What makes our London web design the best in the industry?

One question that we are always asked here at The Web Designer Group is what makes our London web design the best in the industry? Although this might be considered a matter of opinion from our existing clients in London that love our web design in London. There is actually quite a lot that goes into creating your very own exciting London web design. So, why not sit back, relax and prepare to read what makes our London web design the best in the industry article!

Web design London you cannot beat!

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There are a lot of elements when it comes to London web design that we will go through piece by piece as we believe that having a basic knowledge of how we get to the building stage of the website is the most important part.

Initial Stage – Once a client comes on board with us, we send them out two briefs. Our logo brief and our web design London brief.

Logo Brief: The logo brief that we have made goes into a lot of detail around your logo. It incorporates questions such as colour branding, tagline, wording, any specific dimensions, specific, drawings. As you can tell it is quite comprehensive and the best part is, if you don’t want a logo you can just opt out of it at the bottom.

We try and make things very simple here at The Web Designer Group, but of course when it comes to a brief about your website. We want every piece of information that we can gather.

Website Brief: The website brief we provide is probably one of the most extensive briefs that you will ever come across. It goes through a lot of detail from domain information, about the business in general, images, testimonials, information for a contact form, if you would be selling products, call to actions, email addresses on the website, phone numbers, address, social media, preferred colours, home page slider, content, website copyright and additional services we provide.

As you can tell we have a pretty great system that is unmatched by any of our competitors!

What happens next to your London web design?

After you have filled out our briefs, we check them to make sure we have everything. If we do not, then we will send it back to you and ask you to fill out the missing parts. If everything is completed and up to scratch then we will begin our development process.

We cannot go in depth with our web design process as that would be giving away our secrets however, once everything is completed on our side then we will send you over a preview to look at.

Once the preview is sent over, usually clients have numerous changes that they would like to make which is absolutely fine. As we want to make your website the way that you want it and we want you to be happy with what we have created for you.

Once you are happy with all of the complete changes then we can put your website live and you are set to start raking in that money.

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What about after my web design in London is created?

Here at The Web Designer Group, we do things a little differently here as we are sure our clients appreciate. We offer all of our clients unlimited changes even after their website is created. What this means is, if you would like to add a page or a few more lines of text then we will do it for you free of charge!

We also offer our clients hosting on our dedicated servers, which means that you won’t be sharing your host with other websites which is proven to slow down your website. You will also receive virus protection, general maintenance, updates and SSL security when you come onboard with us when hosting.

We also have many other services that we provide for our clients after their London web design is created.

For example:

Social Media Marketing: We provide social media marketing and management services to our clients. Which means that we will create, integrate and manage your social media profiles if you don’t have the time to do it yourself. This means, creating a strategy that best suits you and your business then getting you the thousands of followers you want. You can read all about our social media packages on our website and take a look at the one of a kind benefits we provide!

Search Engine Optimisation: The Web Designer Group provides excellent London web design which is complimented by our SEO services. We take the time to evaluate your websites onsite content, score, domain authority, page authority and more to create you the best strategy so you can rank in google. You can read all about our SEO services on our website.

How to get in touch with the best London web designers

There are many ways for getting in touch with us here at The Web Designer Group, we have a number of contact forms on our website which you can use and we will give you a call back as soon as possible. Other than that, you can always give us a call on 0800 905 5999 and we will be here from 9am to 6pm to answer any of your queries.

If for some reason we don’t pickup the phone then we will get an email notification that you have called, we will be in touch as soon as we are back to help you however we can!

Top 5 Reasons To Get A London Web Design Today!

This article will tell you the top 5 reasons you should get your London web design today as there is nothing quite like a brand new web site design London for your business to make you money over the holiday season. Indeed, having a website is your online portfolio to success as you will be able to get in touch with customers around the world. So, sit back and let us inform you on why you should get your London web site design today!

1. Dedicated support all of the way through and more!

Here at The Web Designer Group we have a dedicated support portal with many of the common issues and questions that may be asked during our design process. You can also submit changes requests on the portal as well, so everything you need is right there. Also, we provide this service after your website is created, so you can submit changes whenever you feel like it. Please be aware that changes do take five to ten working days and this can change during peak times of the business.

There are also a number of videos that can help you with a great many things with your website and even setting up your emails on your laptop or phone.

As well as this we also have options for clients that have just come on board, like sending us your website brief, business banking, reporting faults, even websites that might have copied your design.

Our final option is about helping our clients achieve rankings on Google.

London web design

2. Bespoke London Web Design tailored to your requirements!

When you come on board with us here at The Web Designer Group, we provide our clientele with two briefs. The first is our logo brief which the client doesn’t have to fill out if they already have a logo, all they need to do is upload their existing logo and we will put that on their new web design for them.

The logo brief goes into pretty much everything you would want on a logo, from colour, brand name, tagline, certain shapes or structures and any additional information they would like adding to the logo.

Our second brief is our website brief. This brief is quite in-depth and will take some time to fill out for our clients. Therefore, we recommend having a look at it on a weekend as the website brief has a number of questions from colour, branding, hosting details if you already host your website, what pages you would like, any addons you want and much more. At the end of the day, we want to build you the website that you want to its fullest extent, however, we cannot do that without information to build it to your specifications.

As we mentioned earlier this brief can take a while to complete, so make sure you have ample time to complete it. Thankfully you can also save and return to the brief as well.

3. Search Engine Optimisation services after your website is created!

We all know it’s great having your business online with your very own web design London, however, what is the point if no one on the web can find you? Seems pointless, so why not think about going ahead with one of our incredible SEO packages and getting to the top of google where all of your potential clients can see you.

We provide seven different search engine optimisation packages which you can browse through here

Take a look at the benefits you get from these packages and get in touch with us, we will begin your journey on google and hope to see you get the rankings that you deserve.

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4. 25 unique addons to choose from

We have accumulated a lot of interesting addons that you can use to enhance your London web site and garner the interest of more potential customers. Once these potential customers find your website you will see that there will be a higher return on investment.

Some of our addons can also be used to help you get your website in London across many different directory platforms as well, therefore, increasing your SEO efforts as well which is always a bonus when it comes to getting your website higher in the google rankings.

You can take a look at the many incredible website addons that we have on our website and some of them might even be a necessity to have for example, our website translation addon could be quite important if you are trading with EU countries or anywhere where the English language isn’t the most dominant language.

Our addons are worth thinking about as sometimes a website can look quite bare without some extras to entice potential customers.

5. A portfolio with over 50 websites

Although this might not be too helpful, we find that individuals that like to take their time and browse websites in London that we have created to gain inspiration usually come out with some of the most incredible web design ever created.

Planning and preparation is key to a successful business and when it comes to your London web site design you should have the same amount of care and preparation involved. Therefore, taking a look at our portfolio might give you some inspiration on what you would like your website to look like, or even what kind of website you might be thinking of going with whether it be an e-commerce website or a 1 page parallax website.

Why Is Our London Web Design So Good?

London web design can be the best thing you order today from The Web Designer Group! But what makes London web design so good? Well, in this article we will explain that web design in London is an art form and one that can only be perfected after many years of being in the web design industry. So, be prepared and have your brew ready as we tell you all about London web design.

What kind of London web design do we create?

If you take a look at our portfolio you will find a multitude of exquisite web design in London that we think you will enjoy. Pick as many websites as you would like and then pick out as many features you think would be great for your new, London web design. You will notice that all of our web designs in London are tailored differently, this is because each client is different and has different needs and requirements when it comes to their own business website.

However, let us talk about a few kinds of designs that we have mastered over the years for our London Web Design patrons.

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E-commerce Web Design London

If you are looking to sell products online then your best option is to go for an e-commerce website. This is because you can have an unlimited number of products, your own payment gateway system (this means you can take payments through your website), up to ten customisable pages, 12-20 working day turnaround, up to five email accounts, a domain name, social media integration, a google optimised website, encrypted SSL security, fast UK web hosting, responsive design, dedicated support portal and maintenance updates.

So, as you can see, you get quite a lot for your London web design. Especially when it comes to the one-of-a-kind e-commerce websites that we create here at The Web Designer Group.

Brochure London Web Design

One of our popular designs is our spectacular brochure design which is hot in London right now. It comes with 5 customisable pages as well as some of the same benefits you usually get when you order any other website with us. This includes, 3 email accounts, free domain, social media integration, a google optimised website, encrypted SSL security, fast UK web Hosting, responsive design, a dedicated support portal as well as general maintenance, virus protection and updates.

We have a lot of different packages and designs for you to take a look at which you can find throughout our website. Each website is individually tailored to the client’s needs; therefore, your London web design will look nothing like any website out there but will have the best functionality of any website you could come across.

If you are looking for a website then take a look at our portfolio and if you see anything that you like then why not give us a call on 02034113990 and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How To Improve Your Website Content

Are you struggling to get traffic to your business website?

Is your conversion rate a joke?

Does your website’s search engine ranking suck?

You’re not alone!

While you may be blaming your website designer for these poor results, it may not be their expertise. You need to use a London Web Design Agency with experience in both sleek design & digital marketing to solve this problem.

The reality is that there are hundreds and thousands of well-designed websites that fail to perform due to having a very bad copy or content. Unfortunately, these websites will not achieve their goals because their websites are filled with poor copy which may also be filled with errors.

How To Improve Your London Web Design with Excellent Content

How do you turn the situation around? By creating an excellent copy that attracts and converts, that’s how!

And we’ve got just the tips you need to do that.

Have a Plan

It’s important to start content planning as soon as you start working on your basic web design. Ideally, you want to have a measurable timescale with clear deliverables and basic outline of the content that you want to populate your site with, once it goes live.

This includes deciding on the length of each page based on its purpose. Also, make sure you do your market research to learn more about your target audience and what approaches they respond to.

Also, if you’re dealing with a website that already has existing content, you’ll probably have to rewrite it so that it’s more effective.

Edit Everything

Sometimes, all it takes to save a bad copy is a bit of skilful editing. This process typically starts with some proofreading where you correct any punctuation, spelling and grammatical errors that you come across.

Then, tackle any sentence or phrase that seems out of place and make sure that the copy has a smooth flow. You might also come across sentences that are too long for no good reason, and some might just be confusing and difficult to read.

The best way to tackle copy of this kind is to read and re-read it, again and again, until it becomes what you’re looking for.

Build Winning Landing Pages

The landing page of your website is the face of your business. As such, it has a major impact on the performance of your sales copy. For the best results, get to the point quickly and make sure the content adds value to the reader while setting the right tone for the rest of the content in your other web pages.

So what makes a good landing page?

First of all, it should address the visitor’s main point in a few short sentences. Make sure that you use words that help you establish an emotional connection with the customer. While you  must also point out how your products or service will solve their problem.

Constantly Generate Blog Ideas

To improve your website’s SEO and ranking, you’ll have to make regular blog posts that are relevant to your business and industry. In fact, updating the company’s blog should be one of the key aspects of any standard London web design.

This will help you establish and maintain a deeper connection with your customer while ensuring that your company stands out as a brand and authority in your industry.

Some blog ideas worth considering include documenting your business’ milestones, expanding on the vision and values of your company, as well as relevant topics that your customers can relate to.

Final Thoughts

If you are a London business looking to improve your website’s performance, then you should first consider choosing the most reputed Web Design Company in London to redesign your website. Get a quote from some of the most popular web design agencies in London and then decide based on your research.

Once you have selected a company like The Web Designer Group, you must focus on the website content. You can benefit from professional content writing services on offer. This will allow you to get content which is both attractive for clients as well as optimised for Google.

Call today to discuss your professional London web design plans with an expert!

How to Improve Your Business Using ‘About Us’ Page

Remember that your “About Us” page is one of the most visited pages on your website. Yet, instead of creating this page with the utmost care that it deserves, a lot of website owners simply rely on generic and corporate paragraphs.

Thankfully, you can opt for a London Web Design Agency that not only includes crafty design elements, but also pays attention to make your business website more appealing to your target customers.

You must admit that even when you research a company before becoming their customer, you visit their website and one of the things you always do is visit the About Us page. This page tells you all about the mission, vision, team, expertise, qualifications etc. of the business. In addition to covering achievements, this page can be used effectively to convince the reader to get started immediately.

Yet, we fail to recognise this very important page when designing our own small business websites in London or across the United Kingdom.

Web Design Agency in London That Will Increase Your Sales

But just in case you need some tips, this short article will tell you a few ways you can beef up your About Us page with content that matters and will allow you to increase visitors and convert them to paying customers.

Be Consistent with the Personality of Your Website

If you have written fun and informal blog posts and articles in your website in a casual but engaging tone, you should also have the same personality for your “About Us” page. It’s important that you are consistent with your website’s content tone.

This is why it is highly recommended to use experts such as SEO content writers to write the copy or content for your website. These are expert writers who take into consideration not just the SEO aspect of content, but also, the sales or marketing aspects.

[rt_calltoaction_style calltoaction_style=”two” calltoaction_background_color=”#1e73be” calltoaction_overlay_color=”#dbcf64″ calltoaction_title=”Speak to a Content Specialist” calltoaction_content=”Speak to a content writer to find out how to improve your website content.” calltoaction_subtitle=”Call Us Now 0203 411 3990” calltoaction_title_font_size=”24″ calltoaction_title_line_height=”30″ calltoaction_content_font_size=”18″ calltoaction_content_line_height=”20″ calltoaction_subtitle_font_size=”14″ calltoaction_subtitle_line_height=”20″ calltoaction_button_background_hover_color=”#ffffff” calltoaction_button_link=”url:tel%3A02034113990|title:Call%20Now||”]

Regardless of the personality that you’ve cultivated for your business website, your “About Us” page should be consistent with the theme. This will maximise the flow in-between pages and avoid cognitive dissonance.

If you are not sure about how to structure the content of your London business website, or are unaware of the tone which will allow you to maximise traffic and customer conversions, then seek assistance from a professional. The short-term cost of paying an expert to write your website will payoff in the long run when you will continue to improve rankings, get higher traffic and convert visitors into customers.

Include Videos & Pictures in Your New London Web Design

Your website visitors click on the “About Us” page simply because they want to know the people behind the website. Also, who they are going to do business with just in case they decide to purchase your products or services. They will basically look for reasons why they should choose you over your other competitors.

So, don’t just include boring text everywhere. Effectively use images and videos to spice up your business journey or process for readers. This will ensure that your information is being absorbed by the readers.

Therefore, look for a Reputed Web Design Company that can help you come up with an enticing “About Us” page that includes videos and pictures, not just boring old text. A picture that says a thousand words about your business or a video showing your working style or culture.

Play Button Audio Video Media Technology Concept

Your London Web Design About Us Page Shouldn’t Be All About You Only

Although the “About Us” page should essentially talk about you, don’t just make it all about you only. Sure, you can showcase some attributes and achievements, but don’t forget the other members of your team.

About us concept with company people connections

But remember that your customers are not really interested in viewing your resume. What they really want to know from you is what you can offer to them. They want to know how you can provide the products or services that they need and how you can solve their problems.

Create Content Based on Your Business Goals

One of the most common mistakes that several business owners make when crafting the “About Us” page is to think about their own purpose as being informational. Although this is an important consideration, remember that this shouldn’t be your only goal for these powerful pages.

Just like with the rest of the pages on your website, your “About Us” page must have a goal. That is, to have a content that would trigger them to make a purchase from your business.

Think Like a Storyteller & Share Your Journey

Good storytellers are the best writers because they have the great ability to capture the attention of the audience from the start and hold it until the end. Thus, your “About Us” page should be able to do the same thing!

It should be flowing and appealing, and highly narrative as well. That’s why, you should look for a website design curated by a web designer capable of creating an interesting “About Us” page for your business website.

About Us Professional Colorful

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a trusted, reputed and experience Web Design Agency in London, then you can’t go wrong by choosing The Web Designer Group.

We are a London Web Design company which is experienced in designed excellent looking websites. We have a dedicated team of web developers and web designers who understand the importance of both a website looking good and functioning at its best. We have an in-house SEO team including SEO specialists and SEO content writers. This allows us to offer our clients the complete solution including content, design and Google standard performance.

In addition to this, we also provide all types of printed promotional materials such as business cards, flyers, banners, brochures, etc. to make sure you can market your London business with quality products. We also provide business solutions such as business accountancy, business banking so you can focus on your business while the rest is taken care of by professionals.

Call today at 0203 411 3990 to get a quote for your new professionally designed business website!

Welcome To The Number 1 London Web Design Company

Here at The Web Designer Group we specialise in creating some of the most incredible London web site designs. With search engine optimisation and social media branding included to make your conversion rate a better experience for your business it’s no wonder we are the United Kingdom’s go-to providers of exceptional web site designs.

Within this article, we will describe and explain everything you need to know to make your responsive website the best that it could ever be. Because, when you have your professionally designed and unique London Web Design built by The Web Designer Group ready, you know that you are in the right place to start to showcase your business online to potential customers. You might even catch the eye of competitors and give them a run for their money.

Laptop, tablet and smartphone on a desktop showing influencer girl blog.

Logo Design is the Start of Your Business Web Design Journey

Once you have paid your invoice, we will immediately get started on making you your very own branded logo. Without a logo, you won’t be as recognised online. Take a look at the big brands of the world like Apple and Coca Cola. Although they are known for their products, we bet that you could identify their logo at first glance.

Therefore, it is imperative that you consider logo design. Otherwise, you might be losing out on a lot of potential customers for your business.

Website planning. Web designer working on website sitemap.

Have an Idea of What You Want for Your Business

Having a London web design agency build you an engaging website is all good. However, without a plan for your business through your website you might end up attracting the wrong custom or even worse, having a lot of stuff on your website that you don’t need. Then you just end up wasting a lot of money.

You need to have your business goals as the top priority, figure out what or where you want to target and then, tailor your creative web site designs around this. For example, your website could look visually amazing and you could showcase your business all over it. However, if your business goals are to get people to purchase your services and not scroll through your gallery, then you might be losing out on a lot of money.

Professional Developer programmer cooperation meeting and brainstorming and programming in website working a software outsourcing and coding technology, writing codes and database.

Talk About a SEO Strategy with Our SEO Team

Our SEO team are incredible experts who can tailor your SEO campaigns to how you want them. You’re going to want bespoke web development to contrast with your SEO strategy.

The way to do this is to talk to our SEO team and explain what you want from your business. We’ll do all the research around your topics and provide quality solutions to improve your marketing in a passionate way.

You can rest assured that when your website is at the point of launch it will be 100% SEO proof. Meaning that SEO can be done on your website, as we make sure that all of our websites are future proof and work on smartphones, desktops, laptops and tablets.

So, don’t worry about your website it’s in safe hands. If you decide to come on for SEO services with us as well, we manage a client base which is extremely pleased with what they get.

Wood letters of SEO and definition on wood background

What’s next in the process?

After you have done all of the above then we would ask you to fill out our website brief with all of he above information ready. This way we can implement design trends to your homepage design which will tailor your website to your individual needs for your business.

This process can be long, however, it is very much needed as to ascertain all of the information we need and to make the website that you desire to be perfect in every way shape and form.

To build you a London Web Design that works and incorporate design elements that you request takes us about seven working days. Depending on the scale of the project of course. We make sure that all of the web site designs that we create are up to quality standards, that way we make sure that the affordable price we provide is well worth the quality of our web site designs.

Take a look at our portfolio if you wish to browse the brochure websites that we have created. If you find one you like and want a website made in a similar fashion then, please, give us a call on 0203 411 3990 and we will answer any queries you might have about our website and/or company.


Now that you have a bit of design inspiration from this article, you can now fully immerse yourself in your screen and choose from one of the many London websites that we have created. Equally you could let us know of a new design that you might want and we will build it for you. As we are a reputed Web Design Agency in London, we are incredibly transparent and love nothing more than making our clients extremely happy with our services.

Give us a call on 0203 411 3990 or use one of our contact forms and we will give you a call back and discuss your ideas for a new website.