Launching a New Website with The Web Designer Group

Launching a New Website with The Web Designer Group

Launching a new website can be very exciting! However, you need to shop around and get the best prices for yourself and understand the services that a company can offer you before, during and after the website has been constructed. There are a lot of things that we are going to go through in this article and we want to cover the subject entirely.

So, sit back, put your feet up and prepare yourself for quite the lengthy read.

Business Startup Launch Strategy Vision Concept

What are the first things you should consider doing?

First off, you should consider drawing a brief of how you want your new website to look, as well as the content within it. This doesn’t have to be immaculate, in fact, a rough sketch and then a few more until you have the one you want is probably the perfect way to go about it.

You need to have your business goals in mind as well. For example, your target market!

You must remember that you want a website which doesn’t just look good but is also able to attract users to buy your products online. If your website is just a brochure type for showing your services, you want to make sure those who need it are seeing it. Be careful with colour as well, if you’re wanting to attract women because you are selling beauty products then don’t use darker colours, go for bright pinks and whites, etc.

These are the key things to think of before you start shopping around for a website, so to speak. Of course, price and money are always a common denominator. But we will go through all of the things that you might want to consider having on the rough sketch of your website BEFORE your website launch.

How many pages do you need and what do you want on them?


One of the many things you need to consider on your sketch is just how many pages you want. With The Web Designer Group, you can have as many pages as you want or need. However, a standard website is usually five pages and of course. Within these pages is where you need to think about what you want within them.

We will go through each five pages of your potential website at a later date. If you are lucky enough to come across a web design agency like The Web Designer Group which has its own web design cost estimator, then you can easily figure out what you need and the price of how much it will cost. Therefore, you can either continue shopping around or give us a call.

So, here are the pages that a standard five-page website usually has:

  • A Homepage – Otherwise known as a landing page, here you will have a lot of written content that describes and explains what your business is about and what it does, where you are located, what products/services you provide, etc. This is going to be the area which you have the most written content. You’re going to want it to be at least one thousand words or more. This is also where you can implement calls to action which are a great way of converting traffic into paying customers.


  • A Gallery – This is where you will have all of your images of your company, company property, products, etc. It is very important that you have a gallery as this is a different type of content to writing which Google loves. It is also good for potential customers that don’t like reading much. As most people online aren’t here to read big walls of text, they want a quick bit of the information they are looking for and then to move on. Therefore, images are a perfect process for that.


  • Services/Products – You are going to want to promote your services or products somewhere. Therefore, this type of page is vital if you are trying to sell any products or services that you provide on your website and make sure that it is clear what you do. What we mean by this is that you have to describe what you do or sell in a way which will make it understandable to your clientele that will visit your website. Take some pictures of you either making your products or providing your service. Heck, even make a video!


  • Contact Us – No website is complete without a link to a contact us form. It’s great that you have one or several numbers on your website but what if all your staff are busy? What if someone doesn’t have the time for a chat and would just prefer filling out a quick form? These are perfect reasons why a contact us form is a perfect addition to your website.


  • Blog – An extremely good idea is to get yourself a blog or news page on your website. The reasoning behind this page is that you can constantly update it with whatever kind of content that you need. It might be some news about new services or products, updates on new locations that your company is now in or just an article on how you have improved as a business. This page is endless with many prospects for you to choose from that will enhance your users experience.

Now that we have all of the pages out of the way you might want to concentrate on how you want your website to look!

We have mentioned colour previously but still want to re-iterate how important it is to your business. As a bad design can not only put off your potential customers, it can lower your conversion rate and is a possible reason why your website might be performing poorly. Therefore, knowing how you want your website to look and sketching it down is a great way to tell the designer where to start and what the finish should look like.

Generally, it is more important that you get across how you would like your website to look and the structure rather than finding an example. However, if you do have an example then it always helps.

Next step is your business emails and a business domain

What you are going to need to have a think about is what you would like your website to be called. This is the bar in the URL address that users type in to get to your website. It is important that if you are a new business you get a name which has to do with your business goals, or is a relevant.

Check to see if your desired domain is available with us!

Think of it this way, when you get your business email you don’t want it to look something like, as it doesn’t look professional at all. Now think about something like With an email address which has your website address or domain, you look like a professional business and not just another normal email address.

Setting up a domain is pretty simple. Go to a website domain seller like and then search for a domain that you want or like the sound of. There is a possibility that the one you want isn’t available. Then, once the website is ready and built, it will be set up for you to fire away…But hold on, we’re not finished yet!

Before you even think about going ahead, have a number of questions written down for them.

Asking the right questions can really either stump a company who is trying to get into your pockets as fast as possible, or even have them put the phone down on you.

Two web designers brainstorming for ideas and sketching

Will the website be mobile friendly?

This is incredibly important, in this day of age, as Google now ranks websites via mobile first. This means that without a mobile friendly responsive website you can expect not to rank on Google. Secondly, more than 80% of users now go online through their mobile or tablet, which means you are waiting out on a huge amount of potential business. It also will improve your website to be more transparent.

Google Mobile Friendly Test!

Do they offer some form of marketing?

If the answer is no, then they have potentially built a website which isn’t search engine friendly. Which is an ultimate fail for your business. If they offer services like Search Engine Optimisation, then you should definitely take it upon yourself to ask them what this means and what they provide in this service.

Check Out Our SEO Offerings!

Social media marketing is also something that you will want to ask them about as well. Social media is extremely prevalent these days and will compliment and possibly improve your website traffic. So, keep social media in mind as well for your business.

What are the ongoing costs of the website?

If a company turns around and tells you that there aren’t any costs, then they are lying. Every reputable company will ask you for some money at the end of each year for hosting, support and maintenance. The website is 100% yours but without this level of service, don’t expect to be up online for long. So, watch out for companies that might have hidden costs or aren’t straight forward about their prices.

Research the company beforehand

This isn’t a question, more of a something that anyone should do before they purchase products or services. Take a look at their reviews, if there are a number of bad reviews, then you might want to stay away or even take a look at their social media and see what people have written there. Equally, you have Google my business as well. Finally, take a look at them on companies’ house, there, you can find a lot of information about the owner of the company and so forth.

Ask about their website building process

It is important that you know exactly how they build a website from start to finish. This is also known as a website launch checklist. Because you might have to do some work for them, things like give them your domain, etc. Every web design company has a website process and if they are not inclined to explain it to you, then you might want to think about spending your money elsewhere. At the end of the day, if they don’t know it off by heart, then we would suggest you go somewhere else for sure.

Business process automation concept. Gears and icons on abstract background.

Ask the company how long it will take to build a website

A good company will give you a timeframe and will stick to it. The Web Designer Group is known throughout the United Kingdom for building websites within just seven working days! If that isn’t going to push that button on our contact form or get you to pick up that phone if you are looking for a professional business website, then we don’t know what is. We know of other companies that can take up to two months just to create a website!

There might be a few more you could think of, but between us, these are the most prominent we can think of!

Our last point is what can you expect from The Web Designer Group

We have already had a few things to praise about The Web Designer Group within this blog. But this will be the ultimate few paragraphs of praise. Feel free to skip this if you don’t want to hear about what we provide as a service and a product as well as how we can better your business.

Of course, you will be missing out entirely.

  • As we have mentioned previously, The Web Designer Group will create you a responsive website which is bespoke and will be built within an average of seven working days.
  • All of our websites work on all mobile devices, tablets and desktops. So, you don’t have to worry about having website design which is unresponsive.
  • We provide web hosting to all of our clientele at just a £99 cost, at the end of the year. If you choose us as a hosting provider, then we will also provide you with 24-hour support with any issues you might have on your website!

We offer both search engine optimisation and social media marketing, once we launch a website as separate packages for the client to choose!

If you’ve had a website redesign with us or a brand-new website, we have the ultimate marketing strategy for you. Offering both of these to our customers is needed as you cannot really expect to get traffic to your website without them. This service will work on all search engines out there and when your website is ready to launch, we will provide all of the keyword research for you, so you don’t have to worry!

Another plus is that we are ISO 9001 certified. What this means is that, we have external auditors that every so often take a look at our process to see that we are adhering to it as well as offering further improvements.

We offer over 25 different add-on services for your website which you can purchase for a small fee. From website translation to integrating an online payment facility, we have it all. Being one of the only web design Google partners in the United Kingdom also does help a lot, when it comes to being an approachable company.

As you can see, we are quite the incredible company that can offer you just about anything you would need for a new business or a website redesign. You can trust us to provide an exquisite service that will produce what you are looking for or even more. If you don’t believe us, then take a look at our outstanding reviews on Trustpilot.

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Six Simple Tips for A Successful Business Website in the UK

  1. An Attractive, Clutter Free Design

You want an affordable web design which is attractive but not too busy. You want a simple yet attractive design. Do not opt for a cluttered design which only confuses your potential customers rather than welcoming them with helpful information. Design should not be shocking, rather soothing in user experience!

  1. Remember to Inform Google

No matter what happens on your website, whether you launch it, change it, or anything else, don’t forget to tell Google. What you see is for your visitors and potential customers but make sure you tell Google as well. The way to tell Google is using unique, fresh content, proper URLs, sitemap, keywords, etc. So, do not forget foundational SEO of your website.

  1. Focus on a Mobile Friendly Design

Regardless of how satisfied you may be with your full or desktop website, focus on the responsive web design version. Take a look at it on mobiles and tablets and make sure that the customer journey is easy and as you would like on them. Most of your users are on mobile and even today, many business owners look at the mobile responsive design as secondary.

4. Make Your Contact Details & Calls to Action Visible

Go back and make sure that your contact details are easy to locate on your website. This includes your business name, contact form, phone number, Facebook page and other social media accounts, etc. Things like your CALL NOW button or the EMAIL US button. Show a map of your location and a link for directions to your place.

5. Professional Branding is Simple & Unique

Avoid copying ideas from elsewhere. You want your brand to be unique. Clients should visit your website and find something different but still simple. You want them to disassociate your identity from competitors and recognise your brand. This is the true meaning of a professional design.

6. Quickly Showcase Your Products & Services

You don’t want to keep your visitors waiting. Make sure the site loading speed is optimal. As soon as they visit your website, be sure to have your products or services easily visible for them to see. Instead of relying on design aspects which take up a lot of screen space and loading time, focus on the best designs to showcase your products and services to your potential customers.

Handsome man with glasses counting six with fingers on isolated pink background

In Conclusion

As you might be able to tell, we are not some down the road web designers. We are an international company that has experts in everything from page speed insights, giving you advice on your target audience, Pay Per Click campaigns, search engine optimisation, plugins for your website and finally, the favourite – web design. Using advanced tools, a time and tested strategy, we can make your website and shoot you up the Google rankings in no time what so ever.

So, there it is!

Everything you need to know about launching a new website – covered for you by The Web Designer Group. Hopefully you will pick The Web Designer Group for all of your website and small business marketing solutions and needs.

We provide all of the positive things mentioned throughout this article. Our number is 0800 905 5999 if you would like to chat with us or you can fill any of the contact forms that we have throughout our website.