Top 5 reasons you should update your website in 2019

Top 5 reasons you should update your website in 2019

There are many reasons why you should always update your website either with fresh content or tweaking some of your already existing features. Not only is it necessary for your website and Google rankings but for a business point of view as well. You don’t want your old phone numbers and email address on your website that you don’t use anymore otherwise you won’t be able to receive potential custom as well as go out and get those customers as well. So, read on if you’re interested in learning more reasons why you should update your website in 2019.

Web Page Design

business women using computer laptop with Operating system access connection interface concept.You’re always going to want to think about maybe redesigning your website as it may be out of date and that means that you could be losing potential custom as well. A lot of old websites are slower than the newer websites and that itself makes you lose custom because who wants to spend ten seconds loading a website when the next website loads in three seconds, it’s a no brainer really.

One thing that you’re really going to want is a website which is memorable and that stands out. What I mean by this is that a fresh website can create a lasting impression to your potential customers as it makes you look professional, trendy and successful. This also ties into updating your website with new pictures within your gallery as this is extremely important because, you’re going to want to showcase your website to potential customers as well as friends and family members so that you can be proud. Having a professional and affordable web page design created by The Web Designer Group is a sure way of increasing those potential customers to your business in 2019. Read our related blog on redesigning your website here.

SEO Services UK

Updating your website for SEO purposes is a must in 2019. If you’ve got a blog that you haven’t updated in a while then get yourself a cup of tea and write and article related to your business or services. It can even be an update on the business, you just need to show Google that your website is alive and well. SEO is also a powerful tool that you can use to drive potential customers to your business and is absolutely necessary in 2019. If you’re not optimising and updating your website in regards to SEO then you’re going to be losing out on so much potential custom that you’re going to be falling behind with so many other companies in the UK. If you’re looking for some SEO services UK then check out our Search Engine Optimisation page and learn more about how The Web Designer Group can better your business in 2019.

Are Your Calls to Action in the Right Place?

Call to Action written on a wooden cube in front of a laptopFirst off, a call to action are your buttons, links and forms that make the potential customer think where to go to buy your products or services. Without these calls to action either in the right places or non-existent on your website then you’re going to be losing out on a huge amount of potential custom throughout your business. When placing call to actions throughout your website you need to be strategical about it giving the customer time to read and process but, not too much as they might get disinterested in your product or service. Another thing you need to look out for is to make it look natural and spread them throughout your website so it doesn’t look like they’re all bunched up in one particular area.

Make sure you know what kind of clientele you want to attract

This is probably the most important thing you need to think about when starting up a business. Never mind if you’ve been targeting the wrong the wrong client base since the start of your website. Let’s be more realistic and less techy at this point. If you’re selling toys to kids your market should be to children and not to your average builder. It sounds absolutely ridiculous but the amount of websites I’ve seen out there which are targeting the wrong clientele is absolutely insane. If you’re slowly starting to realise what I’m talking about may be happening to your website THEN UPDATE IT RIGHT NOW!!! Not only does it make your potential customers think that you’re unprofessional but it also gives Google a huge red flag and makes them think you’re being a little deceiving which is always a no when it comes to the Google algorithm.

A Web Page Design from The Web Designer Group

If you’re looking for a redesign or even a new website then The Web Designer Group is the place that you need to come to as our Web Page Design is known throughout the UK and afar as some of the best. Take a look at our Feefo reviews if you don’t believe us. We have a number of great services that we provide to our clientele as well as your normal UK web design. One of our most popular is the SEO we provide to our clientele and with this in mind you can rank to a point where you are extremely happy as we will build you responsive website that you will adore. The process that we go through to help you beat the top online marketing in your field to the point where you are number one is easy to understand and takes little to no work from you at all.

Another little bonus hint…Social media is a big point in 2019 so keep it updated. If you’re not on social media then we can also get you on there as well.twdg logo