The Best Web Site Design

The Best Web Site Design

Everyone wants the best web site design but the question is how do you differentiate between the average web site design and the best? Well, in this article we are going to do just that. With great knowledge and the ability to make you understand this issue in a clear and to the point manner, we will explain to you just how the best web site design is achieved in 2019.


Let’s start with what you should have on your web site design

There is a lot to cover when it comes to what makes a web site design in 2019 the best so we will try to cover as much as possible. To do this we will split up these points into a few sections so that you (the reader) can navigate this as efficiently as possible.

To start, you need to have a web site design which is compatible with the latest technological devices like mobiles, tablets, desktops and laptops. In 2019 Google have said that they are ranking websites from mobile first to desktop second. The reasoning behind this is that 59% of users online globally use their mobile instead of a desktop to browse the web. Obviously, Google have taken this on board and it is quite important that your website is following the rules Google have set out if you want more visitors to your website. Not only does it help your search engine optimisation but is also great that you have a website that can be viewed on mobile.

Our second point is going to be about your brand. Your brand is what should be extremely significant about your website. You will want to choose a few different colours for your entire web site design that shows your brand. Another point here is that you will want a logo design that fits with your brand.

The logo will be something that you will also plaster over your website and have on documents and forms etc. Therefore, it is a good idea to get a professional logo made by a great designer, then, have it across your website.

Another point on what you should have on your website as well as the general information you would want to supply about the business, should be relevant images. These images can either be of the business working as it usually does or relevant stock images. We can understand that some companies don’t want images taken of their company at work for privacy reasons, that is a partial reason why stock photographs are great for new websites. Simply find something relatable and add it to your website until you can get real images.

We have mentioned images, now it is time for your written content. Of course, you are going to want your website to have content that describes your products and services throughout. Then you are going to want to entice and persuade the individual to purchase your products or services. Pretty much common sense when you think about it. However, with the implementation of content comes the responsibility of making sure that it is readable to the kind of customers that your business wishes to attract.

What should your web site design be built in?

Team of Creative Web/Graphic Designer planning, drawing website ux app for mobile phone application and development template layout, process to developing prototype wireframe, User experience concept.

There is no question without a doubt that your new website should be built in WordPress. It is the easiest way for someone new to websites to navigate what is commonly known as the “back office”. This is where you make all of the changes that effect the “front end” of the website where every one can visit. Sufficed to say, WordPress is simple and can easily take you a few minutes to pick up the basics on how to make the magic of your business happen on your very own web site design.

Using a custom-built content management system or another different content management system has its issues.

A custom-built content management system can be tricky to navigate, especially if you are unfamiliar in how the company that has constructed it for you doesn’t have a video showing you how to navigate the back end. Other problems can also arise with bugs and problems that break that content management system. Think about it this way, who else is going to fix it? The only company that has access to that content management system of course. So, how long do you think it would take to fix? Because it is their responsibility to fix.

Again, when it comes to using other content management systems, they can be confusing and generally a nightmare to use. Especially if they are built horrifically. It can take some time to work out how to use these systems when in fact WordPress is simple and easy to figure out within just a few minutes. Sometimes these systems can also come with additional costs so you would have to read the fine print so to speak.

Make sure your web site design is built for the future

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A website is never really completed. You have to constantly update it with new content whether it be written, images, videos or live podcasts. Therefore, have a web site design company that has the ability to future proof your website to the fullest extent. What this means is having code available in the website so that if you as a business owner ever decide to start selling products on your website you have the ability to do so with a click of a button as the code is already integrated.

It is always a smart idea to make sure that you are prepared for just about any eventuality. That is why you should have a meeting with a couple web design firms or individuals and get an idea of how you want your business to perform through your website. That is why it is a great idea to consider putting some of your money into search engine optimisation.

Search engine optimisation works hand in hand with web site design. Because if the individual performing your website design services has extensive knowledge then they will have the ability to create a web site design that is already search engine optimisation friendly. Sufficed to say this is something that you need to think about investing in when your website is near enough done.

Why choose The Web Designer Group for your web site design?

At the end of the day, you will want a company that knows what they are doing when they build you a website. Therefore, you would want to choose the best in the business in both web site design and search engine optimisation. Which of course is The Web Designer Group.

The Web Designer Group is one of the only Google partners in the United Kingdom which proves our ties to great marketing strategies and incredible web design.

We tend to make our websites within 7 working days, that is of course depending on the scale of a project. If it is for example, a huge ecommerce website that has over 40 pages then this isn’t going to take seven working days to complete.

All of our websites are bespoke and tailored to your instructions. We have an incredible website brief where the customer fills out everything they need to tell us about their project from colours to pages. This is how we can tailor to your exact specifications.

We offer our customers cost effective pricing, making sure that they are getting the best deal for their budget. If it is a large project that comes to spending a rather large amount out of your pocket then we will throw in a few addons for free.

As briefly mention before we have a number of incredible addons for our customers to choose from. With over 20+ addons from website translation to live chat functionality. You can rest assured that your web site design will look fantastic and garner the much-wanted attention of your customers.

With full customer reporting you can expect updates every couple of days on how your website is coming along and you can request changes to your website at any time via our changes request portal.

As you might be able to tell The Web Designer Group has the ultimate portfolio when it comes to web site design. Who knows, you might be able to find something you like when it comes to browsing it.