Is There a Shortcut to SEO? The SEO Process Explained!

Is There a Shortcut to SEO? The SEO Process Explained!

SEO, abbreviated as Search Engine Optimisation, is a long-term strategy and not something that can be done for a one-off cost!

Whilst you can pay between £500 and £1000 for getting a simple website designed, SEO is not the same. SEO is a long-term investment that delivers a high return on investment if you maintain a monthly SEO strategy.

Over time, SEO will increase your volume of website visitors, ultimately delivering an increase in enquires and sales. SEO is generally priced with a high up-front cost followed by a small monthly retainer. The reason the up-front cost is higher than the monthly retainer is because the research put in to the initial SEO strategy is difficult and requires a lot of man power, from online marketing specialists with technical knowledge.

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Let’s first look at 2 example scenarios of web page design customers:

  1. New Website

If a customer has a new UK Website Design, then Google will take up to 6 weeks to index their new website. This is standard Google policy; we do not have any control over this! This is known as the Google Sandbox period for all new domains and websites. Once your website has been indexed, the website will be visible on the Google Search results page.

In such cases, it is best to advise a customer to take things one step at a time. Meaning, launch your website and ensure all the on-site SEO is done correctly before deploying any further SEO strategy during your web page design phase. Before launching a suitable SEO Strategy, it is imperative to conduct in-depth research on what keywords need to be targeted for your business. Then you can deploy a SEO strategy to increase the websites rankings for those chosen keywords.

  1. Website Redesign

If a customer has an existing website and would like to redesign the website with a focus on SEO. A full SEO audit must first be done on the website, this will allow us to see an insight as to how Google currently views and values their domain. We can then implement the new design with up to date Google SEO coding standards and ensure the new website will rank well. If we identify any negative off-site areas such as Toxic Links, we would need to disavow them through Google Search Console before deploying the SEO Strategy.

For SEO, customers will be given individual care by speaking to an SEO Expert. Once they find out your requirements, the SEO team will conduct a research on the customer’s website based on the information customer has provided in the form and by using our advanced analytic SEO tools.

SEO experts will conduct keywords research, competitor research, etc. to determine the best strategy for the particular business and set an achievable initial SEO target with a SEO quote.

SEO Research

Before we start to design any SEO Strategy for a customer, they will be asked for their targets from the website. Our Specialist UK SEO team will perform a detailed research on the customer’s website and domain based on the information customer has provided. We complete this research using industry leading SEO tools using AI & Machine Learning technology.

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Here’s how a typical SEO process runs and how the results play out:

The First 3 Months

During the beginning stages of SEO, we code every web page design to Google’s SEO friendly standards and provide all our customers with a solid foundation of On-Site SEO. This means every web page design will have the basics of SEO to rank well in Google Search results. During the Google Sandbox period, we start to conduct all the research we need to create a successful SEO strategy. We will then start to deploy Phase 1 of the SEO Strategy; giving Google as many reasons as we can to rank the website high – original & fresh content plays a big part in this phase!

We provide all our SEO customers with a detailed SEO Reports Dashboard, where you will be able to see your ranking for each keyword, website traffic stats, how long website visitors are staying on the website, which pages they are seeing, and how they can improve their conversions. We will also be able to show how to get the most of social media engagement using SEO best practices.

During this period, Google determines if the website is helpful, if the web page design is well-structured, if the coding is clean and how much the visitors like it (this is where social media interaction plays a vital role!). Google makes sure that your performance is consistent to rank your website.

SEO timeline

During 4 to 6 Months

At this point, your website is fully indexed with Google Search results and we regularly add new content like blogs, videos, visuals, tools, quizzes and other content to target your specific audience and keywords. We do this on a schedule to demonstrate a good record for Google in making your website visitors happy.

You will slowly start to rank for keywords related to your main target keyword and begin to see visitors coming from search results. This is where we consider things like investing in local SEO, content marketing, social engagement, etc.

Between 6 – 9 Months

Google will recognise the activities on your website to begin ranking you for competitive keywords like some of the ones we are targeting. Also, Google will give website authority ratings for your website as well. This is when you start seeing more consistent results from the all the research and hard-work that has been done by SEO experts to implement the strategy.

10+ Months

This is when you really enjoy all the good benefits of your SEO work done right. Traffic will increase every month with just maintenance work. You can even invest more into other tried and tested methods that our in-house SEO experts suggest based on your website’s status and set new goals for your business.

You may be on the 3rd or 4th page or even further down but you will be getting great results. So you can still continue working towards the ultimate target of 1st page and then the 1st position. But competition gets tougher as your competitors will start paying attention to you as well.

So, this is how a typical 12-month SEO plan may work out!

It is IMPORTANT to note that, this can happen within 6 months or may take much longer. SEO Results vary dependant on the business, website, domain and competition. So, it is essential that the customer is taken care of for all their SEO services using a trusted, reliable provider like ourselves!

You may wonder what sort of maintenance you may need for your business website after implementing 12 months of a solid SEO plan.

But it is essential to do SEO maintenance & follow-up!

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Some of the many things that fall into SEO maintenance is to fight off negative SEO by your competitors, spammy links to your website, negative or spammy reviews, etc. So, there are a lot of things that need to be done to keep your website free of negative things while also implementing the new, positive things.

A SEO professional is always closely watching the analytics to identify how the actions of the competition may be impacting your business website. Working with a professional that uses strategic SEO tactics is the only way to go. There is no such thing as a SEO shortcut and do not do anything for a short-term gain which may permanently get you penalised by Google!

If any SEO company promises to get you on the 1st page of Google Search, they are simply not telling the truth. We should know as an Official Google Search Partner!

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