SEO Basics: What is SEO & How it Works in 2019

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Search Engine Optimisation has been one of the hottest topics of the online marketing arena over the past few years. Although SEO is quite fundamental, it is an absolute essential!

Most people assume that SEO is something technical which is limited to Google search results. While that may be true in part, SEO is certainly limitless in terms of the benefits it can bring you and to your business website.

While pursuing the top ranking from Google in the search results page, SEO best practices ensure that your business is more attractive to your customers.

This is amazing at a time when most of your potential customers are online!

So, today we will discuss basic SEO strategies used in UK, why they are essential, what UK SEO companies actually do and how the best practices actually enhance your business marketing for achieving more sales of your products and service.

What is Search Engine Optimisation, exactly?

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Regardless of the SEO strategies – basic, intermediate or expert, you must understand that you are NOT competing against Google!

The basic goal of SEO is to let search engines know the exact intentions of your business. By communicating to Google your exact business goals & targets while offering good customer experience, to gain its approval – relevant search results!

By optimising your website, you are answering the following questions:

  • What search engines, like Google, are looking for?
  • How do you design a website to make both your customers and search engines happy?
  • Most importantly, how can SEO translate to more profits to your business?

During the SEO for Beginners video by the in-house SEO UK team at The Web Designer Group, a lot of the basics were covered along with why they are of so much value, especially in 2019!

Yes, the video session is intended for newcomers or beginners in SEO, but when you read the blog, you will find many important reminders even for experienced SEO professionals or SEO experts.

If you have not seen the video, or read the blog yet, do it now!

Did you know SEO is just like a cake?

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Just think about it…

Your backlinks, paid adverts, social media ads and activities, website design etc. are all the icing of your cake. The content and the site structure act as the sugar in the ingredient.

Without it, the cake is a tasteless thing!

Now, you may have a great looking cake, it may be 3-layered or even 5-layered one, but you take a bite and there is no sugar – it goes straight to the bin!

SEO is the sugar!

Everything about your business website may seem to be fine, it looks good, it works fine and it’s bringing in sales, but with SEO it all gets much, much better!

That means, you start getting returning customers instead of relying on one-time customers and you start to get referrals from existing, satisfied customers. Add to that the good words put in by search engines like Google because you followed their guidelines – your business sales will sky rocket!

How do you get your website to rank higher on Google?

The main task of search engine is to bring more and more visitors who are searching for products or service to a website with them. Any relevant information available on the web is brought to the visitor’s attention.

The relevancy of a website is determined by the following key things:

  • Content:
    The textual or visual information available on the web page, the titles and descriptions of the individual web pages, and the quality of the information provided
  • Performance:
    The speed of your website in terms of loading from one page to another, image gallery, videos, and other functionality of the website
  • Authority:
    The link between your provided information and other recognised, reputed, and authoritative websites available online
  • User Experience:
    The look and feel of the website – is it a good-looking site? Is it easy to use? Is it safe and secure for visitors?

What do Search Engines hate?

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Search engines like Google, is not just any computer!

Google is an extremely smart, intelligent machine with learning abilities that only evolve to be smarter. It is not easy to fool a machine which is always checking on its algorithm for Do’s & Don’ts.

If it detects anything that is from the list of Don’ts, then it loses some serious brownie points!

  • Keyword Stuffing:
    The deliberate, forced, overuse of keywords in content. Google instantly recognises you trying to make your content seem important by saying “Important; Important; Important!”
  • Buying Links:
    The purchase of back links is one of the most dangerous SEO things to avoid, you never know what sort of trouble you may be buying – so be warned!
  • Poor User Experience:
    The complication of using your website will give it very poor user experience. If the website is structured to be too text orientated or too cluttered with ads, then visitors will not enjoy using it. A good balance between text, images, videos, and empty space should be used for a good user experience while visiting or browsing your website.

What do UK SEO companies actually do?

Many UK SEO companies, are completely unaware of your business model and goals. They only do the bare minimum of SEO such as naming your images, and making your content unique.

But they fail to optimise your website for your business, your customers, and obviously your main goals. Rather than focusing on getting more conversions for your business, they implement typical tasks which may even harm your website’s ranking!

What should actually be done for lasting results!

Search Engine Optimisation has always been a changing game and SEO in 2019 has become smarter than ever before!

The following are some of the incredibly exciting, proven, tested, and high-impact things done by The Web Designer Group SEO UK team do for long lasting results:

Multi-channel Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation is not just about keyword research and backlinks! It is important to balance the exact amount of focus on both on-site and off-site activities.

Search Engine Optimisation is essentially marketing, so online marketing should be achieved from all the available online channels. Multi-channel marketing and optimisation is the future of SEO UK. These include:

  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & other forms of Social Media Marketing
  • Google Ads like Pay Per Click
  • Email Marketing, Business listing services, etc.
  • Blogging, Vlogging & other forms of informative marketing
  • How To videos, infographics, etc.

It is all about making your business a brand across all the available online platforms, then you will see an incredible boost in sales.

Optimising for 2019

Not only do you need to optimise your business website for desktop users in computers and laptops but also for mobile users. More and more users are using a mobile device of smaller sizes as well as other tablet devices.

  • Rich content such as Video – videos are the leading way of ranking on the first page of google search results today
  • Optimise non-textual content with text, such as images with alternative text, etc.
  • Optimise for mobile map users with google my business listings
  • Optimise for voice searches

Don’t forget the importance of SEO basics

One of the most neglected, yet most important and effective basics is the title and meta descriptions. The title is most seen by your searchers and the description is what they read to know more. So, focus on making them more specific to your business website.

Check out this video and blog about the Importance of Titles and Meta Descriptions!

Final Thoughts

Search Engine Optimisation or optimising your business website and online brand should always be the top priority!

Now that you know of all the SEO basics and how it is still matters in 2019, do you know what many SEO UK companies actually do?

It is not always the best thing to rely on companies to do your SEO in UK without knowing what they should be doing and how they should be optimising your website for Google. Be sure to work with a reputed online marketing partner to get your website to rank higher on Google.

So, if you are looking to pursue SEO on your own, then follow some of the best practices mentioned here. Skipping these essentials in SEO will not guarantee any good results for you or your business regardless of which UK SEO company you use or how much you spend on it.

Maximise your business opportunities online through proper SEO oriented website design and online marketing!

Leave us your comments, thoughts and suggestions on the things we discussed today. You can leave some of the best or worst SEO UK advice you got from a SEO company. Let us know what you want to read more about and we will follow up with a blog on your desired topic.