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The 7 Types of Websites Designed By The Web Designer Group!

Even in 2019, are you still without a website for yourself, or your business?

Surprisingly, a lot of businesses and individuals are still without a professional website in this day and age even though they understand its importance. Many businesses continue to have types of websites which are inefficient and counter their productivity instead of optimising it.

The Web Designer Group is an official Google UK partner!

We work with an excellent team of web designers, developers and digital marketing experts. We don’t just understand the creativity that goes into the many different types of websites, but also the digital marketing aspects to ensure that the website performs well. We offer search engine optimisation (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing strategies which are guaranteed to bring you incredible results for your website.

But moving forward, how do you get started with a new web site design? Among the many different types of websites available which one do you go for? We have categorised our clients’ needs into 7 types of websites for making it easy for them to decide.

    1. Brochure Website
    2. Customised Website
    3. All in One Website
    4. Hospitality & Leisure Website
    5. Tradesmen Website
    6. eCommerce Website
    7. Everything Done for Your Website

Do you think you already know what you need? Then don’t waste time & speak to an expert now!

Now that you know the 7 different types of web sites designed by us, let’s look into each to learn a little more about why it may be the best match for you.

7 Types of Web Sites Designed Based on Your Needs

When we talk about the types of website designed by us, we are not talking about the design types rather the different types of objectives you have for getting a website designed by us. We do not believe in the concept of having a set price for a website. Rather, we look at the individual needs you have as a client and your budget and offer a tailor-made solution.

So, the prices shown are not a minimum or a maximum rather, an average guideline. Any one of these categories of websites can cost as little as £500 or as much as £5000 depending on your requirements, budget and custom functionality.

Let’s get started!

1. Brochure Website Design

Brochure websites are our starter website package. It is perfect for you if you require a professional website that gives you an online presence without any of the headache. You simply showcase your products and services like a brochure using a website which is perfectly viewable on all shapes, sizes and types of websites.

  • Price: Under £500 (VAT inclusive)
  • Delivery: 7 days

You will get the website in the easy to use WordPress CMS (Content Management System). But you don’t have to worry about managing it at all as we will take of all the necessary changes without any additional costs. You don’t have to worry about buying a domain or paying annual domain fees or hosting charged. You get a free .co.uk domain with 12 months free hosting.

In a brochure website, you get a no hassle, professional, & ready-to-go website. You can get a one page, three page or five-page website. If you want you can add even more pages. We have been successful in turning brochure websites around in as little as 7 working days including the logo design.

Your new website will be a fully Google optimised website with enterprise level encrypted SSL security. You will have all your professional email addresses setup such as info@yourbusiness.com and manage it for you as well. In terms of the design, a responsive website which is fully functional on any device.

Find Out More About SSL Security:
What is it? How it helps?

The starter website package is designed to eliminate all the hard work associated with getting a website started such as buying a domain, website hosting & storage setup, online security, etc. We not only take care of building the website according to your requirements but also take care of all the technicalities without any extra hassle to you. After 12 months, you can renew our service for £99 and you will enjoy another 12 months of no headaches from your website.

Even if you have no idea of what domain you want, the design, etc. we will take care of it all!

2.    All in One Website Design

Our All in One website design package is for website owners who may be stuck with an under performing or an ineffective website. Basically, these are the types of websites which as a business owner does not add any value to your business or does not improve your daily business activities. As a result, you may or may not need a visual redesign, but you need a deeper understanding of how your website is performing and aiding your business.

So, what do we do for you?

We completely analyse your business, its processes and your website by getting as much relevant information from your as possible. Using that information, we offer the most complete and all in one solution for you. We will setup Google Analytics and integrate it with your website so that you can monitor data regarding your website. Our SEO experts will help you to use the data to derive information which will help in enhancing the overall performance of your website. As a result, your business will improve as well.

  • Price: Under £1000 (VAT inclusive)
  • Delivery: 7-14 days

The All in One website package is designed for those who have a deeper understanding of what they require from their website such as tracking website traffic, targeting a particular type of visitors, the success and bounce rate of visitors, etc.

We have an expert team of SEO and PPC specialists who will ensure you get more return for every pound spent on advertising and marketing online.

We will set you up with a Google Analytics account for you to track all the visitors on your website. This will allow you to understand how well your website is performing and what you can do to improve its performance. As a result, you will be able to consider other effective digital marketing and advertising strategies SEO and PPC.

3.    Hospitality & Leisure Website Design

Are you a business owner in the UK Hospitality & Leisure industry?

The Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure industry is one which covers businesses such as restaurants, take-aways, cafes, hair salons, B&Bs, hotels, etc. Now, as you will be aware businesses as such require a specific type of website with additional features which include but are not limited to making online bookings, reservations and appointments, online payments, variable pricing, etc.

We have designed this package keeping in mind those specific businesses and for taking the stress out of managing a website for such business owners.

Such a website with all the standard offerings by us can be delivered within as little 10 to 14 working days. Of course, you don’t have to worry about domain, hosting, emails, SSL security, responsive web design for smartphones, Google visibility, etc.

But we also provide Adobe Stock Photography to get industry specific copyrighted images for your website, Google Analytics setup and integration for tracking performance, displaying prices or menus, taking appointments and a Google map integration showing your business locations for easy to get directions straight to your business doors.

Check out our portfolio for some recent hospitality web sites designed by us:

As many web design agencies will make it seem like, we do not limit your website to just making online reservations but a complete website which enhances both your working process and customer journey. As a small to medium business owner, you have the pressure of running your business and we understand that. Which is why, we deal with all the functional requirements of your website so that you can focus on your business.

Simply call or email our support and we will take care of any issues which may arise. As usual, the annual maintenance fee after your 1st year is only £99 which will cover all associated costs such as hosting, domain renewal, updates, upgrades, etc.

4.    Tradesmen Website Design

Are you a one-man army?

Well, we have just the right solution for making sure your website is capable of ensuring incoming work while maintaining a professional appearance for your business online.

Whether you operate with a few contract workers, or just on your own, tradesmen are basically one-man armies who have to set everything right in the work they do. We specifically work on Tradesmen Websites keeping in mind the following two things:

  1. Professional online presence
  2. Growing your business

As we have already mentioned, the main goal of the Tradesman Web Site Design Package is to help you establish your professional presence on the internet and helping you to grow your business further. The new web design is designed to showcase your products and services to your visitors but what we work on is to ensure that you have a professional presence.

  • Price: Between £795 to £895 (VAT inclusive)
  • Delivery: 7-10 days

The website can be turned around in as little as 7 working days with a free domain, hosting, email management, SSL security, etc. So, while you operate full time as a professional tradesman, we ensure the complete efficiency of your website operations and maintenance. Additionally, we use Google SEO optimised strategies to make sure your target customers are attracted to your website.

Photo Gallery”

Just £45

We will set up a dedicated photo gallery for you for just £45. You can include any images you want and upload new ones once the system is in place.

We design a gallery which is capable of highlighting the best of your services and optimise for the local area of clients you are serving. You may be concerned about photos to display on your website, in that case, we also have access to royalty free Adobe Stock photos which can be used without the risk of any copyright issues.

With a Google map to your location and local SEO measures in place, you are likely to attract more of your target customers.

5.    eCommerce Website Design

Do you want a website to sell products online?

The Online Shop or eCommerce Website Package is a very popular one. Many of our clients want a website where they can accept payments, which can be done on any website with our Accept Online Payments add-on service for just £99. But if you are interested in going big with lots of products then this is the perfect solution for launching an online shop.

It is much more than just accepting online payments, we create a completely secure database for your products to easily control your merchandise, invoices & all transactions.

eCommerce websites just a few years ago used to be a process which included several other manual processes. But the modern-day eCommerce web site designs are evolved to become a more evolved solution for anything and everything for an online transaction to initiate and execute.

  • Price: Starting from £1495 (VAT inclusive)
  • Delivery: 10-14 days

Get a eCommerce Website Design Quote Now!

There are many types of eCommerce websites across all different industries. The one thing which is common across all of them is the efficiency in handling inventory, sales, invoices, etc. With out complete feature rich eCommerce Web Design you get the following:

  • List unlimited products
  • Checkout and customer my-account pages
  • Discount code functionality
  • Product ratings and reviews
  • Product sorting and filtering
  • Product variations
  • Shipping options and rates
  • VAT invoice options
  • Stock management
  • Order Management
  • Related products
  • Sales report
  • Integrated Debit/Credit card checkout

The Online Shop or eCommerce Website Package is designed for businesses which are determined to sell online. We simply make it easy to sell mass products online, whether you have 10 products or 1000 our price and quality will not vary.

It is the ideal website package for expanding your business from the physical customers to the massive potential of online shoppers.

6.    Customised Website Design

A customised website is not simply a website which has your logo and business name with your brand colours – that is a personalised website. So, yes, every website is personalised to the particular business but there are businesses which require a customised website. Now that we know what is NOT a customised website, let’s find what it is.

A customised website is one which is designed and developed for a specific function. For example, a car rental website is a customised website which will require a lot of custom functionality, it is not comparable to a standard website. This example website will need the visitors to type in or select things like dates of rental, pick up date & location, drop off date & location, number of passengers, etc.

Similarly, a website like YouTube is one which allows visitors to see videos so, they must be able to type in their search items and the website must show results according to it. Also, think about a comparison website, where the visitors would type in their requirements and get results of different providers with their features and prices.

Now, as you will agree, there is a lot of in between factors which will affect the cost and time to deliver a customised website. Since all the requirements are custom built, there are no shortcuts in achieving a quicker result. Each and every aspect of the design & development must be coded to make sure it is looking and working as specified.

Get Your Web Site Designed By The Web Designer Group

However, the standards set by a website design company such as its content management system, website layout, structure and optimisations, hosting, domain and email management will still be the same. The Web Designer Group will ensure that the website is fully accessible across all types of devices in various shapes and sizes.

  • Price: Starting from £995 (VAT inclusive)
  • Delivery: 20 plus working days

However, the standards set by a website design company such as its content management system, website layout, structure and optimisations, hosting, domain and email management will still be the same. The Web Designer Group will ensure that the website is fully accessible across all types of devices in various shapes and sizes.

As it is common with customised website, or any website, you can use all content, images and videos that you have produced for the website. Yes, the time of development will be much longer, but if you want it to be exact to your requirements then you won’t mind that.

If it is your current business website that you would like replaced, then you don’t have to lose business while the new one is being built. The new website will be built on a completely separate development domain and once all aspects of it are approved, it can replace the existing old website.

Lose your ineffective website not your business and get an excellently designed customised website!

7.    Everything Done for Your Website Design

The last of the many different types of web sites designed by us is what we call the Everything Done for You Web Design!

From all the six types of website designed by us, this one is for you those who may want one of those types of websites designed by us but simply don’t have the time or energy to be too involved with the process. If you are open to the idea of getting a complete website up and running for your business but simply don’t have the time, we have you covered.


The Everything Done for You Website Package is exactly what the title suggests – it is designed to make sure everything is done for you. We will write all the text for you starting from the website brief to all your website content and legal documents, the best copyrighted photos, colours, logo, etc. Every word on every page of your website will be professionally copy written.

  • Price: Between £1000 to £2000 (VAT inclusive)
  • Delivery: 10-14 days

Choosing from the best and the most relevant add-on features for your website, we will build the complete website for you. From every aspect of design to full mobile responsiveness across all devices – we cover it all!

Find out if your website passes the Google Mobile-Friendly Test!

Photo Pack

Just £35

We will add up to 20 images from Adobe Stock for your website.

We will select and use up to 20 copyright free Adobe Stock photos on your website for establishing the credibility of your website. We will design the logo; the website theme colours and setup the Google Analytics account to monitor its performance. In addition to this, we will provide all necessary Legal Documents for online business websites such as GDPR policy, Privacy & Cookie Policy, Terms and Conditions, etc.

If you’re looking for a website package that everything is done for you, then this package is for you!

We will take of every single task and deliver you a website suited for your business and its unique requirements. A platform which will take care of all your needs without disrupting your day to day business or personal times.

This Is How Easy It Is to Get Started with A Brand-New Website Design by Us:

Now that you know all about the many different types of websites that we have to offer, you can get started with your new web design order. All our customers get our complete support absolutely free of charge for the first 12 months. This includes website maintenance, upgrades/updates and also, changes to your websites even after your website is live!

For our continued support you can renew for another 12 months for just £99!

As an ISO certified website design and digital marketing agency, our process is defined and followed to meet deadlines and requirements. We are audited by an external body for adherence to our process and best practice policies.

Step by Step Process of Getting the Most Effective Types of Websites Designed by Us

Step 1: Get a Quote & Complete the Payment!

It is an industry norm and payments for most types of website designs and digital marketing services are made up front. This is because a lot of time, effort and planning goes into the work.

So, it is not the same as buying a physical product like a computer where you pay and instantly bring it home with you.

However, unlike most of the ill practices in the industry by web design agencies, we are very transparent about our pricing. All our prices are tax inclusive and you will not be charged anything extra down the line.

You will be fully aware of what you are paying for and will get it as promised. You can by phone, online using your credit card or by quick bank transfers.

Step 2: Complete Logo & Web Design Brief

We have a detailed, simple and easy to follow brief designed for both your logo design and your website design. We don’t just choose a template design from what we like, rather we use your input. Things like what your objective is for the website, the nature of your business, the type of visitors or customers you are targeting, colours or other websites you like and anything else you want to share with us.

These simple yet guided questions may seem unnecessary but they are crucial for our designers and developers to understand your needs and requirements from your new website. As a result, the design and development team are able to create logo & website designs which are not only according to the best of Google SEO standards, but also your specific likes among the latest design trends.

Step 3: Approve Your New Logo

We make sure that we follow our set process and make sure that you are either ready with your logo, or a new one designed by us before moving onto designing the website. After completing the logo brief, within as little as 3 days you will receive up to 3 different logo design concepts from our design team. You will give us your feedback by choosing one and tweaking it until you absolutely love it.

Once you give us the green light about your new logo, we will then move on to the website design phase.

Step 4: Preview Your Website Design

With your new logo and the website design brief you have completed, our development team will start with the hardcoding of your website. Once we incorporate all the features you have requested, we prepare a preview of your website on your chosen new domain or one of our development domains, as you require. The password protected preview will be viewable from any computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

You will then give us feedback on the design such as additional features, changes in colour or other design changes, etc. We will go back and forth with you for as long as needed with unlimited revisions until you are happy with your design. It is common for clients to feel a bit overwhelmed and confused but we will work with you patiently. Once you are happy with the website, we will go on to the final phase to make your website LIVE.

Step 5: Going LIVE with Your New Website

We will get your preferred launch date and go LIVE when you want us to. Many times, you may want to wait a while before launching and we will happily wait for you. On other occasions you will be happy to go Live instantly and we will be able to make your new website live within the same day or sometimes within 24 to 48 hours to allow Domain Propagation.

We provide you with cPanel access to your new website even if you want us to handle all the changes. We provide you with all your requested domain email addresses and passwords and provide you with a video instruction of how to set it up on your computer, or mobile devices. In addition to this, we give you a link to our Website Changes portal where you can easily submit any changes you may need in the future.

A standard 5-page website with our process takes as little as 7 days to complete. And, just like that you are ready to go with a brand-new website.

Browse through all the different types of websites on offer & choose one which fits your needs perfectly!

Ready For A Website Designed By Us? Get A Quote Now!

Final Thoughts

Are you ready to choose one of the many types of websites that is offered by The Web Designer Group? If you are still unsure, you can browse through our portfolio and choose one of our existing designs and we will tailor the design to your exact needs.

The Web Designer Group is one of the UK’s most reliable small business solutions provider. We are proud to offer a range of solutions including digital marketing (SEO & PPC), printed promotional materials, business accounting & banking, and of course professional website design of all the different types of websites for 2019.

Get in touch today by calling us or by filling out our simple Get a Quote form for a brand-new website with The Web Designer Group.

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