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What are the main four factors in SEO?

Well first off, there are more than four main factors when it comes to SEO. However, we think that if we go into a huge amount of detail within these 4 areas of SEO you will have expanded your knowledge. Then you will be able to implement these commonly known strategies of SEO throughout your website and slowly but surely climb those complicated Google rankings that your business needs. If you’re struggling to do SEO on your own then you can always call us at The Web Designer Group and we will provide you with better rankings with our more in depth and comprehensive strategies. But for now, lets get on with the more basic stuff for you beginners in the SEO field.

Creating relevant Backlinks

Most people would say that it’s just backlinks that are important but not in 2019. If your backlinks aren’t relevant to your website and what you’re using it for then this can have a detrimental effect. Meaning that your website will more than likely fall down the Google rankings which of course, isn’t what you want for your business. When you’re thinking about creating a backlink to a relevant website, you’re going to want to create a backlink to a website which has a high DA (domain authority). This is for the entire domain however, the page that you’re linking off needs a high PA (Page Authority) we usually say that a domain with a DA and PA above 25 is what is most beneficial to your website. Anything below this isn’t probably going to benefit your website at all and at the end of the day is more likely to bring your website further down in the Google rankings which is something you don’t want at all for your online business.

Content is King

In 2019 the relevance of good fresh content is one of the most important aspects of SEO. This shouldn’t be news as Google has always said that content is a big ranking factor for any website out there on the World Wide Web. However, in recent years this has shifted from heavy SEO keyword-focused content towards the more modern relevant content written in your language which is grammatically sensical. Relevant content is a lot more comprehensive and this usually means that its word count is higher than the 500-word articles that most SEO companies will try to entice you with. You’re also going to want to implement a lot of more aesthetically pleasing images, videos and info graphs into your content. Think about it, no one wants to read a wall of text as it isn’t really engaging and, in most cases, people will just ignore your blog and move on to something a lot easier on the eyes.

The next thing you’ll probably want to learn about is how to optimise your content for either SEO purposes or even because it’s a little outdated. One of the ways to optimise outdated content is to update it with more relevant topics or results that have happened which are relevant to the topic. Usually if you add an update at the bottom of the article and then re-index it into Google Search Console then it will definitely have better results after it is indexed. Why is this? Because google loves it when you update existing content as the algorithm sees that you are being proactive with your content.
Optimising your content for SEO is also extremely important. So, if you’re trying to target a certain keyword then mentioning it a couple of times within your content is the key to this. Of course, not going overboard and do what is more commonly known as “Keyword Stuffing” which is bad for your content and Google rankings.
Another point of content that is now key is video content. Video is quickly becoming Google’s favourite kind of content as its child YouTube is best known throughout the World Wide Web for its video content. So, the more video content that you can provide the best for you and your website especially if it’s more to do with what you do either within products or services.

Make it Mobile Friendly

This is an absolute must in 2019 as over 70% of users search through their mobiles instead of desktops. What we are trying to say is that if you have an old website…UPDATE IT NOW. You’re going to be missing out on so much potential business as well as your Google rankings dropping. Mobile optimisation in 2019 is an extremely important ranking factor that you need to get behind otherwise you will risk yourself and your business. With this in mind you might want to make sure that your page speed is great as well otherwise Google will lower your rankings and you will more than likely lose the interest of other people, especially when your page is taking ages to load.


All in all, if you’re looking for an SEO agency that you can count on then The Web Designer Group is the perfect match for you. We as a company know that SEO is always going to be changing and we are always on top with the newest trends and updates from Google showing you that we are the best. If you’re interested in SEO services then please check out our “Local SEO” page where we inform you a little bit about local SEO and how we can create you fantastic result on our tried and tested SEO strategies. Learn more about us by simply picking up that phone and calling 0800 09 88 508 and one of our helpful and friendly members of the SEO team can tell you how we can better your business for SEO in 2019.