Professional Niche Targeted Web Design Services

Professional Niche Targeted Web Design Services

A website is without a doubt the most powerful online marketing tool for every type of business or organisation. It goes without saying that a properly designed and well-optimised website has the potential to attract more customers, increase sales, and grow your business. Your website is the shop window of your business to the entire world. It’s therefore important to ensure that your website delivers the best customer experience besides giving them the necessary information about your company’s products and services. Your overall website design can either make or break your business.

As experienced web design professionals, the Web Designer Group focuses on building websites that deliver the expected results in diverse industries. We know very well that for your website to deliver results, it should not only have a nice aesthetical look and feel but it should function well too. It should also be professionally coded to rank high in search engines and attract organic traffic or potential customers. Our goal is to build an attractive and functional website to help you reach your target audience.

We have a good track record in designing and developing websites that work thanks to our professional approach, web design experience in diverse industries and niches, and a philosophy of always putting the client first.

Hey, we throw in a complimentary Business Domain with every web design package you purchase from us. We’ll even host your website on our super-fast dedicated servers located in the UK. That’s just the beginning of how super-good we are to our clients.

Website Design Services for Diverse Industries

Web design is a complex and ever-evolving industry. It is complex because while every niche or industry has its unique website needs, businesses and individuals have their unique design requirements and expectations too. Businesses are constantly evolving in tandem with the rapid advances in digital technology. Gone are the days when you only needed to install a CMS such as WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla, throw in some content or product list then claim to have a website. That no longer works. You need a website that is not only fresh, sleek, modern, and responsive but one that is designed to meet your business needs and specifications too.

Our team of professional web design experts are experienced in diverse industries and business niches. This gives us the ability to address every important website specification in diverse industries. Every website we design is tailored to suit the unique needs and requirements of both the industry and the client. To illustrate this point further let’s look at some of the major business categories where we’ve built functional websites that deliver results.

Web Design for Construction and Remodelling Businesses

Web Designer Group has designed websites for clients in different areas of construction and remodelling industry including Architectural Services, Bathroom Design & Installation, Bathroom Showrooms, Builders Merchants, Building Surveyors, Civil Engineers, Conservatories, Damp-Proofing, Double Glazing Installers, Double Glazing Repair, Engineering, Fireplaces, Flooring Services, Loft Conversions, Kitchen Planning & Installation, and Landscapers just to mention a few. We’ve helped clients in all fields of construction build websites that display their expertise and the amazing things they do in the industry.

Our success in construction and remodelling web design is based on our professional approach and a keen eye for details. We understand that every website in this highly competitive industry needs to have the following elements in order to succeed:

  • A project gallery showcasing the company’s work and previous projects in a visually appealing style
  • Big bold headers that leave a lasting impression
  • A services tab detailing the company’s services to potential customers
  • Client testimonials that help to build trust and a sense of reliability with new and potential customers.

All the websites we build are responsive, meaning they translate properly on mobile devices, and are fully optimised for SEO. We’ve also designed and developed functional websites for clients in other construction-related fields including the following:

  • Paving & Driveways
  • Plasterers
  • Plumbers’ Merchants
  • Precision Engineers
  • Ready Mixed Concrete companies
  • Roofing and Roof Repairs
  • Salvage and Reclamation
  • Steel Fabricators
  • Steel Stockholders
  • Structural Engineers
  • Surveyors
  • Groundwork Contractors
  • Timber merchants and many more.

Web Design for Home Improvement and Maintenance Businesses

Similar to the construction industry, companies dealing with home improvement and maintenance activities need professionally designed websites to show their high-quality work to potential clients. A visually appealing project gallery is therefore essential to have in the website besides other functional items such as client testimonials, a responsive design for mobile users, social media buttons, and a good SEO content strategy.

We understand all the website design needs of every kind of home improvement and maintenance business, from Chimney Sweeps, Cleaners, Commercial Cleaning, Glaziers, and Guttering services to Swimming Pools and Maintenance, Welders, UPVC Windows installers, Windows cleaners, Garden centres, and garage Doors installers just to mention a few.

Web Design for Businesses in the Interior Design and Furniture Industries

We’ve developed a wide range of websites for residential and commercial interior designers, design studios, and furniture businesses. Each website we design in this widely diversified industry is customised to meet the unique needs of the business.

Our expert website designers and developers understand interior design as an art of providing people with a sense of comfort, harmony, and aesthetic pleasure. While designing a website for an interior designer or furniture business, we focus on basic requirements that highlight your work and products. We put the content in a favourable light for your customers with all the necessary bells and whistles that promote your business. We design websites for all interior design related businesses including Home Decor Studios and Stores, Interior Finishes Materials Stores, Furniture Shops, Blinds and Curtains, Dealers, Carpet Fitters, Soft Furnishings, Furniture Repair & Restoration, Second Hand Furniture Dealers, Tilers, and Upholsterers among others.

Website Design for Retail Businesses

Online retail shopping and eCommerce stores have become a popular avenue for small and medium businesses seeking to exploit the online shopping trend and technology. Consumers are now turning to online retail outlets more than the traditional offline stores mainly because of the convenience of doing their shopping straight from home or office. It is therefore essential for every retail business to have a properly designed and well optimised retail website.

Retail websites should ideally have a responsive design to reach the huge number of customers searching for products on mobile devices. The website should be clean, clutter-less, and inviting to the potential customers. It should also be easy to navigate, have an easy to use shopping cart and checkout process, and be optimised to rank high if you hope to reap the benefits of organic traffic.

Web Designer Group has developed all the necessary retail website solutions for businesses in diverse retail sectors including eCommerce shops, Antique Dealers, Art & Craft Shops, Carpet dealers, Clocks & Watches Retail and Repairs, Cycle Shops, online DIY Shops, Gift Shops, Glass Suppliers, Sports Shops, Petrol Stations, Tile Suppliers, Wool Shops and many more.

Web Design for the Health and Beauty Niche

The goal of any health and beauty website is to make the clients feel comfortable and relaxed as they browse through your products and services. We have a unique website style for different types of businesses in the health and beauty industry, from Hospitals, Chiropractors, Care Homes, Home Care Services, Podiatrists, and Dental Technicians to Massage Treatments, Health Clubs, Health Food Shops, and Gyms. We work together with you to come up with a website that captures the needs and preferences of your customers.

If you run a beauty salon, our specialist designers will ensure that your customers can easily explore your services and products without leaving the site. We use the latest design techniques combined with bold and refreshing imagery to capture your customers’ attention. We also design websites for clients in health, beauty, and wellness related fields such as Massage Therapy, Martial Arts, Nail Technicians, Mobile Beauty Therapists, Nurses Agencies & Care Agencies, Nursing Homes, Opticians, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Tanning Salons, and Tattooists. Contact us today to get the best web design quote for your health and beauty website.

Web Design for the Weddings and Event Planning Niche

Let your website make you the go-to person for everyone in your city planning for a wedding or special event party. We’ll help you to design and develop an elegant wedding and events website that mirrors the high quality of your work. Remember in this niche, your website determines whether or not you’ll get that call from a potential client. If the site doesn’t shine, look attractive and fun, and provide the necessary information, your services will appear dull and boring. And that’s the last thing anyone would want in their wedding or special event party.

Let the design of your website promise a colourful party and you’ll get the contract. That’s exactly what we do to help clients in this industry get clients. We have designed websites for a wide range of clients in the weddings and events niche including Wedding Planners, Bridal Shops, Event and Wedding Photographers, Wedding Hair & Make-up artists, and businesses which deal in Wedding Venues.

Website Design for Schools and Educational Facilities

You can imagine the frustration of a student struggling to find enrolment information in a poorly designed school or college website. The student will definitely give up after a few attempts and move on to the next available college.

If an educational facility does not have a clearly organised, functional, and navigable website, it not only ruins its administration efficiency but losses prospective students too. Who would want to join a college with a 1990-ish website? Their stone-age website could even be a clear reflection of their curriculum.

At Web Designer Group, we understand the style and content demands of an education institution’s website. School and college websites should have an easy to navigate design, given the huge amount of content published on the site regularly. It should also have stunning visuals that depict a sense of professionalism and academia. More importantly, the front page should look like a pre-visit to an 18-year-old searching for a place to learn and spend the next four years. The home page should showcase all the best things about the institution.

We have helped learning institutions design visually appealing, functional, and professional websites in diverse fields of education including Nursery Schools, Playgroups & Pre-Nursery, Primary Schools, Colleges, Dancing Schools, Tutoring professionals, Music Teachers, Driving Instructor Training facilities, Riding Schools, and Swimming Lessons providers.

Web Design for Restaurants and Other Businesses in the Food Industry

Dining at a fine restaurant is an exceptional experience. It is a journey that starts at the eateries website. If you are a restaurateur, it is important to ensure that your business website encourages customers to visit your restaurant. At Web Designer Group, we know all the basic components of an excellent restaurant website. We can design and build restaurant websites that showcase an enticing array of your food and make it easier for customers to locate your business.

We ensure that the restaurant’s website has all the key elements such as professionally done photos, quick access to the business location, telephone number, hours of operation, and the day’s special, easy access to the main menu, ability for customers to make online reservations, and social media buttons which customers can use to share with their friends the goodness of your meals and service.

An innovative restaurant or food service website helps you to connect with your market audience, draw in more customers, and generally grow your business. The objective of the website is to allow customers to learn more about the business. Our creative web design team has developed a wide range of uniquely styled websites for clients in restaurant and other food-related industries including Bakeries, Bars, Butchers, Cake Makers & Decorators, Caterers, Chinese Restaurants, Indian Takeaways, Italian Restaurants, Fish & Chips Shops & Restaurants, Food Manufacturers, Off-Licenses, Pizza Delivery & Takeaway businesses, Pub Restaurants, and Sandwich Shops just to mention a few.

Motor Vehicle Web Design Services

The motor vehicle industry is quite diverse in nature but our expert web design team have the capability to design and build sleek functional websites that give your brand an edge over the competition in the car industry. Having worked for clients in the car industry for many years, we know everything that goes into the creation of a professional looking and fast loading car websites with the best user experience.

As in every other industry or business niche, our work is results driven. We are familiar with customer behaviour in the motor vehicle industry, which gives us the ability to design highly engaging, traffic grabbing, and converting websites. Our goal is to help you get the best ROI from your digital marketing efforts via your business website.

We understand the importance of loading product data in a motor vehicle website the right way. We’ll design for you a sleek functional website complete with professionally done product images, clear descriptions and pricing, year/make/model of cars, and a convenient search function to help customers locate the information they want with ease.

We develop a wide range of websites in the motor vehicle niche including websites for Used Car Dealers, Car Accessories & Parts, Car Breakers, Car Dealers, Car Electrics, Mechanics, Car Repairs, Car Servicing, Car Valeting, Breakdown Recovery, Part Worn Tyres, Tyre Fitting, Oil Fuel Distributors & Suppliers, and much more.

Car Hire Web Design Services

If you are looking for a new car rental website then you’ve come to the right place. We can help you design and build a car hire website that will attract more customers and boost your business. In less than 72 hours, you’ll have an elegant full-featured car rental website that not only attracts customers but helps you to manage your bookings and the entire fleet online.

All the car hire websites we design come with useful features and functionalities. We’ll even make any specific custom modification to make the website fit your unique business needs. Some of the key features of car rental websites that we design include:

  • A car rental software that shows you the entire fleet and locations
  • A fully functional website with booking options for customers, client details, reservation management, and much more.
  • The ability to receive payments online once a customer makes a reservation
  • Categories of different types of vehicles you have for hire such as small, medium, large, limos, vans, trucks, and many more. You can also specify on the website each vehicle’s special features, number of every type of car, and carrying or space capacity to help customers make the right booking decisions.
  • A professionally designed image gallery for each type of vehicle
  • An ability to easily manage reservations online. The website allows you to process online bookings, set maximum reservation time, and easily handle other booking needs.
  • Add multiple locations where your drivers can pick-up and drop-off clients using Google Maps.
  • Set standard booking prices and promote your business by offering seasonal promotion campaigns to attract more customers.

All the car hire websites we design come with highly optimised SEO and submission to all the major search engines, social media integration, and a mobile app-like version for easy booking via mobile devices. We design responsive highly effective websites for different types of businesses in the car hire industry including Self Drive Car Hire, Coach Hire, Limousine Hire, Man and Van, Van Hire, and Minibus Hire among others.

Web Design Services for Businesses in the Hotel and Travel Industry

The hotel and travel industry has evolved significantly in the recent times, thanks to the increased use of internet and mobile devices. Travellers have also changed their travel booking methods. It is important for hotel owners and travel agents to understand this new booking paradigm to succeed in the tourism and hospitality industry. The basic and mandatory requirement in this highly competitive industry is a fully functional, search engine optimised, and nice looking website.

We use the latest technology in the travel industry to design hotel and travel agents websites that help you to target the right markets and grow your business while ensuring your customers are satisfied with your services. A satisfied customer is always a repeat customer who’ll come back again whenever the urge to take another holiday hits.

At Wed Designer Group, you get a wide range of tools and expertise to build a travel or hotel website that generates results. We incorporate online reservation and payment processing systems to your website for higher guest conversion. We are experts in travel agent website design. Our team will ensure that your website provides the best user experience for customers searching for specific travel destinations, dynamic forms that show special offers and tariffs, and news page or company blog to keep your visitors informed about upcoming offers. Each website comes with expertly done search engine optimisation to help your business rank high in search engines. We’ll even host and manage the website for you.

Your travel website is your top employee. We ensure that is equipped with all the necessary ingredients of a travel website including your travel packages, services provided, global travel trends, customer testimonials, company information, contact details, key attractions, and an image gallery of scenic destinations. We design websites for a wide range of travel related businesses including Guest Houses, Caravan Parks, Bed & Breakfast, and much more.

Pet Web Design and Development

We design websites for clients in the pet industry. We have the best pet web design for different types of businesses in this industry. All the websites we design for clients in pet-related businesses come with exceptional workmanship, high quality, and extremely affordable rates. We ensure that the sites are mobile friendly and are fully able to rank well in search engines for relevant keywords. Our goal is to make sure your pet website gets traffic and converts visitors to buy your products or pet services.

Our pet web design service is for everyone who provides services or products for pets including dog trainers, dog breeders, pet sitter, pet shop owner, Catteries, Dog & Cat Grooming, Dog Agility Training, Dog Walking, Home & Pet Sitting, and many more.

Web Design for Businesses and Other Commercial Services

Some of the key things we focus on when designing websites for SMEs include the return on investment the website brings to the company, search engine optimisation, and how the overall design of the website helps to convert visitors into buyers. We also focus on the aesthetic value of the website to make it more attractive and trustworthy to visitors. There’s a lot that goes into the design of a business or commercial service website including colour choices, graphics, ease of navigation, branding concerns, and other design elements.

Your website is basically an extension of your business in the online world. We understand that it is a reflection of your brand and strive to make is as appealing to customers as possible. User experience is another important factor we consider when designing business websites for different types of entrepreneurs. Google loves websites with excellent user experience and will always reward such sites with higher rankings. This is why we pay close attention to user experience factors such as ease of navigation and page load speed.

The goal of every business website is to generate leads or sales. We ensure that your website has the right call-to-action buttons in the right places with the right words to make potential clients contact you after seeing your site’s rich content. We specialise in customised web design solutions that address the unique needs of every type of business and client.

Our professional team of web designers are capable of creating functional websites in diverse business sectors including Lawyers and professionals in conveyancing, Courier Services, Auction Rooms, Domestic Removals & Storage, Financial Advisers, Recruitment Consultants, Security Companies, Post Offices, Handyman Services, House Clearance, Removals, Key Cutting, Locksmiths, Picture Framers & Frame Makers, Plant Machinery Hire, Printers & Lithographers, Scrap Metal Merchants, Scrap Yards, Sign Makers, and even other Web Design & Development companies.

Website Design for the Fashion and Design Industry

The fashion and design industry is without doubt one of the best performing business sectors in the world today. According to statistics by Fashion United, the global market for apparels is valued at 3.3 trillion dollars and accounts for 2% of the entire world’s GDP. If you want to tap into this highly lucrative market successfully, the first thing you need is a visually attractive, search engine optimised website. We can design the right type of fashion and apparel design website to help you reach out to the right audience and grow your business.

The world of fashion is always changing as trends come, go, and come back again in a different style. You, therefore, need a versatile website that addresses changes in the fashion industry while remaining relevant and appealing in your niche. We will design for you a website that shows your products through high-quality photography of models and product images. An attractive design and clear images help t make your products more appealing to visitors and consequently generate more sales. Most fashion related sites have a minimalist design that allows for greater emphasis on the products. Alternatively, we could design a fashion website with huge photos on the page’s focal point to showcase the uniqueness f your designs or products.

Our team of fashion and design website developers will work together with your team to ensure that you have a functional website that delivers results. We can design fashion related websites in diverse fields including websites for Dressmakers, Fabric Shops, Fancy Dressmakers, Prom Dresses, Jewellers, Joiners, Ironing & Laundry Services, Model Shops, Shoe Repairs, Shoe Shops, Tailors, tailor Alterations, Men’s Clothes, and Women’s Clothes among many other niches.

Electronics and Home Appliances Web Design

We have the perfect website designs to help companies dealing with electronic products and home appliances increase their profits and grow their businesses. Electronics and home appliance industries are ranked among the fastest growing industries today, thanks to the rapid growth of technology and the increasing use of home automation systems. Every homeowner has at least 4 or 5 electronic appliances at his or her home. To tap into this fast-growing industry you need a strong online presence via an attractive search engine optimised website.

We have the perfect web design solution to put your electronics business on the online map today. Our design solutions provide an easy way to reach your online customers and manage your online business more efficiently.

Our professional designers will incorporate all the key elements in your overall design including lead generation, SEO, e-commerce shopping carts, and a fluid seamless checkout system. We’ll even ensure that the site takes away inventory management headaches with a more efficient management system for all the electronic or home appliance products you sell on the site.

A majority of consumers today rely on smartphones and other mobile devices to access information online. This is why all the websites we design are fully responsive to adapt the site to mobile platforms. Given the broad nature of electronics and appliances industry, we provide customised web design solutions for customers in diverse fields of the industry. We’ll provide clients with customised websites for Aerial Services, CCTV installers, Burglar Alarm & Security Systems, Computer Services, Computer Repairs, Boiler Service & Repair, Central Heating Services, Appliance Repair, Electrical Supplies, Gas Installers, Heating Engineers, Oven Cleaning, Washing Machine Repairs, and Wood Burning Stoves.

Web Design for Organisations and Service Providers

At Web Designer Group, we provide web design solutions for organisations and businesses that serve the community in different ways. We cater for all types of services providers regardless of the size of their companies. Our custom web design solutions ensure that your business can effectively compete and dominate its market segment with a perfect looking and functional website.

Our experienced design team is capable of developing websites customised to our clients’ business niche and customer expectations. To achieve this goal, we begin the design process by consulting one-on-one with your team and chart the way forward based on your requirements and specifications. We work hand in hand to design a perfect website for your website in any niche.

We have designed websites for clients in different organisations and businesses including Charitable & Voluntary Organisations, Community Centres, Churches, Children’s Entertainers, Childminders, Funeral Directors, Halls, Launderettes, Leisure Centres, Warehouse and Storage Facilities, Road Haulage Services, Cinemas, and even for Psychics & Clairvoyants. Whichever service you provide, we have a perfect website solution for you.

Agriculture and Farm Supplies Website Design Solutions

Web Design Group is an agriculture web design company that you can trust to deliver the best online platform for your investment. We understand that the agriculture industry is quite diverse and each client requires unique customised solutions for his or her website. This is why we’ll consult with you and brainstorm ideas before we begin to design and develop a professional website and accompanying apps for your business.

Over the years, our team of expert web designers have crafted professional websites for clients in the agriculture and farm supplies industries including owners of small and large farms, fencing materials sellers, firewood providers, owners of stables, and even tree surgeons.

We’ll provide you with a website featuring the right colour schemes, perfect layout, functionality and much more. Each website comes with a responsive design, app-like appearance, smooth scrolling, a gallery system with beautiful professionally designed images, and a content management system which you can use to update your text, photos, or even embed videos. The website will also feature database tools for managing your harvest and other farm-related factors such as fuel use, equipment, and salaries. Talk to one of our friendly consultants to get a quote for your agriculture web design project today.

Real Estate Web Design

We provide real estate web design and lead management solutions for brokers, agents, and companies in the property industry. We have up-to-date technology to build a website that will help you dominate the local real estate market. Here are some of the key features of our real estate web design solutions:

  • Bespoke web designs that showcase your listings in crystal clarity
  • An efficient CRM lead management platform that can be used on any desktop or mobile device. We ensure that you keep track of leads and other important business issues from a single platform.
  • Fully responsive websites that look great on mobile devices
  • Extremely easy content management system. We’ll design an efficient website for your real estate business from where you can manage listings, pages, leads, and much more.
  • Search engine optimised site. Your website is of no benefit if nobody sees it. Our system ensures your website is properly optimised for search engines to help you rank high and drive organic traffic to your business.
  • IDX options to help your visitors locate the type of property they want straight from your website.
  • A blog to engage with your customers on matters to do with real estate trends, market trends, and much more.
  • Analytics and lead generation forms or widgets to get more customers and keep track of your website performance.

At Web Designer Group, we go to great lengths to ensure that your real estate business thrives well using the latest technology in the industry. We design websites for Letting Agents, Property Maintenance firms, Housing Associations and many more. Talk to us today to get a stunning website that will help grow your business online.

Entertainment Web Design Solutions

At Web Designer Group, we design all types of websites for clients in the entertainment industry including performance groups, Mobile Discos, Night Clubs, Party Supplies, Party Venues, and other businesses in the entertainment niche. As more people access entertainment news and information via mobile platforms, we ensure that your website has a responsive design complete with a home-screen icon and everything to give it a mobile-first design.

We’ll even incorporate ticket sales technology in the site if required to help you sell tickets securely and book shows using third-party payment options. We can embed a ticketing system to the site as well as discount coupons and other promotional features. An entertainment website looks dull without beautiful pictures and videos of your lively shows. To achieve this we normally incorporate a gallery system to your website to make it as lively and fun as a party should be. Talk to our creative experts today to get a unique entertainment website designed and developed for you today.


Your website is a perfect reflection of your business in the online world. It should not only look great but provide all the relevant information a visitor might be looking for and have an easy to navigate style. At Web Designer Group we put all the necessary niche-related factors into consideration before we even begin to design the site. The website will be built to the highest standards using the latest security and coding technology. We understand that time is of great importance to you and will design and built your website within the shortest time possible. We have a fast turnaround time of just 72 hours or less.

Traffic is a crucial factor in the success of your business. We wouldn’t want to build you a great site that nobody will ever see. This is why we ensure that your website is well-optimised for Google and Bing. Our designers are highly trained in SEO and understand the key strategies of making your site rank well in search engines. We offer other useful design related features such as encrypted SSL security, professional logo design, website admin panel, after-sale training and support, and even a free business domain for every order.

Talk to us today to get bespoke web design solutions.