What is web design?

What is web design?

This article is going to be quite the ostentatious article as we try to cover a question that is asked by thousands of people every month which is “what is web design?”. We will try to go into as much detail as possible as we take apart every aspect of web design from its humble beginnings to how it has taken off today. So, put on your reading glasses, make yourself a cup of tea and prepare yourself for quite the incredible read.

How did web design start?

Of course, it started with the birth of the World Wide Web. Web design technically started with the first browser being released in 1996 by Microsoft, as this included HTML, CSS, JavaScript and much more cool things throughout the year which had their hands in the development of some of the most intrinsic web designs you will ever come across. Sufficed to say a lot of companies were mimicking the great “space race” of the mid to late 20th century in the way of web design and browsers. Microsoft won, and that has shaped the future of web design and generally how we use our computers to this day.

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What would be a description of web design today?

Web design refers to the design of websites. This is usually made to refer to the users experience of website development instead of the back-end coding. Web design is more for customers as when they see a website when it is completed, they will marvel at its structure, content and basically what they see.

At the end of the day, the point of a website is to use many different types of code functionality to make the website look aesthetically pleasing to the eye of the customer. As simplicity is key. One thing to notice about websites though it that a website is never finished and web design always has a way of making sure that you could purchase one thing or another. However, this isn’t a negative thing as you must always think about how you can improve a website and that is what a web designer from The Web Designer Group can do.

Web design must keep a consistent design but make it adaptive and responsive, for example within the last five years mobile and tablet have become huge for web design. That is why you must have a website that is mobile responsive in 2020, otherwise, you will see that there is a huge problem with ranking your website on Google.

Sufficed to say, everything that you see on a website when you first visit it is made through web design. This is different from web development but that shall be explained in another article. The main point in this paragraph that we are trying to make is that the design aspect is done by web designers, the stuff that you can see right in from of you. The coding aspect is done by developers the stuff that you won’t really be able to see unless you know how. However, both work hand in hand with each other and cannot exist without each other.

What tools can be use to take advantage of web design?

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As we mentioned before the usual HMTL, CSS and JavaScript can be used to create some incredible websites. However, the best platform to build your website on has to be WordPress. WordPress is the most popular platform to build websites on and used by millions of people on a daily basis. It is also the simplest platform to use as well, making it easy to share your content, updates and news across your website with a touch of a button. This is a tool known as a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) and is great for people that aren’t that techy and just want their website to work, so to speak.

Plugins are another type of tool used by individuals and their websites on WordPress. You can find plugins for just about anything these days on WordPress as they are an essential part of web design for this specific platform. They are also extremely helpful in upgrading your website so it has more functions within it and can do a lot of cooler things within it.

What skills do you need to possess to be a great web designer?

As you might have already guessed, we are going to tell you that you need to have a basic understanding of code like JavaScript, HTML, CSS and PHP. You can get an easy understanding from free courses online if you haven’t studied this at university. You can always buy programming and web design books through book shops which can help you start. We would suggest a book called “programming for dummies” as it is a great book to start learning from.

A second must is to have strong creative skills. You are going to be going backwards and forwards, page from page looking at the code, testing it and then seeing if it comes out exactly how you like it. Sufficed to say you are going to be multi-tasking and you will want to have a keen eye for creativity. That’s not to say that you should go absolutely wild as a client would want a certain amount of professionalism with their web design.

Tight deadlines are part of many different jobs; however, you might find that web design has some very tight deadlines as well. It is important that you develop this skill as fast as you possibly can but also keep yourself unstressed and concentrated. One of the best things about deadlines is the relief of finishing a big project.

Having up to date skills with various technology and software developments is a key part of web design and something you must do for your own benefit. There might be time in work to learn more about updates and developments, however, it is usually a better idea to do this kind of research in your own time as you don’t want to give yourself too much work and stress yourself out at work.

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