Make Your Business Web Site Design UK Appear More Trustworthy

Make Your Business Web Site Design UK Appear More Trustworthy

Making sure your business website appears trustworthy is an easy process to perform. Just having a quality website in the first place makes you appear more legitimate than other businesses in your industry that don’t have one.

Did you know that 60% of customers expect to be able to find your business online? That’s a huge client base you’re missing out on if you don’t have a responsive website.

But just having a website that works isn’t enough, you have to make sure that website showcases how trustworthy your business actually is.

In this piece I’m going to give you four easy ways to make your web site design UK more trustworthy, today!

1. Reviews System

Web design uk review system

I’m sure you’ve all been on Amazon to buy a product. The first thing I do when I’m looking for a product is check the reviews to make sure the product isn’t defunct.

Any business can claim it has the best service, the best tools, and the best experience so it’s important to have customers tell each other how great you are.

Setting up Trustpilot or Feefo on your web site design UK is a great way to show customers how trustworthy you are.

Anything from four to five stars (out of five) is the aim as most of your website visitors will understand that a few bad reviews don’t outweigh support from the majority.

To add this feature to your website it’s a good idea to purchase an account with either Feefo or Trustpilot and their support team will help you manage it and embed it into your site.

Usually this embedded element will showcase your star rating, and if you click on it, it expands into the individual reviews themselves.

That way visitors to your website can choose between getting a sense of how amazing your services are, or, have a more thorough check of the reviews to give them an understanding what customers liked so much about your organisation.

It’s also a good idea to collect contact information from previous clients, give them a call and ask them to add a review to your website. This is a powerful way to boost your reviews from the get go.

At The Web Designer Group we implement this system into websites for £69, which saves you the effort of having to set it up yourself.

I would recommend having the reviews system implemented on the home page as that’s the page of your web site design UK that people will visit first.

2. Customer Testimonials

Series of twelve people, from preschooler to senior, colored backgrounds

This is a similar trust building tactic to the reviews system, except it’s a little more under your creative control and a little sexier to look at.

Customer testimonials are like reviews except they are carefully selected by the website’s owner and professionally designed by an agency. You can pick industry leaders you know, or have worked with, and ask them to write a small paragraph about how great you are.

Once you have this you can make a jazzy testimonial with a picture of the person you’ve quoted and some nice formatting to pull the whole thing together.

The best thing about them is the level of control you have. You can choose the exact people you want, make sure that the reviews are glowing, and a picture of the person helps to humanise the whole review.

The only issue with this system is that your visitors will be wise to the fact that you’ve chosen the best testimonials you could find, but it’s an extra level of trust you can layer on top of a more anonymous reviews system.

Our design agency sells customer testimonials for only £25 on top of our standard packages.

3. Evidence of previous work


It’s always a good idea to create a portfolio of previous work you’ve completed successfully.

Say you’re a landscape gardener, ask your clients if you can take a nice picture of the work you’ve done so you can put it on your website (this might also be a good time to ask for a review!)

You could even take before and after pictures to show the mess you had to deal with and how much better it looks now.

If someone visits your website looking to fix something similar, they can look at their mess, and the messes you’ve fixed, and feel comfortable that you can improve their situation.

Evidence is the key here; you want to convert visitors into clients by hitting them with as many reasons to trust you as possible.

Of course, this feature extends beyond landscape gardening.

If you’re an interior designer, show some examples of your work!

If you’re a web design company, get a portfolio of your work on your site!

Maybe you’re a ballroom dance teacher, share some videos of you teaching people to dance!

Whatever evidence you need to provide to have customers trust in you and your business, get it on your website, it’ll do more for your business than you could imagine.

Our website design agency offers tons of evidence-based features for your web site design uk such as photo galleries, video uploads, etc.

4. Email address

When you set up your website it’ll be built on a domain. This could be, for example.

One way to make your company appear more legitimate is to set up email addresses with your domain name attached.

For example, looks way more professional and trustworthy than

At The Web Designer Group we both give you a free ‘’ domain with all of our packages, we also set you up three email accounts for that domain.

This could be info@ accounts@ support@, whatever email address you want your visitors to contact can be created for you.

This isn’t technically an element of web site design uk but it does affect the way your customers view your business and is related to the domain of your site.

Man finger touching smart phone incoming message icon


As we have shown throughout this post, having your customers, or potential customers, trust your business is incredibly important.

The first step towards legitimacy is having a unique website. You then want to implement all the evidence you can to support your legitimacy. Reviews systems, testimonials, portfolios and domain-anchored email addresses are an extremely powerful way to improve your website’s legitimacy.

Most web design packages don’t include these systems but they should. These are some of the best ways to ensure that the traffic to your website, stays on your website. Converting visitors to customers is extremely important for any business and should not be overlooked.

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