Top Website Designers Turn Efforts Towards Future-Proofing Systems in a Constantly Evolving Industry

Leading agencies like the UK’s Web Designer Group focus on helping struggling businesses keep up-to-date with responsive design for mobile Internet use, security protocols and more.

London, England, UK – April, 2018 – Internet Technology studies have revealed just how quickly the Internet and web systems evolve, as well as the way most business owners struggle to keep up-to-date with the changes in systems, security protocols and responsive web design to make websites “mobile-friendly.”

Into this foray have come leading website design firms, such as the UK’s Web Designer Group, that are focusing their efforts on future-proofing sites for their clients in what equates to a constantly-shifting industry.

“Amidst an ever-changing online landscape, we work hard to future-proof our clients’ sites, keeping on top of all changes on their behalf so they can focus on running their business instead of worrying about their online presence,” explains Zak Ali, CEO of The Web Designer Group.

“In this day and age, modern businesses must understand that it’s all about responsive design – that is, making sure a website works on mobile phones, tablets, PCs and laptops – so that’s what we stress to prospective/existing clients, colleagues in the industry and attendees of IT-oriented tradeshows.

“The goal is always to take a future-centric stance with web design so these sites can expand and change in response to a business’ evolution.”

Today’s trends in the web development arena tend to change with the snap of a proverbial finger, with web developers having found 2017 quite the challenge because of significant technological leaps – especially with regard to web application development.

What’s more, progressive web applications, or PWAs, have become all the rage, representing an advancement of the web wherein users can experience mobile apps.

Put succinctly, these are regular websites that appear as traditional or native web apps to users, offering fast, reliable and very engaging and seamless experiences because the user saves the shortcut and the app loads quickly from the cache.

Other trending evolution’s in web development include push notification for websites, also known as “the server push,” which delivers an alert or information without the user making a request for the same, plus online customer support through the use of chat-bots, single-page websites and motion UI (user interface).

Still, the largest area of growth in the web arena seems to be the explosion of mobile device use for Internet activities, thus keeping websites mobile-friendly and SEO-oriented for the ever-changing search engine algorithms.

“In order for a company to succeed in today’s highly competitive marketplace, its website needs to look good, function well and be expertly coded to ensure it always ranks highly in search results,” concludes The Web Designer Group’s Ali.

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