What are web designing sites?

What are web designing sites?

A question that pops up a lot is what are web designing sites? Simply put, they are websites that companies have to promote their web designing services. They are usually sites made by web designers and web developers that try to convince you to use their services to have a website built with them.

Let’s face it. We all need a website for in 2019, whether it be for your business, portfolio or events that you provide. The best way to do this is to go through one of the many web designing sites that are available on the internet and choose a company that fits your business to create you a new website.

What goes into creating web designing sites?

Time, persistence and a lot of effort. To create a website which a visitor turns into a customer just by taking a look is a skill within itself. Therefore, finding the right web design company for you can be difficult. But don’t worry we will make it easier for you to choose us at a later date.

When it comes to web designing sites you have to think about the type of website that will attract the most visitors and convert them into potential customers. So, here is a list of different kinds of websites that you might find throughout the internet.

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E-commerce websites:

An e-commerce website is more commonly known as an online shop. Think of it this way. When you walk into a shop you will see all of the products, they sell right in front of you with fixed prices and perhaps even some deals like “2 for 1” etc.

E-commerce websites are quite simple to navigate as they want you to be able to browse their products with ease. Using the advanced systems in place with an e-commerce website you can filter products through categories, tags and custom fields by your choosing, in effect making an e-commerce web designing site a very advanced piece of technology. Thank fully this kind of web site design has a lot of templates on WordPress, so you might be quite busy looking for the best website that suits the design needs you want.


Social Media Websites

Everyone uses some form of social media in 2019 whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Now imagine that 2.77 billion people use these kinds of web designing sites to reach their customers. You can imagine the kind of conversions that they are getting!

A successful social media website has a consistent layout and design for all of its pages. The reasoning behind this is that you can easily identify the brand that comes with social media and once you are familiar with it you can easily navigate the website.

One of the easiest ways to gather people to your social media website is to share content which people will enjoy to other social media website and garner their attention. These can be things like memes, videos and viral stuff in general.


Blog web site design

Although a blog is usually on a standard website, a blog website can be found as being different due to the entire website being recognised as a blog. At the end of the day, blogs are used on every website to update their visitors and clients about the business, upcoming events, new products and general information. As you might be able to tell, a web designing site which is seen as a blog is usually a person’s go to place to write about their life.

Most blog websites consist of written content with images to break apart the walls of text. The more modern blog websites now have less written content and have replaced it with videos. The reasoning behind this is that in our age people are less inclined to read walls and walls of text, instead, they prefer a small video explanation of things these days.

If you are a company that has a blog page, we would advise you to have a decent content strategy in place. The reasoning behind this is if you are a small company you don’t want a large amount of your time being take up by writing articles or making videos for your blog. Therefore, having a content strategy in mind is always a good plan as you won’t be spending half your day with your blog, as well as, getting on with something more important.

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Your Homepage

Although this isn’t exactly a website, your homepage is still the most important part of your website. This is where you talk all about your company, what it does, what products or services it provides and what the main goals are for the company. Of course, you would want to make this as friendly and as visitor orientated as possible otherwise, you might not convert those visitors into clients or customers.

A homepage is really your go to point to try and sell to potential visitors. However, you can really tailor your homepage to however you wish to attract a certain type of clientele. It is important however, to understand that you need lots of rich content like videos, images and text. We have already explained this previously however it is very important that we reiterate that content on your homepage is extremely important in 2019.

Remember that you want to utilise the brand colour that you have chosen for the business on this page especially. This includes things like logos and images that are highly relevant to your business. What you need to understand is that the homepage of your website sets the tone of your business online, it should represent the story of your business through the images and words that you wish to share to your potential clientele.

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Portfolio Websites

This type of website is for the creative professionals that we all see and know about throughout social media. It is best for showcasing their work whether they be musicians, painters, photographers, bar owners and much more. It is a website that showcases everything you have with your talent or venue and then promotes it on a wide scale throughout the website. Hopefully if people are interested in what you do, they will find you and hire you for your talent, or come to your venue.

Imagine you have artwork over the years that you eventually sell to customers but you want to take a picture of it first to remember the painting. Where would you put it? On your portfolio website of course! You can even split up your work into various different categories to make it easier for yourself and fans to navigate your incredible artwork.

Bear in mind that this type of website isn’t just restricted to artwork and events, anyone can have a website which is this kind of style. It all just depends on what you are looking for in a website. Funnily enough though, having access to this type of website is perfect if you want to be a bit more creative and mess around with the layouts and features that you might have been provided on the portfolio website.

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With all of these different types of websites we know that it might be a little tricky to pick the best kind for your business. But don’t worry as The Web Designer Group is here to help you out any way that we possibly can. Call us up today on 0800 905 5999 and we will help you discover the great opportunity that is the online world and help you with the perfect website for your business.

Equally you can fill out one of the many forms throughout our website like our web design cost estimator which will tell you an estimate of how much the website you want will cost. Of course, this is an estimate. To get the best price you need to call us up and have a chat with one of our dedicated staff members so we can quote you properly in this regard.