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What are the differences between “off site” and “on site” SEO?

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  • What are the differences between “off site” and “on site” SEO?

As you might be aware there are many different aspects that go into good SEO and all of these aspects can be classed into two different categories being Off site seo and On site seo. We will go through in more comprehensive detail what is different about these two big aspects of SEO as well as what makes them comes together to make the best kind of seo that your business cannot afford to miss out on. The Web Designer Group combines all parts of these seo and provides you with the outstanding results that your business needs in 2019.

On site seo

There are many different things that go into on site seo as most of these aspects go into web site design UK as well. These aspects can be something like filling out meta descriptions for all of your pages and filling out all of the alt tags for every image on your website. These count as good signals towards Google and are a good way to keep your rankings stable if you’re having instability issues.


Another aspect of seo is actually the web site design process which is extremely important for on site seo. Without a responsive website your seo will become sort of meaningless especially if you’re missing key pages where you can add more content towards your pages and website to give it more strength. The key part I’m trying to say here is that you need a blog. A blog is extremely important to keep your customers updated with what is going on with your business as well as inform them of any updates and new products that might be appearing soon. Without a blog, you’re going to be missing out on key opportunities to give yourself more stabilised rankings as well as pull potential customers or in technical terms traffic towards your business.


Heading tags are also extremely important when it comes to on site seo. Heading tags are like titles in your writing that tell the reader where to look if you’re wanting to find out about a certain topic within your writing. The benefit of using these for search engines is that the algorithm that reads them has an easier time telling which sections of your content. Google absolutely loves heading tags plus it also looks great to split your content apart with separate headings.

Meta Descriptions

A meta description is what users see on google before they click on your website. It is the small amount of writing right beneath your website name. It is incredibly important that these are filled out to the best of your abilities. If not, a potential customer might disregard your website for a competitor on the same page as you. You also risk dropping in your search engine rankings if this task is completed or done correctly.

Alt tags

This piece of on site search engine optimisation is tedious but important stuff. An alt tag is located within your image, the purpose of it is to describe the image to a search engine bot. As you might be able to guess, bots cannot see the same way that humans do, therefore, you have described the image to the best of your abilities. If these are left empty, you can expect a significant drop your search engine rankings.

Fresh and unique content

Any search engine falls in love with fresh and unique content. The reasoning behind this is that content written by a person with their own flare which is grammatically correct and rich in knowledge is always going to make a website rank higher than a website which doesn’t possess this. At the end of the day search engines take the time to rank you accordingly with the effort that you put into writing. However, one thing that you need to avoid is plagiarism or more commonly known as copied content. The reasoning behind this is not only is it bad to copy someone else’s content and spread it across your web site but, Google and other search engines absolutely detest it and will throw you out of the rankings at any chance they can get.

Off site seo

Now that we have covered the on site it’s time to talk more about the off site. There are also many aspects that go into off site as well that we will get into shortly. One thing you need to get straight away is to not overdo your off site, you need to find the perfect balance. Because, if you don’t then your rankings will fluctuate to the point where one day you might be on page one but, another day you might be on page 6. As you might be able to understand this is quite the unwanted change. That is why it is so important to balance it out.


An extremely important point of seo is high domain authority backlinks. If you don’t have these then you’re not going to rank at all. Content is good for stabilising your work but backlinks are the technique where you gradually raise the roof so to speak. One of the things you need to be aware of is not to make backlinks of low domain authority website that aren’t in your niche of business because, Google now frowns upon that. Another thing that Google frowns upon is having way too many backlinks pointing towards your website. This will drop your site and more than likely give you a manual spam action.

Social Media

Social media has become a huge benefit towards marketing and in general connects everyone from around the globe. It’s also one of the best ways to promote your website and content. If you’ve got a big following on twitter or Facebook then use that to your advantage and share all of your website related stuff over to social media. Because, this creates something called social counters which are great for seo.

Use both for the best seo strategy

To create the best seo and marketing strategy you’re going to need to do both in order to make your seo the most effective. That’s why you should get in touch with us here at The Web Designer Group and we can tailor a seo strategy around you and your business. Bespoke SEO UK is exactly what we do here besides web site design. Give us a call on 0800 09 88 508 and we can provide you with an seo audit of your current website and learn more on what needs to be done to get you on page one and keep you there!