The Pros & Cons of Using WordPress Themes

The Pros & Cons of Using WordPress Themes

WordPress is the most popular web site creation kit out there on the World Wide Web. Most web design companies use WordPress to build their websites on and since it’s quite simple to use it’s a favourite. Most businesses will be able to figure out how to use WordPress as simplicity is key when it comes to this fantastic software.

When building a website with a WordPress builder you have one or two options.

First is to use an already existing theme which you can purchase from websites like themeforest which has thousands of pre-built themes that you can take advantage of. Prices of course vary in regards to more premium themes, which are usually more reliable than the cheaper themes.

Your second option is to get a web developer to develop and design a custom built website through WordPress. Pricing with this can vary as well depending on the developer of your choice.

Now that you have the base knowledge let’s talk about the pros and cons of using WordPress themes and custom coding a website. Starting off with the pros of using WordPress themes.

The Pro’s

Time is money

Pile of money british pounds sterling gbp for business and finanOne of the many benefits of using a theme over using any other website building platform is that it generally takes less time to build your website. The reasoning behind this is that you already have a lot of the code in place when using a theme, most of the work that your chosen web design agency will be doing is more tailored to the design aspect. Therefore, you have taken a huge chunk of time out of the build of the website. Sufficed to say if a web design company turns around and tells you that your website will generally be ready in a month if they’re using a theme…then simply take your money and look elsewhere. The Web Designer Group is known for creating responsive and modern websites using these that are generally completed within seven days.

Regularly Updated

Another benefit is the fact that themes are updated regularly with every update that WordPress pushes out. What this means is that your website will always be optimised with the new and more than likely improved updates. You’ll also get some of the advanced features that WordPress might be pushing through as well meaning that they will be automatically put into your website.

No limit to customisation

CUSTOM - Glowing Neon Sign on stonework wall - 3D rendered royalty free stock illustration. Can be used for online banner ads and direct mailers.There are endless possibilities with themes and considering you don’t have to de-activate your website or put it on a subdomain to work on you can tinker around with what works for you. Depending on your business you’re probably going to want to tweak bits of your website every so often. Thankfully with a WordPress theme you have endless opportunity as there are many plugins and widgets that you can fully take advantage of.

Easy to Use

We make it easyWordPress is relatively easy to figure out. It has a really simple layout which makes it a favourite for many businesses. There are courses you can take and YouTube video tutorial videos you can watch on how to use wordpress multisite as well. Overall the back office is simple and when you look at the front (which is how other people will view your website) you might just be gobsmacked with how such a simple back office can create such a magnificent website.

Search Engine Friendly

Smiling Manager Touching An Empty Search BarThe most important thing you have to take into consideration is if the website you have and the platform you are building your website on is search engine friendly. Thankfully, WordPress is extremely search engine friendly and you can take full advantage of the many free plugins that are provided by the talented WordPress developers that create these plugins like Yoast and much more. Without these plugins your ability to do the necessary changes to say an article like adding meta descriptions is severely limited.

A Wide Variety

VARIETY -Realistic Neon Sign on Brick Wall backgroundThankfully as mentioned previously there are thousands of WordPress themes to choose from all with their different styles and coding. You wouldn’t expect it but there are many people who have a job and make money from just creating WordPress themes. These WordPress templates are often more secure than a custom built content management system as well. That’s why a lot of huge corporations use this platform because they can also switch and change between any theme that they prefer.


Protection network security computer and safe your data concept, Businessman holding shield protect iconAs mentioned briefly WordPress is one of the most secure platforms that you can be on. When The Web Designer Group buy a theme it comes with added security and when updates are brought out this means that it is automatically updated.  Also, if you are taking advantage of The Web Designer Groups free web hosting then you should know that your website is in safe hands. The Web Designer Group guarantees that there won’t be anything malicious across your website and your load time will more than likely be reduced.

You will have a powerful website to compete in the market

No matter whatever industry you are in The Web Designer Group can build you a powerful custom website that will smash your competition. There are many reasons to choose us and these you can see all over our website. If you want a free quote in regards to web site design then visit our request a quote page and one of our extremely helpful staff members will answer the phone and help you get an idea of just how much we care. Check out our video tutorials on web design and seo if you have the time!

The Cons


One of the things that bugs people with themes is that they might look extremely similar to another website. Colour is easily changeable however; it is the layout of the website that might look extremely similar and if that is the case with one of your competitors you could be running into some issues. If your designer has any understanding, he will take a look at the websites that you personally like and design something similar but different as well.

Do It Yourself

If you think you are a smart individual then you might take it upon yourself to do it all yourself. But if you aren’t versed in coding then you might end up making a horrible mistake and the next thing you know…bye bye website. Be very careful with both themes and custom coding in this manner otherwise you might end up wasting all of that money with one mistake. This is why you should get in touch with The Web Designer Group and let us look after all of the coding for you!


We absolutely adore wordpress theme websites as we build them to be seo friendly. We can custom code a website for you but that will generally take longer as our coding skills are impressive but it’s the time that is important.

At the end of the day the pros outweigh the cons.

So, give The Web Designer Group a call on 0800 09 88 508 and we can make it all happen for you. Not only that but we will add you to our portfolio of websites that we have created and are proud of. We’ll integrate your social media accounts into your new websites for a small fee as well!

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