The Range Of Web Designs We Have To Offer

The Range Of Web Designs We Have To Offer

One of the many questions that are asked by our clients and potential customers is what are the range of web designs we have to offer. Fortunately, we are going to answer this question for you as you might not understand that there are many different kinds of websites that we can build a potential client.

First off, we will talk about our new web design packages, what they entail and how you can use them to your advantage. Then we will talk more about our web designs.

Our web design packages

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Ruby – Our ruby package is our most basic web design package; however, this doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with its own benefits. For example, here is what you get and what that means for you!

  1. 1 page parallax website design – This is a one page website that has all of your necessary information within it. These kinds of websites are rather cheap because they are only 1 page, however, a small business can greatly benefit from this kind of website due to it having everything they require on the page.
  2. 3-5 working days turnaround – we can build this kind of website within 3-5 working days which is a super-fast turnaround compared to most web site design companies out there today!
  3. 2 Email Accounts – We can two email accounts for you of your choosing for you to use when trading or as business etc.
  4. Free .co .uk domain name – If you don’t have a domain already, then we can get you a domain that is in the UK and you won’t have to pay a penny for it!
  5. Social media integration – We integrate any social media accounts you may have so they show up on your website with a twitter and or Facebook feed so people can see your regular updates
  6. Website editor (CMS) – You will have your own administrator logins to edit the content of your website, because once the website is finished it is your property!
  7. Google optimised – Like all of the websites we create, they are fully optimised for google and for you to start climbing the google rankings!
  8. Encrypted SSL Security – One of the best ways to protect your website from hackers is the use of SSL security which we provide in every website
  9. Fast UK Web Hosting – Our servers are some of the fastest in the UK and you will be put on one of our dedicated servers and not a shared server like a large amount of companies do.
  10. Responsive Design – All of our websites work on every device you can imagine from iPhone, Android, PC, Laptop, Tablet you name it!
  11. Dedicated Support Portal – We have a support portal that you can use at any time for changes requests for your website or to get in touch with one of us and ask us a question!
  12. Maintenance & Plugin Updates – We maintain your website and make sure everything is running ship shape, also with plugins as well.

E-commerce web design package – An e-commerce website is perfect if you are looking for a website that has a bountiful number of products to sell to customers through the website. So, here are the benefits of this package.

Unlimited Products – This package give you an unlimited number of products to include on the website, giving you the opportunity to include your entire stock.

Up to 10 Customised Pages – With this package you can have up to 10 pages that you decide what is on them. You can have more if you wish but that will come at an extra cost.

12-20 Working Day Turnaround – Yes, that is right. We can build this type of website for you within just 12-20 working days depending on how busy we are as a business!

5 Email Accounts – This package gives you the opportunity to have five email accounts created compared to the usual three we provide.

Free .co .uk domain – Similar to all of our other packages you can get your own domain!

Social Media Integration – Like the rest of our packages your own social media profiles and newsfeeds for your company will be integrated into your website.

Just like the rest of our website packages you can receive all of these benefits and more with certain changes that you will be able to check out here All it takes is a quick click!

Specifically designed websites

If you feel that none of the packages, we build tailor to the kind of website you want then that’s no problem. Our web developers can code and create specifically tailored web designs with any of your requirements. Simply pick up the phone and call us on 0800 905 5999 and we will hep you out and try to understand what you require.

Equally if you don’t have a phone handy then there are many contact forms to find out on our website which you can fill out and we will get in touch as soon as we can.