Website Designing In The UK – Everything You Need To Know

Website Designing In The UK – Everything You Need To Know

Are you looking for good website designing in the UK?

Whether it is a personal blogging website, a new online business web design, or a complete redesign of an existing website – we will cover everything there is to know about website designing in the UK by a reputed and trusted web design agency like ourselves.

Best Web Design Agency in the UK - A Little Bit About Us!

UK Website Design is what we do, at a great price!

We design and develop all of our Web Site Designs here in the UK to the latest Google Standard Practices. We don’t just offer UK Website Design but the full package; the price you are quoted includes UK hosting, Professional Email, Logo Design and even a domain name!

Web Page Design quality is our top priority, that’s why we’re ISO 9001:2015 Certified & Official Google Partners.

google partner RGB search mobile

You will also be pleased to know, that we future proof your website to be expanded as and when your business grows.

Our UK Web Page Design starts from just £495, for up to 5 pages.
Free business website domains and first year hosting included. All the web page designs are built using the award winning content management system, WordPress. WordPress is easy to use, easy to update and above all, feature rich.

Check out some of our recent web design projects:

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Our Website Designs Come With An Array Of Web Design Features:


Website Design UK – Unlike other Web Design Agencies who sub contract their work to third parties. We have our in-house Web Designers and Web Developers who design and develop your website design here in the UK!


Website Design Satisfaction – We want your website to be just perfect, so as standard we offer unlimited revisions until you are happy with the look and feel of your new website design!


Website Security – We want to ensure all our customers websites are secure, regardless of whether they are a simple brochure website or a fully loaded eCommerce website. So as standard we code and install an encrypted SSL to every website we design. Not only is this great for security, but also important for Google ranking reasons. To find out more here!


UK Hosting – Many Web Design Agencies host their customers websites on cheap shared hosting which is not even in the UK…. The results are poor performance loading times. To ensure your websites loads quickly, we host all of our clients websites on Dedicated Servers here in the UK at our Maidenhead data centre. We have a 99.9% Up time SLA.


Website Name – We give you the full package, so you don’t have to worry about things like trying to buy a business domain and configuring the techy stuff such as DNS. From Domain, to hosting, to logo design and website design, we offer the full package as standard. We can also help and advise you on what domain to choose based on your business.


Increase Your Brands Reach – As standard, if you have social media channels we will integrate them into the website, so people can interact with your social media channels.


Business Communication – Communicating with customers in a professional way is important, that’s why we provide you with Professional Business Emails accounts at your domain. These email accounts can be setup on any device including smartphones.


Your Brand Is Important – We understand your brand is important, so as standard we include a fully professional logo design / re-design of your existing logo. We provide you with 3 initial concepts for you to choose from, which we will tweak until you are happy. This will help portray the professional image of your business. We also provide you with full high-res versions of the logo we create for you, so you can use it on your vehicles, signs and other promotional material.


Rank Higher On Google Search – As an official Google Search partner we design and develop all the website we build to Google’s best practises, ensuring your website is SEO Friendly. Now we are also offering a FREE Google Search Engine Ranking Boost with every new website design order, this entails completing the foundation of on-site SEO for your website. Find out more here.


After Care Support – We understand that your website design may need to change as your business grows. So we provide you with unlimited access to our support portal. Our support portal has tutorial on everything from setting up your email account, to making changes to your website. However, if you would simply like us to do the changes, that’s fine also. You can simply raise a request on our support portal and we will do the changes for you, often customers are amazed we offer this level of after care service!


Transparency – The Web Designer Group thrives on being a transparent business, this is why when your website is built; You own the copyright. The quote we send you is the price you pay, with no hidden fees!


Quick Setup – Having a website design created, sometimes may seem like a daunting task. This is why on average we design and develop a new website in 7 working days on average. We ensure the process is as simple as possible, and we promise to keep the technical jargon to a minimum.



Our UK Web Page Design websites give your business a professional online presence. As standard, the sites we build work on any device; desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. They do this by automatically adjusting the screen size the customer is trying to view your website on. WordPress also comes with a simple and easy to use admin panel (CMS – Content Management System), that makes updating your website a piece of cake. You can even add new pages as and when you please! WordPress is trusted by millions and is an award-winning content management system. It has the functionality to expand as your business grows, making your website future-proof.

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UK Website Designs Created By Us:

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Whether you’re starting a new business venture, or have an established brand, we have years of knowledge and expertise in helping businesses create the web solution that works for them.
We are more than happy to assist you with any questions about your new website and marketing your brand online.

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Web Design Add-on Features To Make Your Website More Efficient

Our standard packages provide everything you need to get your business online. However, you might require additional features depending on the nature of your business. If any of the add-on features listed below look like they’d be perfect for your particular business model, all you have to do is request them when discussing your web design package with us.

The price of each feature you’ve requested will be added to your invoice and we will then integrate them into the design for you!

“Most Popular” Web Design Add-on Features

The following are web design add-on services have proven to be the “Most Popular” among our clients. The reason is quite simple. They are essential in making your web site design professional and more reachable by your target clients.

camera icon for photo gallery

Photo Pack – Just £35

If you don’t have copyright-free images to use on your website, we can provide you with a photo pack of industry-relevant images.

pencil icon for content writing

Content Writing – Just £45

Writing content for your website might be out of your skillset, which is why we offer a professional copywriting service to do the hard work for you.

twitter icon for social media

Social Media Set Up – Just £35

If you’re looking to have social media integrated into your site, we can create the pages for you and add them to your new website.

“Admin Work Savers” Web Design Add-on Features

The following are web design add-on services have proven save a lot of time for our clients in admin work. The reason why you get a professionally designed website is not just so that it looks good. It must also prove its efficiency. As a result, these add-on services enhance your business processing in your new website.

shopping basket icon for online payment system

Online Payment Facility – Just £99

Would you like your business to be able to take online payments? We can set up credit, debit, PayPal or Stripe payment facilities for you.

clipboard icon for custom contact form

Custom Contact Form – Just £45

If you want a custom-designed contact form to retrieve specific information from your visitors, we can create one for you and integrate it into your site.

booking system

Booking System – Just £69

If you run a business that accepts appointments, bookings or reservations, we can set up an interactive calendar to do the work for you.

“Trust Boosters” Web Design Add-on Features

The following web design add-on services establish trust in your business. A website should not just showcase your products and services, rather it should also boost the trust of your potential clients for your business as a professional service provider. These features make your business more trustworthy to new visitors and potential clients.

star icon for reviews system

Review System – Just £69

If you have satisfied customers who are willing to tell the world what a great service you provide, setting up a reviews system through Google My Business, Trustpilot or Feefo is the perfect way to have these customers promote your business for you.

image icon for photo gallery

Photo Gallery – Just £45

If your business would benefit from showing examples of your past work, our photo gallery add-on is a perfect online portfolio to show off your skills.

testimonial icon for customer testimonials

Customer Testimonials – Just £25

If you’re looking to showcase your business’ trustworthiness to potential customers, you can purchase our testimonial system.

“Online Visibility” Web Design Add-on Features

The number one object of a website is to get a professional online presence. But just being present is not enough, you must be noticeable, always visible and easily reachable by your target customers. The following add-on features do exactly that!

twitter logo in a bubble icon for social media branding

Social Media Branding – From £95

If you need bespoke branding created for your social media accounts, our professional graphic designers can create a profile picture and banner for you from just £95.

screen with charts and graphs to represent google analytics

Google Analytics – Just £25

If you want to keep on top of how many website visitors you receive, when you receive them, and what location you’re receiving them from, we can set up Google Analytics for your website.

ringbinder file to represent business listing

Business Listing – Just £79

We will list your business on a number of different directory sites such as Yell to increase your online visibility.

“Accessibility” Web Design Add-on Features

For your new website designed by us, you may have a custom requirement or a feature which is unique to your business and target customers. We aim to learn all about your business requirements to make sure your website is accessible by your potential customers. The following are some of these accessibility features we have seen working best for our clients in their respective businesses.

icon of a shield to represent our badge removal service

Badge Removal – Just £175

When we build a website for you, we attach a badge to the page with a link to our website. To remove this, it costs a one-off fee of £175.

worldmaponalaptopscreenrepresentingwebsitetranslationadd on

Website Translation – Just £95

Would you like your website to be readable in other languages? If so, you can purchase our website translation add-on.

two speech bubble representing live chat service

Live Chat – Just £349

We can staff your site 24/7 with live chat functionality for a £349 set up fee. This service is manned by an admin worker, not by AI software.


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We have covered all the essentials for website designing in the UK !

Now you know what makes a web design agency trustworthy and reputed for delivering professional websites. You will also realise that you have more control over not just HOW your website looks but also, the features you need for your website, the tried & tested features for best results and much more.

Get in touch with us today and find out how to get started with a professional website designing in the UK by speaking to one of our friendly staff.

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