Web Design: Top 5 Reasons For Getting A New Web Site Designed In 2020

Web Design: Top 5 Reasons For Getting A New Web Site Designed In 2020

While we end 2019 and the new year approaches, let’s look at why you need to get a new web site designed for a much-needed update in 2020.

Today, we will look at 5 reasons why you should be updating your website by getting a fresh, new web site designed for the upcoming new calendar year – 2020!

We all know the importance of a good looking and highly mobile responsive website. Most consumers today look for a few things on your website before they decide to go ahead with your company, service or buy your product.

Here Are Top 5 Reasons For Getting A Fresh New Web Site Designed – Update 2020!

1. Outdated Look Or Feel Of Your Current Web Design

If your website looks like an ancient pre-2000 design, then you MUST update as soon as possible!

Even if your website was designed in the last decade, a lot is changing in terms of design every day. Website visitors are constantly seeing new design elements, and they are getting used to what is the norm and what is out of the ordinary or amazing.

In order for you to appear fresh and new to the eyes of your target customers, your web site designed in the principles of modern design must be adaptive. Big companies implement subtle changes in their design every day. This is done in an effort to appear fresh to the eyes of consumers – and it works!

So, if your website is looking outdated, you need to get a new web site designed!

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2. Mobile Responsiveness

It is soon to be 2020… and if your web site is still looking broken on an iPhone or iPad, laptop, etc. Then you are living in the ancient times and need to get a new web site designed urgently!

A significant majority or an overwhelming majority of consumers are browsing websites using mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets compared to the traditional laptop or desktop computers. As a result, even Google has given priority to mobile consumers with its Mobile First Indexing.

So, if your web site is not fully functional on a standard smartphone or tablet, then you are surely missing out on a majority of your consumers. The reliance on mobile devices is only going to increase in 2020 which is why, this is reason alone for updating your website.

3. Difficult To Use Or Navigate

If your website is not easy to use for the everyday users then you are only making your job more difficult in getting new business opportunities. Today, a potential customer is a website consumer from ages 5 years old and above. If you consider the toy or game industry, then if a baby cannot navigate your website, then you need to update.

To clarify, modern day web site designed by experts use things like contrasting colours, and animated buttons as stimuli for visitors. These are the design aspects which need to be used to update your current website.

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4. Misrepresents Your Business

If your website is not correctly representing your business, your products, services or even your target customer than it is hurting you. your website should be your first point of contact for generating interest to your product or service.

If your current design is unable to do that or attract your target customers then you need to get a new web site designed by a professional UK web design agency.

5. Unable To Update Content

A major concern for many website owners is updating the content on their website. If your current website cannot support more images, videos, blogs, etc. or new content in general then you must ditch it and get a new web site designed.

Google loves fresh content and if you cannot update your website with fresh, new content daily, weekly or monthly then you will not improve on your search results page rankings.

Your content will differentiate you from your competition – so it is vital!

Many people get stuck with older websites because their website will not support any new content and they think redesign is too risky. This will only hurt you in generating new business in 2020 and so, you should definitely consider getting a new web site designed if you are just stuck with one.

Check Out Some Of The Web Sites Designed By The Web Designer Group In 2019!

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Final Thought About Updating Your Website In 2020

So, these were our top 5 reasons as to why it is absolutely crucial that you update your current website with a modern new web site designed by professionals.

As you will agree, apart from a looking good, the new web site designed must reflect a lot of other things which we discussed.

As a reputed UK web design agency, The Web Designer Group is aware of the changes in times and takes it upon themselves to keep customers informed.

Happy New Year!

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