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Web Site Design UK

Trends are set through heaps of experimentation and innovation and they are also the driving force for change, mostly for the better!

While trends are imminent in every creative field, they are even more so in the web site design UK industry. Trends in website design don’t necessarily have to be new, but they do need to drive change.

The web is an environment in a state of constant change and evolution, and from what we saw in 2018, we can say that 2019 is going to bring forth exciting trends in the web environment. So, if you are a business owner, a consumer, or just about anyone who is online, you will be affected!

In this article we are going to cover the top website design trends we’ve predicted for 2019 and give you some reasons why you should work with a web design company.

Top 7 Website Design Trends in the UK for 2019

1. Rapid Move Towards Mobile-First Web Site Design

The move towards a mobile first approach of web design is not new. While many companies caught on to its benefits by early 2014, others are only starting to realise its true effects.

As suggested by its name, mobile-first is simply the process of designing web sites for smartphones and other mobile devices. More and more businesses in the UK are working to effectively deliver their brand content for mobile devices; treating larger devices as less of a priority.

The advantage of designing your business web site for mobile devices is twofold. The first is that a growing number of customers are accessing the internet via their smartphones, in 2018, 58% of site visits were from mobile devices.

The second is that businesses are now able to condense the message they’re trying to get across with their website in fewer words making them more concise. In an instant a visitor can learn what you’re about and whether they want to work with you.

woman in cafe drinking coffee and using her mobile phone

The lion’s share of mobile users are smartphone users and they have a significantly smaller viewing screen. As a result, businesses are focusing on web site design in UK which eliminates the clutter and focuses on only what is essential for potential customers.

The standard UK web designer agency is no longer able to deliver just another website built to fit in a mobile screen. Today, businesses recognise the importance of treating the mobile space as the primary business space online and that trend is likely to carry on throughout for the foreseeable future.

2. Increasing Importance of Responsive Web Site Design

Now, don’t judge at first glance!

Contrary to popular belief, mobile first design and responsive web site design approaches are actually two very different things. Even though you may be aware of the difference between the two, let’s break it down a bit.

Responsive web design is what preceded the mobile first approach. Responsive web site design is ensuring that the traditional website designed for a computer screen is responsive to smaller screens such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.

Both small and large businesses are shifting their focus towards the mobile audience. Naturally, the largest percentage of consumers are primarily mobile first visitors. No matter how big or small a business, a potential customer is quick to search for a brand name on their smartphones. So, it is absolutely essential that the business has a responsive web site design for mobile devices.

A button with marketing techniques on the side

Businesses are beginning to see the cost effectiveness of web site design in UK since essentially, they are paying for a single website design to be built which is available on both small and large screen devices.

Well of course, the big boss Google continues to update its ranking algorithm for boosting web sites which are optimised for mobile devices. Due to Google’s updates, dating back quite a few years, many businesses have noticed the impact on their ranking and continue to work on optimising their website design to make it more “mobile friendly”.

Test your website’s mobile responsiveness using one of the most popular tools online today, click here!

As expected, with the mobile first and the responsive web site design approaches, the shift of more and more businesses towards the importance of mobile consumers, along with Google’s algorithm stressing more on mobile optimisation for higher rankings, is creating a web environment where mobile is truly first!

3. UI Patterns and Designs of today

User interface and experience is a huge deal in 2019. Making your website attractive and user friendly will keep visitors on your site, and encourage future use. There are several key design elements web site designers should focus on if they want to impress the various consumers browsing their site. Here are just a few:

  1. Unique Illustrations

Illustrations give a personal quality to any website. Not only do they provide strong visuals, they give off a hand-crafted vibe that you don’t get with traditional stock images.

You can take this idea even further by having an infographic illustration in place of text, giving the customer a visual representation of an idea. This saves them reading reams of text, and they can learn all they need to know about your business at a single glance.

As we all know, using copyrighted photographs in 2019 is extremely dangerous. Not only do you run the risk of Google penalising you but, you might even be contacted by the original creators of that image and be told to remove it from your web site design uk. In fact, the worse case scenario is that the person who owns that image contacts you and has the ability to squeeze money out of your business. This is entirely possible and has happened to many companies in the past.

Luckily there are a few solutions to this:

You can use our services and purchase our Photo Pack which is an add-on that you can purchase for your website. What this does is give you 20 stock pictures that relate directly your industry. We also give you ownership of these images which you can use for whatever you want. One of the best features about our Photo Pack is that you can choose what ever size image you are looking for.

Thankfully there is a web design company on the internet that provides stock images and have even written an in depth article on this very topic.

  1. Oversized Headlines

Using huge text at the top of your page, with an interesting, clear font, will increase the chance of your visitors reading it. You also want to have a lot of white space around the title so their eye is drawn to it and isn’t distracted by other elements.

This design choice also works well for the mobile version of your website as it will be isolated at the top of the page. It’s the first thing a visitor sees and will shape their decision on whether to venture further into your site.

  1. Animated images

Animations, motions and transitions convey more than an image ever could. You don’t want to have hour-long animations as people won’t stick around until the end. What you actually want is short, snappy animations where every second counts.

Futuristic user interface concept. Graphical User Interface(GUI). Head up Display(HUD). Internet of things.

Web designers are now toying with animated logos, citing static logos as a thing of the past, a relic of the noughties.

  1. Gradient 2.0

A new frontier in gradients is beginning to emerge. Simple, vibrant colours that don’t conflict with each other and have a clear light source are the key to this revolution.

Gradient 2.0 stands out better on a dark background which is great as dark themes have become, and will continue to be, very popular.

  1. Adjustable fonts

Typefaces have always been static. By this I mean each letter is one size, one shape, one thickness and there isn’t much you can do to tailor the font to your site.

Thankfully, fonts are now able to have varied weights and width adjustments, making them more malleable and tailorable to your website. It also means that you don’t have to go out of your way to change every font to fit your site as variable fonts already have built-in adjustability.

6. Overlapping everything

One of the coolest types of web site design uk attributes coming out now is overlapping. When the entire card-based design came into effect it was quite exciting for web developers. Now you can empty that white space and fill it with everything you want on your website.

Luckily in 2019 we can expect a lot more exploration with ways that you can connect through a website’s design. That is something that The Web Designer Group is always looking forward with.

7. Animated Gifs

We’ve touched briefly on animated images. Now we get to the more fun part of animated gifs. Everyone knows what a gif is and the laughs we have when we see one. So, how can designers make professional gifs? A lot of the time these gifs can be in the header disguised as images which are, in a matter of fact, gifs. It’s sneaky but it actually works as we’ve come across this on a few websites. Funnily enough, these animated gifs also don’t take that long to make, especially if you’re talented in web site design uk.

8. More text is good for everyone

Not only does it look good for search engine algorithms but big four-line headings stand out and look more presentable. We don’t mean having loads of blocks of text across is going to be great. Not at all really, as this is just ugly and most people won’t even bother to read it as it isn’t interactive with potential readers.

4. Bespoke Web Site Designs

Bespoke websites are website designs which are created uniquely to serve a particular business rather than using a standard template. A web site design which is created from scratch for a particular business is able to cater to the unique needs of the business.

Many website design agencies provide a quick fix website from a standard template which limits your website capabilities disregarding your products or services. UK web designer agencies such as The Web Designer Group have a number of services and addons that can enhance your website, while also building bespoke websites for every client.

These addons are purchased separately but are worth every penny that you pay, as they give your website a more user-friendly interface that your potential customers will find easier to use. Some of these exquisite web site design UK addons include the following which adds value to bespoke website designs for businesses:

Content Writing 

Say you’re running your own website and you’re busy with the day to day stuff that you have to get through in your business. You can’t be expected to write pages and pages of content for your website. Why not use a professional online content writing add on service for your website. When a professional content writer from The Web Designer Group writes your page writing we would write it around the industry and keywords that you’re targeting. At the end of the day our writers are trained professionals that can write to your specifics.

pen on paper with the price of content writing service in a bubble next to it

Photo Pack 

Provides you with stock images with your own business brand implemented. So, you can show your business off in style. Also, it’s a great way to show friends and family how well your business is doing!

On another note show casing the work that you are doing in a similar manner is a great way to attract potential customers. So, consider a photo pack if you haven’t taken any pictures of your current work.

Gallery slider with prices "£35 per pack" and "20 images" in bubbles next to it

Booking System

If your business accepts bookings or reservations then this add on is a must for you!

Calendar with price and features of booking system in bubbles next to it

Think about it, if you have your own restaurant and the only thing you have is your number on your website? Some of the shyer people won’t want to pick up the phone or even talk, in addition it can be a simpler way of getting your potential long-time customers through the door.

Business Listing Service

Like the content writing add on, if you’re too busy with your work schedule and don’t have the necessary time to be finding relevant directories to post your business on; then why not use a professional service to take that off your hands? At the end of the day you need to be on these listings otherwise you are going to be missing out on a lot of potential custom.

magnifying glass with a target that focuses on an icon of someone's head and shoulders

Custom Contact Form

If any of your potential customers have any queries about your company or products, then a Custom Contact Form is a great way for your potential customers to reach you. A small two-minute form goes a long way in customer rapport.

Custom Contact form with price and benefits

Google Analytics Setup

The nitty-gritty of tracking customers on your website and seeing which pages they visit is purely technical. But not to worry, it can easily be set up by a website design agency and show how your business is working without any quibble!

Text Analytics on the blackboard on the desk with office business accessories
Live Chat Service

A live chat interface is always a great way to answer questions and for potential customers to see that you’re serious about your business. With this integrated into your website it will give customers a big green flag, telling them that your business is available to talk to any customer issues and problems.

window with a messenger speech bubble and the prices of the service in bubbles next to it

Online Payment Facility

If you’re running an online e-commerce website then you’re going to need an online payment facility for sure. Even if you don’t, then having the ability to sell your products online is a much easier way to shift stock than going down to your local store.

a coin with a mouse cursor over it and the prices and features of the online payment facility add on

Reviews System

If you’ve been online then you’ve probably seen thousands of reviews as they do have sway on a potential customers opinion on whether or not to visit a business or place. Having a review system also makes you a more reputable as a business.

an illustrated finger touching stars as if to give a rating with the prices and features of the review system in bubbles next to it

Social Media Setup

With social media playing a magnificent part of the modern day, why wouldn’t you be on sites such as Instagram and Twitter? It’s not the same to be on social media as a business as it is as an individual. If you’re too busy or otherwise unable to, then we can get it setup for you! This service is an absolute must in 2019 as social media has become huge over the past few years.

an icon of a head and shoulders with connections to external bubbles with the social media channels prices and features in two bubbles to the right of it

Business Accountancy Service

We now offer Business Accountancy services as we are partnered with an excellent company which can help your new company set up all the boring paper work. At the end of the day you must have a lot of great and forward-thinking ideas for your company and you don’t want them to become digressed by the paperwork.

Business Bank Account

If you’re need of a business bank account which is a larger account than the normal accounts that you can get as a consumer, then you’re in luck as we are in partnership with a company that provides this. Being able to help 24/7 and the application only taking a few minutes it’s a no brainer really!

Customer Testimonials System

One of the many things that a thriving business has is reviews from clients that have bought or used their services. A lot of people don’t even bother calling up a company unless they have a number of positive reviews. It’s definitely something that you should consider, especially in 2019 as social interaction between people is more prominent.

Website Translation

What we mean by this is that with our excellent development team we can now translate your website into a number of different languages. This is a great addon for websites which are global and wish to reach out to their potential customers in another country. It’s also a great idea if you’re thinking about expanding your business.

Business Insurance

If you’re in need of business insurance to protect you against the everyday risks that come with running a business then The Web Designer Group has you covered. This type of insurance can cover you against accidents, theft, legal fees, damage and even professional mistakes.  You might even be legally required to have business insurance and in that case why not go with us!

Legal Documents

As this is something that every business is needed as a requirement by law it’s just best to get it over and done with. That’s why at The Web Designer Group we can provide you with all the necessary documents that you need to get your business rolling. Become a reputable company today by listing with our services!

5. Beautiful Typography & Photography

We’ve touched briefly on some of the newest trends in web design, however, this section will be focused on typography and photography. Here are some tips for implementing beautiful photography on your site:

  1. Overlapping elements

Overlapping photography elements have become popular in recent years for their disorganised chaos. This trend isn’t necessarily great for UX but it does create some stunning visual effects that visitors to your site will find hard to ignore.Infinite letters background, original 3d illustration.

The most common version of this trend is having the title of your page or post spilling over the edge of an image, creating a loose yet clean effect.

  1. Cinematic hero sections

Cinematic hero sections are headers that take up the whole width and height of the page they’re on. This immerses the visitor in a high definition image that defines what your website is all about.

Clickable elements, such as page navigation, can be places around the image and be integrated into sections of the image where they seem most appropriate. If you have one of these headers on your page, you’ll definitely make a big statement.

  1. Blur effects

Blur effects are really useful for background images. It means that you can have some semblance of the visuals you want, yet the text you overlay will be much more legible than if it was placed on top of a high-res image.

It also puts more focus on the written elements layered on top as there really isn’t much for your eyes to focus on in the blurred image. In essence, this trend mimics the way the human eye works; the object you’re looking at is in complete focus and takes precedence over the blurry peripheral visuals.

Next, we’re going to look at three elements of typography that are making headway in 2019.

The word "Typography" done in letterpress type on a linen paper background.

  1. Extra-loud bold fonts

If you’re trying to make a bold statement that screams out at your visitors, you can use extra-loud, bold fonts. This is an easy element to implement as the font does all the hard work for you.

You have to remember when implementing this particular design into your site that less is more. You don’t want huge amounts of bellowing text, a few words at a time will suffice.

  1. Minimal sans serif fonts

Sans serif fonts are ones without serif, little flicks on the ends of letters, and are hugely popular in minimalist web designs. These fonts aren’t visually demanding and are basically the opposite of extra loud, bold fonts.

Instead of making a huge statement, they give a website an airy feel, especially if you surround them with white space. Based on the two examples given so far, you can make your site loud and abrasive, or chilled out and airy. It’s up to you which font you feel represents your business the best.

  1. Vintage fonts

There has been a massive boom in vintage books, record players, and clothing in recent years, and this trend extends to the web design industry. Mostly a push back to modern technology, vintage fonts give your website that old-time feel people are looking for despite existing on the most technologically advanced medium in human history, the internet.

The word "Fonts" done in letterpress type. Hand tinted for an antique look

They can also make your site seem elegant and serious, which is one of the harder vibes to give off with website design.

6. Video Content is the New King

As the popular saying goes “A picture paints a thousand words!” well guess what, a video does at least 10 times, if not more. Animation in design has always been a treat, but with technological improvements it is possible to get more creative.

It makes complete sense that the popular saying in the online marketing world that “Content is King” has gone through a similar transition. The throne has been passed over as Video Content becomes the New King! Google treats videos with immense importance since it has the capabilities to read dialogues and convert them to text by implementing them in its algorithm for relevance.

Brands and businesses have become more confident with using video content to tell their stories and get their message across to potential customers. Video is not anything new, but the platform used to deliver them is definitely gaining new platforms every day.

The dynamic approach, engagement, and personalisation achieved through videos often result in more attention from viewers and is simply the only reason for its success in 2019. Videos are able to captivate viewers’ attention by appealing to multiple senses for a grand experience.

Video circulates like fire through the internet now as seen through the viral successes of YouTube and Facebook Videos. According to Business 2 Community, Google is more than 50 times more likely to feature a web page with a video content compared to standard text. Video traffic is expected to exceed 80% by the end of 2019.

Video has been huge for a few years now, but it is a trend which will continue to its surge upwards in the coming years to dominate online content. The benefits of video are numerous in terms of promotions, storytelling and overall, digital content marketing.

7. VR Inspired Web Site Designs

Virtual Reality was hot and new in 2017 and it has really come into play in 2018. The next 12 months of the year 2019 is not going to be any different. With rapid improvements in the implementation of VR technology, not just gaming and media industries but the web browsing experience is also getting enhanced for visitors.

Brands and businesses are attempting to mimic the VR experience for their websites as a way of increasing user experience while also getting more engagement. Consumers are now able to do things like virtually sit in a car and check out the interiors, a test drive from your computer. A VR perspective where brands are putting consumer experience as a first.

cool bearded guy wearing vr goggles in nevada desert with digita

The VR experience will definitely develop over time with brands finding more clever and creative ways to attract customers using technologies similar to the Google Street view and 360 videos. Website developers are working for more achievable options to build special web site designs.

The VR experience opens up a whole window of creative opportunities such as realistic photo, exotic locations, highly stylised, illustrative adventures, etc. are just some of the many things which can be implemented in websites using VR technology.

It’s still early days for VR but it is surely going to above and beyond to spike consumer interest and experience for businesses. You can expect to see many other brands and businesses to go the extra mile in 2019 for creating rich user experiences. 

Why Should You Invest in Website Design Services?

If you’re wanting a fresh new website then it’s probably a good idea if you go to a professional company like The Web Designer Group.

A professional company usually has a lot of in-house developers that will take the time to listen to your exact specifications and will tailor your website to how you want.

Not only this but they are trained professionals that know all of the ins and outs of web site design. They make sure that web site design UK is always in the upscale market and love nothing more than seeing their customers happy with the design that they have created for you.

Many web design services can include creating a custom contact form, which can take queries and general questions about the services and products that you provide to your customers.

At the end of the day without web design services UK you wouldn’t have a reference point or online presence which would mean you losing on lot of potential customers that would mean a lot of lost money for you and your company.Businessman drawing SEO concept

So, we want to ask you the question as to why you wouldn’t use a professional and affordable web design agency that can do everything you wish to have on your website. We say that the best company to approach about this would be The Web Designer Group as they have everything you could ever want tailored at your whim.

Was the Web Designer Helpful & Easy to Deal with?

Most web designers are helpful but you can get some that crack a little under pressure. However, here at The Web Designer Group you can rest assured that we are always happy to help with any little issues you have on your website or even with talking about a new kind of way to refresh your website.

You can always count on the friendly and professional staff here at The Web Designer Group to give you forward thinking advice on any topic that is to do with your website. With both in house web site design in UK and SEO teams we have an abundance of knowledge that we use to make your website and eventually your business a more successful adventure.

Here is a review from one of our clients:

“When I called up about purchasing a website, I was given a lot of advice on how I should approach this avenue in my business. The person I was talking to was very helpful and informative giving me all the information that I needed and was very well spoken, easy to understand as well as generally sincere to the worries I was having.”

There are many others reasons as to why you should consider a web site design UK service from The Web Designer Group. But in most cases, you don’t need us to inform you about how great our services are, go to our homepage and see for yourself!

Our web site design UK services are yours to pick at and choose as you please. But with what you have learnt through this article and if I were in your position I would be on the phone as soon as I could be.

Why Choose Us for Website Marketing Services?

Digital Marketing with person using a laptop


The Web Designer Group is a trusted award-winning website marketing services which has helped many businesses to flourish with their online presence. Whether it’s a up and coming business or a larger business looking to establish your brand identity, website marketing services targeted at your online presence by a trusted & proven website marketing service provider is a must.

The following are some of the services we offer as a strategic marketing approach to help your business grow on a global scale through your website.

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Our creative website SEO marketing services rely on natural strategies to boost your business website to your target audience through increased organic search traffic and quality content.

  • Local SEO

If you are a website targeting clients in a particular locality or a particular region, then you will need customised local SEO strategies for your website. We specialise in local SEO marketing campaigns which will help you to reach your online business goals.

  • Pay Per Click Management (PPC)

Paid advertisements are visible on the many faces of the internet and being a Google Partner agency, we are proud to be providing the best paid advertisement management.

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Marketing using social media is not the same as individual social media usage. Our social media marketing for businesses creates a brand identity with your customers and strengthens your business relationships across LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more.

There are many reasons to choose The Web Designer Group as your number one service for web site design and marketing services in UK. Many of these include:

  • We are easily affordable to any new and upstarting business
  • A professional service that you can count on
  • Will design, create and host your website within 3 working days
  • We are a partner with google which makes your SEO a lot easier
  • We are rated excellent by Trustpilot
  • Helpful and responsive staff members

Hopefully you have a lot more knowledge under your belt when it comes to web site design and web site marketing services in UK, as well as a better understanding of how The Web Designer Group is as a company.

Well hope you enjoyed reading this blog on all the trending web site designs in the UK for 2019!

The point to take away from what we saw in 2018 and what to expect in 2019, is that the scope of innovation in web site design is an ever-evolving service. Web site design uk agencies, brands and businesses are always looking to up their game through the latest trends in design.

In addition, we hope that you have a better understanding of how bespoke websites are tailored as well as what tools are used to make them fit for the search rankings of search engines. Because at the end of the day having a website is one thing but having the ability to be seen on google is the best result you could want for a business which is online.

The Web Designer Group Logo

Looking at what we covered today, it can be said that Google places a lot of emphasis on not only how websites look but also on the meaningful nature of website content, images & video. While Google has been working on this exact mission throughout, it now gives more priority on users on smaller screen mobile devices, smartphones.

There are thousands of trends that can be identified in the design industry but we believe the top 7 we have covered today are to be at the forefront of them all for 2019 & beyond!

Web site design UK is extremely important for all businesses in 2019. 6 out of 10 people expect for you to be online in 2019. Imagine their shock when they can’t find you online! A lot of people would be put off spending money from your business if you aren’t online.

So, ask yourself the question if you already have a website designed by The Web Designer Group do you look after it with the aforementioned points above? If you aren’t then you should consider doing so as it will surely benefit you and your business. If you want to talk to us about how we can better your current website whether it is designed us or another company, then you can always give us a quick call on 0800 09 88 508. Further to this, we can discuss the ways in which we can improve your current website and make it better for your potential customers to use.

At the end of the day, we like our customers to be happy with their product and to be able to showcase it around with a sense of pride. With your web site design UK you will surely reap the benefits of a professional and affordable website built by us.