Should You Include Infinite Scrolling Into Your Website?

Should You Include Infinite Scrolling Into Your Website?

Infinite scrolling is a feature for your website where readers can keep on scrolling while new information is being loaded constantly. With this feature, there will be an infinite number of pages. For instance, when reading the web design terms and conditions, there’s no longer a need to click on the “next” button to be able to read more. Some of the perfect examples of websites that have the infinite scrolling feature are Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

But is this feature suitable for your website? Lets find out…

Pros of Infinite Scrolling

First of all, infinite scrolling is great for mobile phones. As you know, it can be pretty hard to click on that tiny “next” button when using a mobile phone. Furthermore, this feature helps keep your web users engaged. They can keep on browsing your website without realising that they have already spent a lot of time unlike when there are page breaks. This feature can also work well if you are dealing with a lot of data. Thus, it’s ideal for websites with plenty of information.

It’s also worth to note that the infinite scrolling feature will not make your website load any slower than a traditional website.

Cons of Infinite Scrolling

The infinite scrolling may not work well for all websites as it also comes with its own disadvantages. First of all, it doesn’t allow users to search for anything specific and this can be pretty hard if you’re reading web design terms and conditions and you need to find out more information about a particular topic. You may need to keep on scrolling through the entire page just to look for the topic that you need. On the same note, users won’t be able to skip down to new information with the infinite scrolling feature. You just need to keep on scrolling, which can be annoying for some.

Another thing that might put off people from using infinite scrolling is because it makes use of JavaScript. This may not be a big problem yet, but for those trying to get away from JavaScript or are hesitant about its future when it comes to Google rankings, then the infinite scrolling may not be a good choice.

How to Tell If Infinite Scrolling is Good for You

The decision of whether to go for infinite scroll or not will mainly depend on the type of website or company that you have. It works great for others, but some might see it as a real nightmare. If all your information is of the same level of importance and you want to entertain, then you definitely want people to keep scrolling through your website for as long as possible. On the other hand, e-commerce websites may not work well with the infinite scrolling feature. As an e-commerce site, you need your readers to be able to explore your website and check out other sections instead of simply focusing on one page. Just like with reading web design frequently asked questions, searching and skipping information is necessary for users of e-commerce sites.