Perfect Website Design

Perfect Website Design

In this comprehensive article we will be talking about what goes into making the perfect website design, from the small intricacies like images, to the more important stuff like search engine optimisation. We will be taking a trip down memory lane for some of you, however, this in-depth article will mention everything you need to do to make a fully responsive website that potential customer would want to use as any form of templates.

What is first? Plan everything out in written form!

web designer drawing a sketch of a website

To really be serious about website design, you need to plan everything out in written form. I don’t just mean how the design looks but what you also want in the website content wise.

The website design – Of course, you’re going to want draw a diagram of where you want everything to be, from your homepage all the way to contact forms. If you’re as analytical as us then you’re going to want to do this for every page. Who knows? You might decide to have a contact form on every page or a call to action to make those potential customers want to pay for your products or services. Layout is very important and that is why drawing your website concept out is both creative and will help the web design company come up with solutions to any questions about your design that you may have.

When drawing your concept for your bespoke website you need in have in mind the colours you wish to have. This is incredibly important as colour really does have an impact on your business in general, this is called a brand image. Without a brand image you won’t be recognised on the internet and/or throughout the world. Look at companies like McDonalds and Apple, without their colour and brand they wouldn’t be where they are today as multi-million-dollar companies. Therefore, you will want your brand colour to be engaging and stand out to your chosen market.

The bits in between- So, you’ve successfully got everything you want from a website design perspective. Now what you need to think about is what kind of content you are going to need in there. You’re going to want everything from writing, images, infographics, videos and buttons within these pages. I don’t mean to say you need to be an artist when you’re sketching this out, just put something like “image here” with a box around it…Don’t draw the most incredible Van Gogh like illustration in a rough plan. Layout your pages how you want them, then the design team can work their magic once the website is completed and add all of the content that you desire on your website.

We mentioned buttons previously, let’s explain a little more about that. Buttons can be used to separate your heavily written pages like images and videos. Except they look a lot less enticing and if you do them right can improve your conversions to actual money investment. Buttons are also a great way to grab a potential customers attention, if you want them to read a certain article on your website or even visit a page then this is also a great way to maximise on this!

Now that you’ve got all the things in between you might want to communicate to your web designer about your business goals, they might even give you some web design tips to improve your website to maximise on your website goals. You should inform them on the reasoning behind why you want an amazing and powerful website, just make sure you don’t make it too confusing and give them to much information about your business.

Planning is all done? What’s next?

A person typing on a computer

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We have the best process when it comes to website design which we will inform you all about if you come on with us, as we don’t like giving out secrets of our company away, which you can respect.

Once the website is made what happens next?

Well, a website is never finished and the term perfect website design doesn’t really exist, it’s more of a loose terminology. There is always something that can be added to improve the website for potential customers and also maximise on conversions. Once the website is ready it is yours to play with. You own 100% of the website and its now yours.