SEO for Beginners: Video about SEO in 2019

SEO for Beginners: Video about SEO in 2019


The Web Designer Group has started a new video series on its YouTube channel by the same name so make sure you subscribe to get the latest videos. The video series is called “SEO For Beginners!” targeted at introducing SEO to first timers. The video not only introduces Search Engine Optimisation, but also goes over the essential parts of SEO in an easy to understand language for beginners.

As beginners to SEO, there are some basic questions to be kept in mind, or else you might be going about SEO in entirely the wrong way. So, it’s always good to have an open mind even if you’ve been doing SEO for years or if you are just starting to look into it.

The questions that are answered throughout the video are the following:

  • What is SEO?
  • What are the differences between on-site and off-site?
  • What on-site entails?
  • What off-site entails?
  • Why content is king in SEO?

What is SEO?

Our first question is easily enough answered because even if you don’t know what SEO is, a quick Google search can teach you about its definition. SEO of course stands for “Search Engine Optimisation” and is the process of climbing the Google rankings so that a business can attract more customers which of course means they prosper.

Search Engine Optimization consultant touching SEO button on whi

In the way that we described it within our video, it is also the simple way that search engines like Google read your website in a way that it likes that is not too different from the way that your potential customers like it.

Just think of it like a customer, if they spot a million spelling and grammar mistakes, then they for sure aren’t going to bother purchasing your products as it seems unprofessional and frankly terrible.

This is also the way that Google thinks and its algorithm judges your content!

What are the differences between on-site and off-site?

As we described in our video there are two major parts to SEO. That being on-site and off-site work.

On-site is of course everything to do with your website, like your homepage, products that you wish to sell and more.

Off-site SEO is everything else that is happening that leads back to your website, like back links and social media interactions.

These are very essential to be able to differentiate between the two because if you get them mixed up you might end up helping out other businesses. Which isn’t exactly what you would be wanting, I’m sure.

What on-site entails?

On-site SEO is mostly about content and what you find within your website like images, videos and text. More importantly, in order for it to be successful rather than absolute jargon, it must be meaningful content which means it’s relatable to your business and is written to a good standard.

What you should implement within your content:


Keywords are basically the search terms we use when we search on Google or other search engines. What people type into the search box is related to all the websites available online and depending on the most relevancy, they are displayed as search results to the users.

Find keywords

Depending on the type of your business, you’ll want to have keywords implemented into your content. This could be along the lines of joinery in London or joiners London. Without keywords that are relatable to your business, Google wouldn’t know what you’re ranking for.

By implementing your keywords in your website content, you will create more relevance to searches by users on the Google search engine.

Title and Meta Description

SEO titles are different from the perspective of normal titles or headers. Titles are displayed on the browser tabs, on the search results and elsewhere so it is important that it accurately portrays what is in the content.

It’s extremely important that you fill out these essential parts of your website when you’re finished writing your article or product page. If you don’t, then you’re missing out on potential customers reading that awesome title that you have created.


It’s important that you place some relative images within your content. It could either be your brand logo or a stock image which is relatable. No one wants to read an entire block of text and most people do love graphs & infographic content.

Remember, image searches are becoming more common now as well. So, associating yourself with images in your particular industry will enhance your search results’ relevancy.

Call to Action

A call to action is incredibly important for your business because if you don’t have one on your landing page or straight away in your article, you’re losing out on potential customers. You need to give your customers actions to follow, once they are on your website.

If your target is to get your potential customers to call you, then make sure that the call now button and the phone number is appropriate displayed on the webpage or elsewhere. Similarly, if your goal is to get them to fill in the contact form, then direct them to it.


The design of the website very important!

While a lot of what we covered so far has to do with design, in general the website design needs to be standard and pleasing to the eye and be easy to use.

A messy website design will not only confuse your potential customers to buy your product or service, it is also a huge red flag for Google. So, you not only need to focus on how the website looks but also on its usability and structure.

The website must be easy to use for visitors, easy to browse from one page to another, accurately lead to your action buttons such as contact form, buy now, etc.

What off-site entails?

Within this section, we will be discussing all of the important stuff that you need to know about off-site SEO. A good off-site profile is necessary to have a respectable site that Google can see.

This means the following:

  • References to your website give you a good reputation with Google so you can continue climbing the rankings.
  • With more good domain authority links, that you have linking to your web site the better your rankings will be in Google Search Results.

In addition to this, the following are few other things which contribute to a lot of good link juice to your website:

Directory Listings

Directory listings are important for SEO as well as getting potential customers to your website. Surprisingly, a lot of people still use these directories to get the services that they require.

Directories such as and give your website a lot of authority and provide you with a listing that can either be free or paid for. Using these business listings, Google is able to connect your potential customers to the products and services on your website.

Also, Google My Business is one of the most influential listings online, which also includes crucial information about a business or service provider such as their, name, number, address, business hours, etc.

Social Media Interactions

Social media is a big yes in today’s world!

Having a business which has a huge online presence is key and the best way to do this are social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

The more interactions you get with customers on your social media platforms, the more Google will pass on link juice to your business website from your social media platform. Which in turn gives your site high authority and will rank better on Google search results.

Why Content is King in SEO?

Google absolutely loves fresh content!

content is king handwritten

A good source of fresh content for your website is through your business blog. Regardless of the type of your business or service, if you provide informative blogs to visitors to learn more about your products or services then you will feel the true influence of good content through excellent SEO results.

Remember, Google is a machine and its algorithm is designed to judge content based on its set of principles. These principles are set to enhance content so that they are more suited for readers. Always target your content for your customers rather than Google. This way, your visitors, the potential customers are always the first priority and you maintain the right balance of Dos & Don’ts as per Google.

So, make your content fresh, unique, helpful, informative and make sure it is readable!


By now, as a beginner you must have learned a lot more about SEO then you knew before. Make sure you subscribe to the The Web Designer Group’s YouTube Channel and check back for new videos to learn more. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section, what you learned or what you are more interested to learn about.

As for those who were already aware of the topics discussed today, make sure you let us know your thoughts and experiences regarding them. Do you agree? Disagree? Agree to disagree?

What are your thoughts on Search Engine Optimisation? Is it too complicated? Now that you know more, it will be easier for you to understand that Google is actually helping businesses to be more attractive to their potential customers through its algorithm.

We will explain more about SEO, Google algorithm, penalty, etc. in upcoming blogs. Follow us to learn more as we dig deeper into Search Engine Optimisation and overall, digital marketing in the Google Generation.