Web Design Features that make your website better in 2019

Web Design Features that make your website better in 2019

When you’re considering getting your professional and affordable web site made by us here at The Web Designer Group you need to consider what other features that you might want to add to your website. The reasoning behind this is that they will increase your conversion rate as well as make your website a more responsive website that your potential customers will love to use. These features are essential for web design because without them your business is more than likely to suffer with just a bog-standard web site in 2019.

Professional and affordable web design

There are many web design agencies that offer this however, are they really up to scratch with The Web Designer Group? To create a professional and responsive website you need to think about the following factors. Simplicity, Creativity and a willingness to design a website that the customer wants. Design specifics should be how the customer is wishing however if they are unsure then you can always create a few templates that they like and design them form there. At The Web Designer Group, we create bespoke designed websites tailored to the customers exact specifications and want nothing more than to make them happy with our work. Typically, your website is built in a way that converts website site visitors into actual customers making sure that all the relevant checks are in place that you’re happy enough to gives is a review.

Great Quality Website Content

content is king handwrittenOne of the most important features that you need on a website is quality content. Within The Web Designer Group we have an in house team that personalise and write the content you require for you. The primary reason that content is a requirement when it comes to web design isn’t the point that people will read it, it’s more the fact that search engines are reading it as these algorithms love fresh, relatable and niche relevant content towards your website. For your professional business website, you’re going to want content which is relatable to your website and services that compliments the business with information from other websites. As well as making sure that your keywords are prevalent across the pages that you wish to rank for on these websites.

To provide your website with relevant content you’re going to need to think more about your business and how you want to present it online. You’re going to want to make the visitor think that you know everything about the relevant topics that you provide within your website blog. Why would you do this? Because a professional website design needs to be complimented by great SEO friendly content that is written by a human being.

User friendly navigation

Your website needs to be a logical and easy design that users can navigate otherwise, they will more than likely leave and find something similar to what you provide. There must be important internal links throughout your website to your user forms and relative pages because, then you can turn these potential customers into conversions. Calls to action must be placed throughout your content and website to entice the potential customer to move to an actual customer for your business. As we have said previously navigation is incredibly important to your business website as it shows the potential customer the easy way around. It’s a bit like a shop. Imagine there aren’t any signs around telling you where to find the women’s clothing, then you have to ask a member of staff on where to go. Of course, this is just a terrible way to organise your business and website.

Optimise it for Mobile

optimize word concept handwritten on chalkboard with vintage precise stopwatch used instead of OIf this isn’t the case already then drop your current web designer and leave immediately. The reasoning as to why is that this is the standard these days because over 70% of users now search website via their mobile when compared to desktop users. At The Web Designer Group we provide websites that are fully optimised for mobile so that your website is the perfect site for your potential customers to find you on. Optimising for mobile is now statistically the best way to get more potential customers.


If you take a look at The Web Designer Group you can see that we provide our clientele with the best website that are better and bespoke to tailor you. Therefore, you can expect great rankings from The Web Designer Group because our web site design is top tier and will give you the ability to rank effectively on Google.