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Top 10 – Best Node.js Hosting (Cheap) – UPDATED 2019

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  • Top 10 – Best Node.js Hosting (Cheap) – UPDATED 2019

In this article we will help you to find a reliable and secure platform to host your Node.js application
Ever since its inception in 2009, Node.js has been gaining increasing popularity among developers around the world. Written in JavaScript, the open-source, cross-platform environment is an excellent choice for businesses that use real-time applications. Node.js allows fast development thereby increasing productivity.
It is also scalable and ideal to build modern applications. It scales well without having to invest too much in hardware. There are many reasons why developers of varying experience levels are attracted towards Node.js for app development. You may have already downloaded Node.js and got your code ready.
The next step is finding a reliable and secure platform to host your Node.js application. To make your job easier, we have compiled a list of top ten best Node.js Hosting services to find the right choice for cheap hosting.

  1. AWS

Amazon Web Services lets you deploy high-availability Node.js application with the use of AWS Elastic Beanstalk service. It is a container system intended to make it easy pushing packaged applications to AWS as PAAS (Platform as a Service). The advantage of this method is you get complete control over the server on which the application runs and you can even run multiple applications on the server without any additional costs.
AWS offers a free tier that serves as a good starting point for your Node.js hosting. It offers great pricing and amazing support in terms of plans, forums and documentation.

  1. DigitalOcean

Offering single-click installation and Node.js deployment, DigitalOcean is quite popular among developers and it is pretty cheap – as low as $5 per month. You can install the service on your own by requesting a plain droplet with the OS you use and install it easily.
DigitalOcean offers a wide range of services like object storage, load balancer, cloud firewall and other infrastructure services to help you create an instant enterprise-ready application. It is possible to scale up and down as required. You pay for the size of droplet you choose and hence DigitalOcean can be a cheaper option.

  1. Heroku

This developer-friendly platform has recently added support for a variety of environments and languages including PHP, Java, Perl, Python and Node.js. It offers seamless integration with a wide range of third-party services and supports deployment across multiple regions. Heroku offers a Free plan including 512 MB of memory to help you get started with Node.js hosting.
The documentation it offers is amazing for beginners as well as experienced developers. It also has a list of services and plugins which can be added instantly. The downside is that larger applications may deploy slowly.

  1. AppFog

Featuring a highly intuitive interface, REST API and powerful command line for robust development, AppFog is another popular Node.js hosting platform. PaaS offering lets you host Node.js applications on the cloud with ease, supported by automatic scalability and quick deployment. What sets AppFog apart from the competitors is its round-the-clock, responsive live-chat support and simple command line utility. The free tier offers 2GB memory and 100MB storage.
Though the platform offers a simple deployment process, it is not always quick. This might not be acceptable for those who indulge in regular deployments and wish for speed.

  1. A2 Hosting

Another cost-effective hosting platform, A2 Hosting is a great choice for all-around Node.js hosting. Not only does this service enable shared hosting, but it also excels at affordable server performance and developer-friendly software.
Access to unlimited databases and multilingual support and a ton of other features make this platform stand out from others. You can get started with Node.js hosting for as low as $4 per month.
Every hosting plan comes with unlimited storage. But scaling depends on the package you choose. With a money back guarantee, A2 Hosting is a provider worth giving a try.

  1. RedHat OpenShift

A favourite platform among beginner developers, RedHat OpenShift offers free hosting for Node.js apps. This Platform as a Service option delivers a stress-free cloud hosting that enables you to focus completely on improving your applications.
The service supports automatic scaling to keep you covered in case the app receives an unexpected spike in traffic. It also provides free access to built-in databases and multi-region support.
Though the hosting is free, users are limited to three Node.js applications.

  1. Microsoft Azure

Cloud-based platform from Microsoft, Azure lets developers build, deploy and manage websites and apps quickly. It is a reliable platform with high-availability and flexibility and features multi-region support.
Working across Linux and Windows machines, Azure lets you monitor all the Node.js applications in real-time with support for automatic scalability.
Microsoft Azure offers a great free plan for Node.js hosting allowing you to host up to 10 applications on every data centre. Scaling the app up or down is super easy with Azure. Enabling autoscaling gets your app scaled in accordance with the traffic.

  1. NodeChef

Specialised at hosting modern web and mobile applications, NodeChef is an excellent Node.js hosting platform and supports a number of application languages including Go, PHP, Java, Python, etc. It hosts your app inside docker container and gives you the option to choose from SQL and NoSQL database.
Some of its exciting features include one-click deployment, scalability, real-time logs, caching, multiple data center locations, automatic SSL provision, metrics monitoring and more. Pricing starts at $9 per month.

  1. EngineYard

Another amazing hosting service for Node.js applications, EngineYard offers round-the-clock support which sets it apart from other platforms. It offers simple deployment and is a highly powerful and functional platform for hosting Node.js apps.
The service provides great documentation with tutorials walkthroughs and FAQs and gives access to highly responsive email support. You also get access to a dedicated support team upon choosing the managed tier.
EngineYard has somewhat limited options for databases and hence doesn’t offer custom instant role definitions and lacks some flexibility.

  1. Xervo

One of the most cost-effective and secure PaaS hosting platforms, Xervo is preferred by many around the world. It offers unlimited storage for Node.js projects and is highly flexible with full support for automatic load balancing and auto scaling. Developers like Xervo more for its powerful tracking abilities resulting in actionable, detailed sets of analytics.
Xervo offers amazing support options with Twitter, email and phone and quick response times. It also comes with multi-region support.
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