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What A Website Designing Agency Should Have

What A Website Designing Agency Should Have

This article works hand in hand with our previous article and is titles what a website designing agency should have. Within this article we shall go through every part that we think a website designing agency should have and why these are important when a potential client decides to look for a website designing agency.

A dedicated team of developers
Having a team of website designing developers is one thing, but you need a team which all has a part to play in each section of the website. For example, an individual from that team may be extremely good at the coding aspect of the website and one may be really good at tweaking the front end and functionality of the website. It all depends on what your staff are really good at but you would know that and use it to your advantage.

A great example of this would be us here at The Web Designer Group. As we have a developer whose sole purpose is to update the plugins throughout every website, clients included. That’s over 180 websites a month! And as you can imagine, there are numerous updates to several different plugins every month.

There are of course many different areas of expertise that go into web design, it’s all about finding which one of your team can do better at some tasks compared to the other. Then putting that to use.

A passionate logo designer
One of the many things that any website designing agency needs is a logo designer or someone skilled in graphic design. As there will be many people that are wanting to come on board with you which will want a logo or perhaps even a couple of images edited for some reason, therefore, it is imperative that any website designing agency hires a capable logo designer.

An important part of website designing is that you need to get all of the branding and colour coordination right for that client. What better way to do that than with a logo which states what the company is all about, as well as a memorable icon that clients will always be reminded of.

A sales team that knows about the business through and through
When it comes to selling your products to people your sales team needs to know everything about the business. From the most minuscule points to the most important.

Your sales team needs to be passionate and confident when it comes to your products, the best way is to show them how they benefit others as well and make them believe that the product they are selling is a force for good. Another thing is that once they begin to understand the product and believe in it, they will sound confident enough to sell it.
Giving people the opportunity to learn is a great way to get people through the door as well, that is why you should encourage your sales staff to learn as much as possible in and outside of work.
Another thing that would help them stay on board and give them incentive to do the best they can would be a great commission structure. That however, is entirely up to you how you would like to work that out but usually five to ten percent is a good start.

Your website needs lots of options
Getting in touch with a website designing agency shouldn’t be difficult. Any website should have their number plastered all over it, as well as many contact forms and emails so potential clients have the option, as many people might not want to call and would prefer emailing.

Take a look at The Web Designer Group and how we have an abundance of different options which we will inform you about below.
If a client wants to chat then the best option is to have your phone number numerous times across your website so they don’t have to look around constantly for it.

Another way is to have contact forms on every page, that way the potential client doesn’t have to click through to the contact form page as they are across every page.

The third way is to have an email addressed across every page of the website as well as they can email you directly with any queries they have.