5 Essential Things for a Fresh Website Design

Health and nutrition is one of the most competitive industries today. If you want to stand out from the rest of your competitors, you should make sure you implement the latest trends in nutrition website design. With each passing year, there are several new trends that emerge in the world of web design and you need to be able to implement them in your website if you want to make it to the top.

So, here are the most essential things that can make for a fresh website design:

  1. Unique and Attractive Typography

Most of the website designs in the past few years have focused on the use of unique typography in establishing their brand identity while improving readability on their website. Thankfully, there’s now a large selection of fonts to choose from, most especially from web front databases like Google Font. If you want to make your nutrition website stand out, use fonts as visual cues in the form of attractive colours and unique styles.

  1. Modern Web Design Trends

More and more companies are going for simplicity in order to create a sleeker look for their website. If you want your nutrition website to look fresh and updated, you should follow the latest trends in nutrition website design. The most popular trends these days include background videos, minimalist designs, animations, and more. Some of these trends have been proven to be really effective although others are still new. So choose something that you think will work best for your nutrition website.

  1. Fast Loading and Responsive Design

Companies that are in tune with what’s going on in the World Wide Web are now using responsive designs for their website. Unfortunately, most of the responsive websites are still suffering from very slow loading speed. It doesn’t really make sense to impress your visitors with attractive designs if you just provide them with poor browsing experience. This is why it’s important that you optimise your responsive designs. Don’t just use responsive themes. Compress your images and use a cleaner layout as well.

  1. Minimal Design Elements

In today’s website design, less is more. Therefore, remove all those unnecessary elements that your visitors will not find useful. For instance, old blogs usually come with calendars, badges, and other unnecessary features on the sidebars. Modern blogs, however, prefer to keep it minimal. You can perhaps add a subscription box and a few navigation links. The key is to remove anything on the side that could distract your visitors.

  1. High-Quality Images

Sure, you may already have high-quality images on your website. But you need to have images that look fresh and modern. If you’re going to use your own photos, make sure that they are of high quality and can help you make a strong impact. Avoid using stock photos on your nutrition website design as this could lower the credibility of your website.

Five things you should place on your website’s front page

The moment your customers visit your website, they should immediately have a clear understanding of what your company is, what you do, and what they can get from you. However, statistics show that several small businesses still lack the basics on their website, putting them at risk of losing customers in only one click. Remember that the relationship between a business and the customer is merely based on trust. So if your website is not trustworthy enough, you can’t expect your customers to put their trust in you.

Website designers are capable of creating a customer-friendly website for you, but here are five important things that should be on your website’s front page.

  1. Contact information

According to statistics, almost 75% of small business websites don’t have an email link on their homepage. Furthermore, 6 out of 10 don’t have a phone number either. If you want your customers to do business with you, then you should at least include an email link or a phone number. If you have a physical store, then include the full address of your store at the homepage, including directions on how to get there.

  1. Images representing what you do

If you’re selling wedding cakes, then your website’s front page should show enticing images of your gorgeous cakes. It’s surprising to know that several business websites today are still using irrelevant graphics like stock photos of butterflies and flowers on their website when it has no relevance to their business at all! When using images, however, be mindful of how you display them. It shouldn’t be something that will distract or irritate your customers and trigger them to leave.

  1. Clear Navigation with Working Links

Your website’s front page must have a clear navigation system across the top or down below one side of your page. The buttons must be clearly marked with words that correspond well to the content of your website and help your customers easily find what they are looking for. You also need to consider adding buttons for FAQs, shipping options, etc. The web site designers UK suggest adding a brief background of your company on the front page.

  1. Social Media Links

You should encourage your customers to stay in touch by adding links to your social media accounts on your front page. Include recognisable icons that are linked to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest. You may also use feed widgets for instant follow-up and to encourage social media sharing.

  1. An Email Signup Box

One way to foster customer loyalty is through a newsletter. Therefore, include a small signup box on your website’s front page in order to gather email addresses from your website visitors. If you want to entice them to sign-up, consider offering small rewards, such as a discount on their first order. There are many services that can help you with this. Otherwise, you can rely on the services of web site designers UK.