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What Does Bespoke Website Design Mean?

It’s safe to say that website design is a rather technical subject for most people, which is why a majority of businesses choose to hire professionals to do it for them. Now, when clients come across web design professionals,it can be difficult for them to understand much of what is said during meetings, due to the industry jargon that’s used.

So what is bespoke web design?

Surprisingly, it seems like “bespoke web design” is one of the most confusing terms that clients have to deal with, which is surprising when you consider how straightforward a description it is on the face of it.
However, when you consider the way in which it’s used in the industry, you’ll understand why.
For example, let’s start by looking at what bespoke website design actually means in simple terms.
According to the Oxford English dictionary, which is the authority on the English language definition, bespoke means:

  • a bespoke suit
  • bespoke items of clothing
  • bespoke software systems

Now, when you read the first two lines of the definition, it’s easy to make sense of the term because it’s defined as you would expect. But then, when it’s applied to computer technology, it becomes a bit confusing because instead of the term “bespoke” referring to a uniquely created or custom item, it becomes something that’s “adapted” for a certain purpose.
Now,this is obviously how the term is used in terms of web design, which means that while clients are expecting something completely unique and customised for their needs, they may very well get a product that has been adapted for them from something else.

How do web design companies do this?

Well, they’ll start by creating a completely original template, which they will then adapt for a specific customer. Think Magento and their line of “bespoke” themes and templates for DIY e-commerce website design.
Doesn’t sound right, does it? I mean, if the design template already existed, how is the edited version of it bespoke?
Well, some will say that a men’s bespoke suit is made from existing materials but is still sold as a bespoke item, so websites that are created from an existing template should also fit in that definition.
But that argument doesn’t really work when you consider that a bespoke suit is literally made to fit the wearer and is not a retail suit that has been “customised” to fit. The latter is what happens with the creation of bespoke websites most of the time, and with the way things are looking, it doesn’t seem like bespoke web design exists in the sense of a truly unique and custom website being created.
Nevertheless, web designers continue to advertise their bespoke web design services to unwitting customers with the knowledge that there really is no benchmark in the industry for what the term bespoke means when it comes to website design.