Five SEO concepts that will boost your website’s Google ranking

Five SEO concepts that will boost your website’s Google ranking

For the modern-day entrepreneur, having your ducks in a row not only refers to having your investments and business models in place but also having a sound digital marketing strategy. After all, the web is where you’re most likely to reach most of your customers, and it’s more cost-efficient than traditional advertising.

Now, if you’re looking for tips on how to leverage SEO in order to promote your business and boost your Google search engine rankings, then you’ve come to the right place.

By following the tips below, you should start to see your website traffic and conversions pick up significantly:

Install plugins

Installing a plugin to manage your website means you won’t have to worry about the small details like solving technical hiccups or managing meta titles and descriptions.

In a nutshell, these plugins handle the technical aspect of SEO marketing so that you can focus on crafting content and managing your audience’s engagement.

Interlink your blogs

Interlinking past and current blog posts serves the important purpose of increasing your website’s relevance while charting your customer’s journey, allowing them to get the most out of your content.

Not only that, interlinking blog posts tends to significantly increase the amount of time that users spend on a single web page. If you include the right number of links in a single post then visitors will spend even more time on your website without even realising it.

Make sure the outgoing links are no-follows

While outbound links are an important part of SEO marketing strategy, make sure you keep them few and far in between. This will enable you to retain your audience’s attention instead of scattering it with outgoing links.

For the best results, make all your outgoing links “no follow.” This can be done by installing a relevant plugin. Just make sure you manually check all internal links as “do follow” once you’re done, in order to retain your “home ground” advantage.

Build external links

One of the fastest ways to build an online audience is to piggyback on established companies who’ve already amassed larger audiences than your own. However, in order to convince them to share their audience with you, you’ll have to provide something valuable in return, like an article or a backlink.

You’ll also have to put yourself out there by networking more often, both on and offline. And don’t be afraid to send pitches for guest blog posts, infographics, research and other resources on a regular basis.

Disavow bad links pointing to your site

Make sure that your website is only linked to high quality and reliable websites that have a good reputation. Avoid any association with dodgy websites that will only serve to degrade your SEO efforts.

Unfortunately, some of your competitors may even try to undermine your successful SEO by maligning your site with non-genre websites that are irrelevant to your company. This includes porn websites, and repeated spamming.

To minimise these bad links, click on them so that they’re automatically shared with Google. That way, they’ll become completely irrelevant to your search engine rankings and your website design will be safe once again.

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