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From £495

We create bespoke, fully responsive Cardiff web designs from just £495. All our Web Design in Cardiff clients get a FREE business website domain, business emails, FREE logo design and complete hosting & maintenance for 1 Year at no extra charge!

We cater to Cardiff Businesses of all sizes, from local Cardiff plumbers to nationwide accountancy firms. If you have a Local Business in Cardiff and you’re looking for a trusted web designer to build your Business Website in Cardiff, Contact Us!

Cardiff Web Design is what we do & we offer the most affordable prices on the market for Web Design in Cardiff. We develop and design all of our websites right here in Cardiff according to the latest Google Standard Practices.

We are proud to be both ISO 9001:2015 certified and a Google Partner. This puts us leagues ahead of our competitors and other Cardiff Web Design Companies. These certifications show our clear procedure and how well our websites Rank in Google Searches.

Take a look at our portfolio of Web Design in Cardiff to see if the projects created by our Cardiff Web Designers match the style you’re looking to create.

illustration of characters puttign together a web design by hand
ISO 9001:2015 registered logo

Looking for A Cardiff Web Design Agency You Can Trust?


The Web Designer Group is a name which is trusted across the UK Web Design industry for professionally designed websites.

Cardiff is the capital city of Wales. It is beautified with an incredible range of various attractions, entertainment and of course, lots of places for shopping. Not only is Cardiff a historic city, it is also one of the rapidly growing online business cities.

More and more businesses are pursuing looking Professional Web Design in Cardiff. The demand for Web Design in Cardiff from businesses is growing due to the massive potential of websites to boost the growth of any business.

If you were planning a trip to Cardiff today, you would search online, most probably in Google, for where to go, when to go, what to eat, and your entire tour plans. Similarly, every business industry is boosted with a professional online presence. The best of which is professionally designed business website.

Professional Web Design In Cardiff Process:

Once you purchase a website from us you will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will help you every step of the way.

We then send you a link to our online brief where you provide the information our designers need to build your website.

It then takes us only 7 working days to build your website, a completion time you won’t find from any other Cardiff Web Design Companies.

You are able to preview your new site at this stage and can submit any changes you want made with an unlimited number of revisions.

After these revisions have been made, and you’re happy with the website we’ve designed, we hand the reigns over to you!

We never ditch you once the website has been completed; we are always just a phone call away if you ever need any help with Web Design In Cardiff.

Web Design In Cardiff      

  • High in demand
  • Rapidly growing
  • Highly competitive

Cardiff Web Design Companies

  • Too high in cost
  • Hard to find good web design service providers
  • Standard design layouts

Considering the above-mentioned points, you can understand that even though there is a very high demand for Web Design In Cardiff, the market is rapidly growing and it is highly competitive. But the problem is, Web Design Companies in Cardiff are hard to find when you are looking for trustworthy, reputed or good service providers. They offer standard designs which are widely available and are often too high in cost for small businesses.

Cardiff is not just a wonderful holiday destination; it is a thriving city due to its many small businesses!

The Web Designer Group offers Cardiff Web Design services which are built bespoke for your business. They are fully responsive websites for all shapes and sizes of modern-day mobile devices.

Most Trusted Cardiff Web Design Agency with everything you need:

Unlimited Revisions

Encrypted SSL

Dedicated Hosting

.co.uk Domain Name

Social Media Integration

Professional Email

Free Logo Design

Google Rankings Boost

Unlimited Support

No Hidden Fees

You Own the Copyright

Built in 7 Working Days

We also offer tons of free or complimentary services such as free business website domains, logo design or re-design, business emails, 12 months of free hosting and maintenance, and of course, our incredible support. All of our Cardiff Web Designs are built on the reliable and award-winning content management system – WordPress. WordPress is extremely friend to use and easy to learn, giving you full control of your website.

If you’re looking for a trusted Cardiff Web Design Agency, Call Us Now!

Cardiff Web Designs Created By Us:

Mobile responsive web site designed for Big Kid Pix
Mobile responsive web site designed for Beulah Gooding
Mobile responsive web site designed for Andrew Brown Dentist
Mobile responsive web site designed for Cleaning FM
Mobile responsive web site designed for Red Kite Accounting
Mobile responsive web site designed for Master Kebabs
Mobile responsive web site designed for Mason Building & Construction
Mobile responsive web site designed for Forever In Dove

Web Design In Cardiff!

Cardiff is Wales’ Capital city. It is known for its amazing range of tourist attractions, entertainment and much more just within the city’s walking distances. It has iconic and innovative architecture portrayed by historic buildings. It is also one of the rapidly growing areas for online businesses.

Cardiff Bay in Wales bei blauen Himmel

Cardiff – The Capital City of Wales!

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Add-on Features for Your Cardiff Web Design:

Our standard web design packages come with everything you need to promote your Cardiff Business Website online. However, there are some additional features that could benefit the specific type of business you run. Many of these add-on features save you on time, admin work, display a portfolio of work, and boost the trustworthiness of your Cardiff Business.

You can pick & choose whichever features you want to add to your web site design package and we will integrate them for you!

Most Popular Cardiff Web Design Add-ons

camera icon for photo gallery

Photo Pack

Just £35

We highly recommend the Photo Pack website add-on if you don’t have your own copyright free images for your website.

pencil icon for content writing

If you're struggling to write content for your site, let our professional copyright team do the hard work for you.

twitter icon for social media

We will create your social media accounts and design your social media pages to match your website branding.

Admin Work & Time Savers

icon showing a calendar

Does your business need to accept reservations, appointments or bookings? If so this website add-on is perfect for you.

shopping basket icon for online payment system

We can set up a dedicated payment service for credit, debit and PayPal.

clipboard icon for custom contact form

We can set up a custom contact form tailored to collect specific information from your customers.

Trust Boosters for Websites in Cardiff

testimonial icon for customer testimonials

Testimonials are one of the best ways to show new customers how trustworthy your business is and to give them a feel for the level of service you provide.

image icon for photo gallery

Photo Gallery

Just £45

We will set up a dedicated photo gallery for you for just £45. You can include any images you want and upload new ones once the system is in place.

star icon for reviews system

Review System

Just £69

We set up a system for customers to review your business directly on your site.

Cardiff Web Design Agency Business Services:

At The Web Designer Group, we offer more than just your standard business websites. We offer several prime business services such as business bank accounts, accountancy services, and business listings especially for Cardiff Web Design clients.

Everything you need to get your company website up and running in Cardiff, we are able to offer!

piggy bank icon representing business bank account

The award-winning Business Current Account from Cashplus has been specifically tailored to the needs of small businesses, Freelancers & Start-ups.

man in suit with arrows going around him icon for business accountancy

We can set up a fully qualified accountant for your business. We compare a number of top UK accountants to find the right one for your preferred business model.

scales of justice icon to represent legal documents add-on

Legal Documents

From £195

Ensure your website is legally compliant. All websites need to have a GDPR Policy, Privacy & Cookie Policy and Website Terms & Conditions.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO in letters with the Google colours
illustration of people checking SEO and google analytics

Search Engine Optimisation is the act of using the terms people search with on the internet to have your Cardiff Business Website appear higher in Google searches. These terms are called ‘keywords’ and you can implement them into your site to improve your position in Google search results for websites in Cardiff.

I’m not sure if you noticed, but this page uses a variation of keywords such as “Cardiff Web Design” and “Cardiff Web Designer” in its content. The reason we use these particular keywords is because they are the terms people search in Google to find Cardiff Web Design Companies and this helps us appear higher in searches for those terms.

These keywords should also be implemented in the meta titles and meta descriptions of your web pages, which are basically the title and description of that page specifically designed to be read by Google. This is the basic work implemented by an SEO Company, and one of the many ranking factors taken into account by Google’s SEO Algorithm.

Keywords, meta titles, meta descriptions and other related optimisation strategies that happen on your website are known as on-site SEO and any SEO work completed off your website is known as off-site SEO.

An example of this type of SEO would be backlinks. If another links to one of your web pages, be it your Home page, your About Us page or a Blog post, your website receives an authority boost from Google.

The more links you receive from external sites, the higher your authority with Google will be. This authority is known in the SEO industry as Domain Authority, or Page Authority if we’re looking at single pages instead of your website as a whole. The higher the DA of the site linking to you, the greater the boost you will receive to your own DA.

The use of keywords, meta titles, meta descriptions, and backlinks is just the beginning, but it gives you an idea of what a Cardiff SEO Company like ourselves does to improve your position in Google searches.

If you’d like a professional SEO company to do this work for you, click below to find out more about our Cardiff SEO Strategies!

Why Do Businesses Need A Website?

For any business in the modern times, having a professional business website is absolutely essential. Whether or not you operate a business which deals with computers, websites are a must for getting closer to your potential customers.

Customers today are highly intellectual in terms of looking for better prices, browsing through not just local Cardiff businesses but also, international services providers for their required service. As a result, it is critical that you are appearing to these potential customers.

Customers in Cardiff, may look for local Cardiff service providers, but these businesses may or may not be based in Cardiff. But due to their specialised attention to clients in Cardiff, they can appeal to them. So, it is important to appeal to the localised target market online.

You may be looking for a Cardiff Web Design Agency, but when searching for professional, bespoke website design in Cardiff, potential customers are finding web design companies from all over the globe. That means, the competition is extremely high!

So, as a business owner, it is essential to make your business available on World Wide Web using a professional website to get your share of the pie from your competitors.

You need to participate in this global competition and the easiest and best way to do it is using a professionally designed, bespoke business website.

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