Top 3 SEO Tactics That Can Get You Burned

Top 3 SEO Tactics That Can Get You Burned

For several years now, there’s been an on-going debate about SEO on whether both black hat and grey hat tactics are acceptable. If you don’t mind taking the risk of getting penalised by Google just to get better rankings, then go ahead and do so. But don’t be surprised if Google one day finds out what you’re doing and your traffic will suddenly take a nosedive!


Before this happens, here are some of the SEO tactics that could get you burned as shared by a top UK web site design company:


  1. Private Blog Networks


Private Blog Networks have been created as a shortcut to build authority online. This strategy requires buying expired domains that have good domain authority and then creating a link back to the main website.

This might seem like a really good idea but creating Private Blog Networks would require a lot of effort along with some sneaky tricks in order to avoid getting detected. For instance, you need to look into the history of the domains and make sure that they are squeaky clean and that they have never been penalised before. Furthermore, if one of the websites within your network gets hit with a penalty, it can be easily passed on to any website that you are linking it to. It’s like burning your entire network with only one slip-up.


  1. Spun, Scraped, and Keyword-Stuffed Content


Coming up with high-quality content is not easy and any UK web site design company would agree on this. It’s time-consuming and expensive, so it’s not surprising why people would go for shortcuts.

But you should know that Google’s algorithms are more sophisticated now and are capable of getting a good grasp of grammar and language. Therefore, it won’t be long before Google is able to detect these tricks. When this happens, expect to get smacked with a penalty. To avoid this, just write something that people would want to read instead of spinning content that will only destroy your website’s credibility.


  1. Negative SEO


In a competitive world, people would go as far as sabotaging their competitor’s website. This is known as “negative SEO” and it usually involves pointing spam links at a website, buying links on the competitor’s behalf, scraping the website’s content and duplicating it across various sites. They would basically try to crash the site by driving lots of bot traffic and even hacking into a website to insert malware.

Not only are these tactics illegal, most especially hacking, but Google is also getting better and better at detecting and ignoring spam links. Therefore, negative SEO is a tactic that comes with a huge risk and there’s no guarantee that it will even be effective.



Using both grey and black hat techniques will require a lot of sneaking around in order to hide your online footprint and prevent getting penalised. This requires a lot of risks, which any of the UK web site design companies wouldn’t recommend. So you might as well stick with white hat techniques from the start. They require less effort and don’t come with many risks.