Look For UK Web Designers Who Can Be Trusted To Host Your New Website!

Look For UK Web Designers Who Can Be Trusted To Host Your New Website!

If you have been following our blogs and especially this series, you will know that we are covering the top 7 challenging aspects for website owners when dealing with UK web designers. Welcome to the 3rd blog of the series – ONE STOP SOLUTION for getting your web site designed in 2020!

We have previously covered the importance and advantages of selecting UK web designers or UK web design agency that provides all your website related services. After which we specifically looked at the benefits of having UK web designers that handle your website domain.

Today, we will look at the major decision of hosting service, if they are provided by reliable and trusted UK web designers and two specific things that are closely related to it – 1) SSL or HTTPS service and 2) online payment service.

Why & How To Look For UK Web Designers Who Can Be Trusted To Host Your Website & Its Advantages?

There are some major advantages of getting your website designed by UK web designers who are also capable of providing reliable hosting services.

The two most closely associated things that come with hosting are SSL security and online payment facility. Any all-in-one web design agency or exceptional UK web designers will offer all 3 of these things.

Your advantage of having these 3 different services provided by the same source will ensure that the SSL or HTTPS security of your website is always up to date and if you are an eCommerce website owner, or if you accept payments in your website, then online payment facility will also be most secure from the same provider.

What You Get When You Choose To Host With Expert Web Designers In UK!

Hosting By Reliable UK Web Designers

When you come onboard as a client to get your new website made by some of the most exceptional UK web designers– that’s us… we will cover your hosting related costs for a complete 1-year or 12 months. That’s one full year of website storage online at no additional hosting charges.

The day we start working on your new design, we will be hosting your website for free. The 1-year free hosting count starts ONLY AFTER you decide to Go Live with your new website.

So, if it takes 6 months for our team to build your new website, then your 12-month count does not begin. It only starts after your website is live.

You may be wondering… what happens at the end of the year?

We do not charge you an arm and a leg, we simply invoice you for an annual renewal fee of £99. This fee is for our continued support services which also covers things like your domain renewal, hosting fee, security updates and loads of other things which we offer to you as a valued customer.

Start Working With Expert UK Web Designers in 2020!

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Now, let’s look at the 2 most closely associated things to hosting service by expert UK web designers:

SSL Security Provided By Trusted UK Web Designers

When you decide to get a new website designed, you will buy the domain and you will get a hosting but then you will have wonder why isn’t by website secured?

Many UK web designers charge you an extra monthly or annual fee for providing encrypted SSL security for your website. It is seen with the padlock displayed next to your website address.

Or sometimes, it is shown by the words “secured” or “not secured” depending on the website’s SSL status. Also, you will notice it when your address has HTTPS instead of HTTP.

Online Payment Service By Reliable UK Web Designers

Another aspect of hosting and SSL security is for those who are eCommerce website owners, or owner of a website that accepts online payments.

Instead of paying a separate provider to handle all payments on your website, expert UK web designers (again, that’s us!) make it easier for you.

Although this is not a free service, we make it easy and affordable by handling your complete payment solution on your new website whether it is paid by PayPal, Credit or Debit card payments.

SSL Security by UK Web Designers

There is nothing wrong with charging clients for a service, however a service such as SSL is a must have and reliable UK web designers (like ourselves) do not make you pay extra just to make sure your website is secured for both you and your clients’ data.

We do it as a standard!

Final Thoughts

So, what do you think, are you ready for picking just another UK web designer or do you want to go with a web design which has established its trust and reliability with some of the best UK web designers?

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