Website Design – What Makes It GOOD in 2019?

Website Design – What Makes It GOOD in 2019?

Regardless of what you’re selling, or who you’re selling to, a website is where potential customers base their first impression of your business.

Imagine your website design is fragmented and clunky. Not only will visitors struggle to navigate it, they’ll come away with a negative view of your brand.

To avoid this issue, you want to make sure that your web designers create a web page design that’s both easy to navigate and has consistent branding and colour throughout each aspect of the design.

You also want to have “call to action” buttons evenly spaced throughout your web page design so people have the option to purchase your services whenever they’re ready.

A GOOD Website Design Is Built Using Much Needed Add-on Services

There are also a huge number of additional features that you might want to have on your website.

This could be a booking system, to help you manage incoming enquiries from customers without having to lift a finger. The website design will do it all for you!

Similarly, you can implement a custom contact form and create the fields you want your customers to fill in. This allows you to both extract the specific information you need and save you on answering calls.

The third thing you should request when consulting with a web designer, is a review system. These simple stars can boost your website’s legitimacy tenfold showing customers that you do the work you claim to do, and you do it well.

1)     Custom Contact Form: £45

Do you need to collect specific information, files or photos from your customers? This website add-on will give your website the ability to collect the data that you require from your potential clients or existing customers. Collect the following information for example, or anything else which you require:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Address
  • Order Number
  • Reason for Enquiry
  • Buyer or Seller
  • What time is best to contact
  • Custom message

2)     Google Analytics Set Up & Integration: £25

Would you like to know how many people have visited your website? The Google Analytics Add-on service is what you need to monitor all traffic to your website.

  • Google Analytics account set-up and integration.
  • Google Analytics report portal.
  • Track your website visitors.

3)     Legal Documents: £195

Does your business have all the legal documents to be GDPR Compliant and compliant with UK legislation? Do not get fined or penalised due to the lack of proper documentation when conducting business online. Let our professional legal team produce the legal documents you require to be fully compliant with all the UK guidelines.

  • GDPR Policy.
  • Privacy & Cookie Policy.
  • Website Terms & Conditions.

4)     Live Chat Functionality: £345

Start chatting with your visitors who need your help today!

The fastest way to help your customers today is Live Chat. Ask about our variable services and costs to scale according to your business size and needs.

  • Website Live Chat Functionality.
  • Multiple staff can answer your website visitors.
  • Offline notifications when your offline.

5)     Logo Design: £125

Have you had your new business logo designed yet? We have an Adobe Certified design team that will create your new business logo in a professional and eye-catching format. As Adobe partners, we ensure the highest quality of work.

  • Professional branding for your business.
  • High-quality versions of your logo.
  • For your website, business cards and letterheads.

6)      Online Payment Facility: £99

Do you need to accept card payments on your website for selling products, services or bookings? The Online Payment Facility Add-On Feature allows you to accept online payments on your website from all of the major card providers.

  • Accept Card Payments with your Website.
  • Accept Debit/Credit Card Payments.
  • Accept payment by PayPal.
  • Accept payments by your preferred payment method.

7)      Photo Pack: £35

Ready to set up your website but don’t have images to enhance the look of it? Don’t worry about hiring professional photography services when you are just starting to launch your new website.

We highly recommend the Photo Pack website add-on if you don’t own your own copyright free images for your website. As Adobe partners we will find and obtain hi-resolution images for your website which are royalty free.

  • Up to 20 Copyright Free Stock Images for your website
  • Licensed Adobe Stock Images

8)  Reservation / Booking / Appointment System: £69

Does your business need to accept reservations, appointments or bookings? If so, this website add-on is perfect. With this add-on we can setup a fully loaded booking system on your website so you can even take payments for each booking if you need to.

  • Registered & Guest Bookings.
  • Optional Paid Bookings,
  • Request whatever information you need at point of booking.
  • Booking Time slots.
  • Email confirmation with Bookings.

9)  Reviews System: £69

Does your business allow your customers to review you? If not, we can set up a Google My Business / Trust Pilot review system. This will allow your customers to leave you a review. We will also integrate your latest reviews straight into your website!

  • Allow your customers to review your business.
  • Google My Business / Trust Pilot Review System.
  • Build New Customer Confidence with Reviews.

10)  Social Media Set-Up: £35

Have you set up your business social media pages yet? If not, we can set them up for you. We can design your social media pages to match your new website and business branding.

  • Set Up & brand your social media channels.
  • We can setup Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn & Instagram.
  • Fully branded and integrated into your website.

11)  Website Page Content Writing: £45 per Page

If your struggling to put the words down on paper then let our professional copyright team do the hard work for you. For this website add-on our professional copy writing team will write around 500 words for each website page you would like copy written.

  • Professionally copy written.
  • Grammatically Correct.
  • 100% Uniquely Written.
  • Just £45 per page.

12)  Welcome Consultation: £175

Welcome Consultation is a service we offer which is a telephone consultation. So rather than completing online forms to supply us with your website brief and requirements, it will be done on the phone with one of our specialist website advisers.

  • No forms to complete.
  • Telephone Consultation.
  • Perfect for the less tech savvy people.

13)  Business Listing Service: £79

Increase brand awareness and get more enquiries, increase website visitors by appearing higher in Google Searches with our exclusive Business Listings Service.

Our team will manually create high quality business listings featuring your website link and business information on the directory website. We will list your business on high traffic directory websites such as and On the completion of this business listings website add-on, we will send you the login details for each listing created.

14)  Photo Gallery: £45

This gallery might be for images of a certain event your company has held, images of previous work you’ve done, or maybe even pictures of staff members, it’s completely up to you. Photo galleries are endlessly customisable and you can even change their purpose any time you want.

We will set up a dedicated photo gallery for you for just £45. You can include any images you want and upload new ones once the system is in place.

  • Endless customisation
  • A great way to showcase your work

15)  Customer testimonials: £25

Testimonials are one of the best ways to show new customers how trustworthy your business is and to give them a feel for the level of service you provide. Teaming this service up with our online review system is more than enough to put your potential customers’ minds at ease. We will set up a dedicated testimonial system where you can input testimonials from your most loyal clients and customers.

  • Establish trust with new customers
  • Perfect when partnered with a review system

16)  Website Translation: £95

Would you like your website to be readable in other languages? If so, you can purchase our website translation add-on which will increase your customer base across different cultures and nationalities. This is a great add-on if your company trades globally or has plans to do so in the future. At a very low price, we can translate your site into multiple languages dependant on the countries your company operates in.

  • Multiple languages
  • Perfect for global brands

If you look at our portfolio, you’ll get an idea of the kind of clear website designs in the UK that we produce for businesses of all sizes and industries.

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SEO is Part Of A GOOD Website Design

The final website design idea you should implement to make sure it truly is GOOD… is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)!

You want your website to appear as high up in Google searches as possible because a good website design is not truly GOOD if people are not able to find you online.

Just think about this for a second, you make investments in an online based business or in any business to enjoy the return on that investment. When you invest in getting a new web site designed, you are investing but you must also ensure a return on your investment.

In order to calculate whether or not something is profitable, you need margins. With a new web site designed for your online business, how do you know what those margins are? Well, your ROI will be calculated based on SEO.

The benefits may seem to be intangible, but with a lot of GOOD SEO work, you will find that it is truly worth it. You cannot simply design a beautiful website and ignore SEO, you need to ensure its success – the way to do it is SEO!

A website design is important for any business but it is truly exceptional when the proper SEO principles are applied to its design. You need to give your new web site design the chance to rank higher on Google’s and other search engines. Otherwise, it is pointless.

To avoid such disappointments even after getting a brand new, good looking website designed for a lot of money, you must make it SEO friendly and mobile friendly. Some very basic SEO principles and good optimised content will ensure the maximum potential success.

Final Thoughts

At The Web Designer Group, we operate as a complete business solution provider. We provide exceptional web design services, tried & tested digital marketing services and even printed promotional services for your business.

We have worked with range of clients across several industries all over the world to gain our design and development experience as well as our proven SEO strategies built upon SEO best practices.

We get involved with you from the very beginning and make sure that you are with us throughout the entire process from from the beginning, the collaborating and to the delivery of the project. We have gained a lot of insight into the process based on our client involvement and we understand exactly what small to medium businesses need in 2019.

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