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What Are The Different Types of Content?

This article is going to focus on the many different types of content out there in the world wide web.

There are quite a few high performing content types for marketing that we will be going through. However, there are a lot more but they aren’t really that relatable towards online marketing.

You will more than likely use these types of articles a lot when you are trying to improve your search engine optimisation for your website. If you aren’t then here is something to think about when planning your content effectively!

Shall we begin?


Writing articles or the more coined term of blogging is probably one of the most used type of content. Being the most popular and also easy to do for small businesses. It is probably one of the best ways to improve your seo effectively as well as there is a lot you can do with one simple blog.

There are many different ways you can write an article as well, but we will save this for a separate blog as there are over ten, we know of.
Funnily enough though these days you need to be able to write in depth content rather than just smashing out thirty five hundred word articles.

This has been proven to not make a dent these days as there are over a billion blogs throughout the internet flying around. So, if you don’t make it a worth while read then don’t expect to rank effectively.

If you’re looking to improve your marketing through blogging then having a great strategy is something you need to have in mind. For example, do some research on keywords you would like to target by heading over to ubersuggest. Simply click on the keywords tab and it will let you know if a lot of people are searching for it or if there aren’t that many.

Another great reason for blogging is the point that it connects you to other people that are interested in blogging. This way if they have a websites and so do you and you’re talking about similar interests then you can email them for a link to your website.


One of the newest ways to market to your business audience is through infographics.

Infographics uses images and video to educate your audience and provide useful information that add huge potential for leads for the business and potential customers. What this provides is the ability to help visualise how your company can provide a better experience or service from them. Equally, this is something that you would want to do for sure if you want more business.

A great thing that infographics does is visualise statistics for the potential customer so they can see exactly what is truth and what is speculation.

If your business decides to go ahead with using infographics which we hope it does! Then you need to know how to attract your audience and what sort of information you would want to have on the infographic. This could be one of many things like statistics, quotes from famous individuals, facts on your product or service and more.

All in all, with infographics you need to be able to inform and sell your product and service in one image.


Probably one of the best ways to add content to a website these days is through video.


Because people these days don’t want to read through walls of text just to get an answer. They want a nice easy video with the explanation as to why in ten minutes or less.

This is all because people these days have everything at their finger tips and it’s easy to get information when ever you want. It might also have something to do with that people also have a device on them all the time with access to most information.

At the end of the day, if you want to remain competitive in the busy world of a digital agency then it is vital that you grab your audience’s attention within the first fifteen seconds. Otherwise you are going to lose out within an instant.

More and more people around the globe are viewing video content, so, if you’re wanting to be the next hit on the web then you need to get yourself in front of that video and show the internet what you and your business is all about.

However, that means you will also need a video strategy that grabs the watchers’ attention and should be tailored around your business. For example, if you’re selling products online then you would want to make a video about those products and why they are simply the best products in the world.


One of the old-time favourites in visual marketing is the use of images.
The reasoning behind this is that people don’t want to read walls and walls of text on the internet. If they did, they would go to Wikipedia or read a book. People on the internet are easily bored and like images that are engaging and are about the topic.

Images are also a great way of breaking up your content. As mentioned previously walls of content aren’t a great idea on the internet, therefore having images in your content is always a good idea as they attract the user and make your content more relevant and readable.

Be aware though, you cannot just upload free images from google these days as they come with a copyright risk. To have a better understanding about this there are people out their on the web that work for companies that scour the web for websites that use their images and then fine them, therefore it’s better if you ask permission otherwise you might be breaching some sort of rights policy. Consider using adobe stock or another sort of image collections website that has the latest images which you can copyright for quality and creative purposes.

Social Media

Social media is one of the biggest ways to gain interaction from your articles.

It’s also a great way of connecting with people who enjoy your content and people who post similar things with your business.

Social media also helps you nurture your relationships with current customers and win over potential customers which is perfect for the kind of business you might be running. Typically, this can depending on the business be a bad or a good thing but for the most part we’re sure it will be good.

Use this type of platform to inform your audience of the sort of engaging experience that the process that you have a business will be like and how you are better than your competitors.

Social media is also a great way for looking into the future and seeing what people like and what trends you can see for your business. You can also get quite a bit of traffic for your business through social media as well so make sure you attract the right audience.


As you can see there are quite a few different types of content around on the internet and some of the these can be more effective than others. However, that is entirely what kind of business you are wanting to run, and where you want it to end up with your business goals.
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