling products, call to actions, email addresses on the website, phone numbers, address, social media, preferred colours, home page slider, content, website copyright and additional services we provide.

As you can tell we have a pretty great system that is unmatched by any of our competitors!

What happens next to your London web design?

After you have filled out our briefs, we check them to make sure we have everything. If we do not, then we will send it back to you and ask you to fill out the missing parts. If everything is completed and up to scratch then we will begin our development process.

We cannot go in depth with our web design process as that would be giving away our secrets however, once everything is completed on our side then we will send you over a preview to look at.

Once the preview is sent over, usually clients have numerous changes that they would like to make which is absolutely fine. As we want to make your website the way that you want it and we want you to be happy with what we have created for you.

Once you are happy with all of the complete changes then we can put your website live and you are set to start raking in that money.

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What about after my web design in London is created?

Here at The Web Designer Group, we do things a little differently here as we are sure our clients appreciate. We offer all of our clients unlimited changes even after their website is created. What this means is, if you would like to add a page or a few more lines of text then we will do it for you free of charge!

We also offer our clients hosting on our dedicated servers, which means that you won’t be sharing your host with other websites which is proven to slow down your website. You will also receive virus protection, general maintenance, updates and SSL security when you come onboard with us when hosting.

We also have many other services that we provide for our clients after their London web design is created.

For example:

Social Media Marketing: We provide social media marketing and management services to our clients. Which means that we will create, integrate and manage your social media profiles if you don’t have the time to do it yourself. This means, creating a strategy that best suits you and your business then getting you the thousands of followers you want. You can read all about our social media packages on our website and take a look at the one of a kind benefits we provide!

Search Engine Optimisation: The Web Designer Group provides excellent London web design which is complimented by our SEO services. We take the time to evaluate your websites onsite content, score, domain authority, page authority and more to create you the best strategy so you can rank in google. You can read all about our SEO services on our website.

How to get in touch with the best London web designers

There are many ways for getting in touch with us here at The Web Designer Group, we have a number of contact forms on our website which you can use and we will give you a call back as soon as possible. Other than that, you can always give us a call on 0800 905 5999 and we will be here from 9am to 6pm to answer any of your queries.

If for some reason we don’t pickup the phone then we will get an email notification that you have called, we will be in touch as soon as we are back to help you however we can!