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Top 6 Conversion Copy Tips You Should Know as an SEO Writer

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  • Top 6 Conversion Copy Tips You Should Know as an SEO Writer

It’s unfortunate to see that many SEO writers these days tend to forget what SEO writing should be about. They end up creating content that will not engage the readers and fail to convert a reader to your side. But as what a UK website design company would say, an engaging copy is way better than SEO.
So, here are some conversion copy tips that every SEO writer should know:

  1. Structure Your Copy

You should try to piece ideas together in a more coherent way similar to building a house. First, lay the foundation for your introduction. As you go towards the conclusion, each of the section should work together and support the entire content. This is similar to how the beams and framing would hold up the walls of the house in order to provide utmost support.

  1. Spend Enough Time Crafting Your Intro

Crafting your introduction is as important as creating compelling and useful content that converts readers. Therefore, try to spend more time on it. Put your opening sentence in one line by stating what your content is all about without wasting too much time. Your intro should give your readers a reason why they should care about your content.

  1. Break Up Your Content

One of the best ways to make your content user-friendly is to break it up. Focus on coming up with shorter paragraphs with more line breaks in between them. A UK website design company believes that good content has lots of white spaces around. There should be markers that would differentiate the different types of information included in the content.

  1. Stay Current on Headline Best Practices

As an SEO writer, then you’re definitely aware that adding your target keyword in a headline is important. However, if that’s all that you are doing, then you may need to do more! For a start, get updated with the latest research on the different kinds of headlines that tend to attract more clicks and shares. Implement the latest in your headline in order to make your content as tempting as possible for the modern reader.

  1. Come Up with an Actionable Copy

An actionable copy is basically a type of writing that can make the reader feel like you are right beside them. It’s a type of copy that will seem like you are taking the reader by the hand and leading him or her on a journey. You are telling them what they should do and how they can do it. Try to give direct commands by telling your readers what to do with the use of some action verbs.

  1. Use Impactful Sentences in the End

If the conclusions of your blog content trigger a shrug or a sigh, you will never be able to stay in your reader’s mind long enough to make an impact on them. Remember that if you don’t make any impact on your readers, then your content will be useless. Thus, a UK website design company recommends using impactful sentences in your conclusion. They should be something that would compel your readers to take action and make them think deeply about your content.